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  1. I never actually said "dead" or that it should be abandoned. I've been thinking about it since the announcement for Wave VII - the smallest wave yet. I'm sure there were similar waves in 1.0, where only two or three ships came out. I guess I was riding a hype-wave since the Clone Wars factions entered the game. Also, as several others have pointed out, X-Wing players have been a bit spoiled.
  2. But...don't they know that X-Wing is the only game that matters????
  3. See, I don't trust the leaks. I haven't even bothered to check on them. Who knows if those are actually going to manifest or not? Guaranteed. I was thinking more about even a lack of news. Ships will come when they come. What I HAVE seen is announcement after announcement on KeyForge, Arkham Horror, and L5R. That's what got me thinking that X-Wing's tanking. That, plus not even a whisper on if anything's coming related to Episode IX or The Mandalorian, or even Season 2 of Resistance, which promised at least one new FO ship with that FO Bomber. I can understand new games being the focus right now - they've got to fill out some content there. Got that, thanks - I'm not one of those folks who complain that just because there are millions of cases of COVID worldwide, with many in the US, there's still no excuse for missing my regular X-Wing fix. If you look at the original post, I was pretty clear that COVID's shot hobbies through the heart. I'm coming at this more from the fact that there have been more regular updates for some of the other games (see above), even through the COVID carnage. It seems to me like FFG's really pushing those, and putting more focus on them, which bothers me a little as a long-time X-Wing player. Still, maybe the Armada players are getting their turn in the sun!
  4. The title pretty much says it all, but I thought I'd offer some context. We haven't really had any news about anything for several months, and with the Gen-Con announcement today (no mention of X-Wing, where it's usually prominent), does it feel to anyone else like X-Wing's been left on the back burner for a long time? I mean, I understand that COVID's basically shot most hobbies through the heart, particularly in the US, but I would have thought that something would have been forthcoming by now.
  5. I expect a June 30th points drop date with an 11-day legality period.
  6. feltipern1

    Happy Friday.

    I started back in 2015-16 with Imperials, but only temporarily - Scum and Villainy was the plan going in, and Scum and Villainy has remained the core. I was playing Rebels in 1.0 as well, and still the occasional Imperial squad, but at the shift to 2.0, I went Scum + Resistance; now, I've added CIS.
  7. I'd expect that X-Wing's gone into limbo for the forseeable future. There are no events coming up to write hype articles about, no releases coming out until September at the earliest, and no OP releases to get the competitive folks up and running. FFG seems to be really pushing the proprietary stuff, and as far as I can tell, has been since early November.
  8. feltipern1

    Happy Friday

    Nuttin' - everything I have, I play.
  9. Reading the article, it says specifically that they are X-Wing SKUs "It plans 40 releases over the four-week period, including Plaid Hat Game’s Forgotten Waters, seven Marvel Champions releases, four Star Wars Legion SKUs, Cosmic Encounter Duel, five releases for CMON’s Song of Ice and Fire, Sheriff of Nottingham 2nd Edition, three Helvetiq titles, three Djeco titles, and seven Star Wars X-Wing SKUs, among others."
  10. I was wondering where you'd gotten to, @Cubanboy. Just took a quick skim of some of the nonsense threads that have been popping up and I have to say, the positive ones are few and far between now. Good on ya! No games with my regular group for the forseeable future for me, but I happen to have a very accommodating wife who's learning to play during the pandemic!
  11. No need to derail, @Frimmel.
  12. Apt comparison. I wanted to add another edge case to the Starfortress with Paige as pilot - put a Skilled Bombardier on it, so you drop one bomb using the 1-straight, then another using the 2-straight. They won't end up on top of each other, but they'll make a nasty wall.
  13. Why is it confusing? Yep, it's legal. Kind of a waste, but legal. I can envision at least one interesting edge case, though - drop the first, Fuse it, drop the second, let it explode. You've now denied an area of the board to your opponent for two turns. Or set up a double blowout if you use the StarFortress' stationary maneuver and block movement. The StarFortresses are among the most heavily armored ships in the game; they can absorb a fair bit of punishment. This was clarified by @ScummyRebel.
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