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  1. During modify attack dice step, of course. Thank you! Should have been able to figure that one out. ?
  2. Um. . .*reroll* all attack dice. Stoopid autotext. And then the noob noticed the EDIT option. . .
  3. The L3-37 Scum crew card states: "While you defend, you may flip this card. If you do, the attacker must reroll all attack dice." At what point of the attack/defend sequence does this flip occur?
  4. As only a 1-point card that's what I was thinking. Thank you.
  5. I was thinking specifically about the M-12 pilot in 1.0 that caused a damage to every ship in his bullseye arc if you didn't discard a green token, and the ruling was that a ship could choose to discard a green token, even if it didn't have a green token, rather than taking a damage. Exact same scenario as the Vader crew card here.
  6. "While you perform an attack, you may choose another friendly ship at range 0-1 of the defender." Is this "another friendly ship" friendly to you or friendly to the defender?
  7. In 1.0 a ship could choose to discard a green token rather than take damage even if it didn't have a green token. Has this changed in 2.0?
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