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  1. I’m also going to say that this verbiage in the rules clarification seems to imply that a ship can attack because the effects of overlapping and moving through only differ in the case of an asteroid and overlapping said asteroid where the effect would be that a ship cannot attack. So because overlapping or moving are cited here, while not explicit, says to me that the intention is such that a ship can indeed attack while overlapping an asteroid. If you disagree I would be curious to ask what other differences apply between overlapping and moving through an obstacle such that the two would need to be separated out? “A ship that is “ignoring obstacles” does not apply the effects of overlapping or moving through them.” I understand the wording and ruling is not crystal here. But I think the clarification has shown clear intent. I filed a request for clarification with FFG to get it written explicitly. But in the interim the consensus around the two shops I play at is that you can attack both because of the clarification and also the attack phase being called out in Qi’ra’s wording highlight that phase.
  2. I understand your arguments and why you feel this is true. But I am certain that you can attack on an asteroid you have locked with Qi’ra. Guess we’ll find out at Coruscant.
  3. They key here is this: ”A ship that is “ignoring obstacles” does not apply the effects of overlapping or moving through them.” Not being able to attack due to overlapping an obstacle is an effect of said obstacle, so it seems that you would be able to attack while on an asteroid.
  4. I didn't? Maybe I was chatting about how Qi'ra will be confirmed to work with a different AramoroA who claimed my assertion was a flight of fancy. Apologies, I'll track down the real one.
  5. Further (also told you so) ”However, the obstacles are still treated as being present for effects that check for their presence or absence. Additionally, an attack is obstructed by an obstacle even while the effects of the obstacle are ignored. This applies to cards such as Outrider, Han Solo [Pilot, Customized YT-1300], and Trick Shot (Talent).”
  6. @AramoroA *cough* told you so *cough* “When an effect says a ship “ignores obstacles,” it means that ship “ignores the effects of obstacles.”
  7. The camel’s back broke recently as straw has been added. Hence the tone here. It is generally true that the community is nice and welcoming. But when someone comes out and starts insulting others’ intelligence and acting badly a correction occurs.
  8. Looks like he deleted his posts, but it was this: " I flew like an abosulte clown all game (tired and drunk) and lost by 7 mov because he pulled a Direct on the last turn. I wouldn't put a whole lot of analysis into this event with a sample of 1. OTOH, The average IQ of a forum denzien is likely double-digits below 100, so you guys will probably take this win as gospel. "
  9. This is far from a flame war, but otherwise we're agreed and that's what's happening right now. It just also leaked out in a thread where this person was talking **** about people on the forum (skip to the beginning for context).
  10. It is, and it is a fun game. But the plastic ships are moved around by people and that is what counts and matters. When you get a person acting out in your local, you'll understand better.
  11. I'm sorry that calling out poor sportsmanship upsets you @Arc170Chris, if it's too much for you to read I understand. When you spend time in a hobby there is modicum of respect you give and expect in return.
  12. Watched the game, fast and loose confirmed.
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