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  1. Scum is still my main, but holy crap am I enjoying the separatists.
  2. Scum Buddy

    Happy Friday

    Scum is still my main, but these droids have my attention. Grievous is hate, Grievous is death!
  3. I'm hyped for this Corellian Conflict box. But I'm worried that the scale might be a little off.
  4. You sick, sorry excuse for a pizza lover.
  5. I just assumed we would hit them with lightsabers.
  6. I say we storm their headquarters if no points have been releced within the next four hours.😈
  7. I only play Scum, because SPACE PIRATES. Got in to it in 1.0. But... I always was a fan of General Grievous and his army of Droids. I gotta go with the CIS in this what if.
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