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  1. I have an unopened Huge ship conversion kit. I accidentally got a second one of which I only need the bases and trackers and the Gonzanti stuff. But a good enough deal could convince me to part with the whole thing. Otherwise everything else is available. Other haves: Silencer model Tie-FO Tie special forces x2 Upsilon shuttle. Wants: I am looking for ship/models for rebels Ghost and its various shuttles Wookie ship E-wings Yt-2400 Dials for Empire Interceptor Tie Advance Tie Bomber Scum dials and cards Firespray Hounds tooth Star viper Scyke Z-95s / Y-wings Cold hard cash Promos.
  2. "like small ships, they all use the same set of tools for basic functions such as movement. This kit also contains a plastic huge ship maneuver tool, a huge ship range ruler, two huge ship resource trackers, and a huge ship damage deck that can be used with any huge ship!" I am most interested in how they are going to do movement. It does say they use the same tools, but that it also includes a maneuver tool.
  3. oh wait... duh one is the C-roc. Stupid. sorry.
  4. You're right on the factions, my mistake. But looking at the photo it shows one has a red 5 and the other only goes to 4. Also Red. white and blue maneuvers mean that huge ships can now get stress?
  5. Also note that both ships have two dials. The resistance and the rebel have different maneuvers on the CR90.
  6. maybe left is the front section and right the rear? Now I really want the rules posted!
  7. I'd be okay with an Armada type, but I am not sure how that would work with the dial.
  8. also hurrah for no more tokens for energy!
  9. so is it tracking left and right sides- this shows left at 1 and right at 9 or is it one number. Also what do you think the little black and white token with the turret and coordinate on it is for, maybe allow another ship to rotate turret?
  10. I wish there was a picture of the new maneuver tool. Or am I missing it?
  11. At my local store I managed one game of Legion with a regular 40K player who bought the core set and wanted to try it. No one is playing it, we used to have a regular x-wing group, which saw a rival in 2.0, but has now died again. The store owners bought in heavy with Legions, but it just rots on the shelf. The did a buy one get one free around Christmas and I got a ton, but I think I was the only person who bought any. 40K is king of the miniatures scene, which boggles my mind, because as others point out the game play is pretty bad.
  12. FFG has really upped their sculpting game. These last few miniatures are so much better looking than Leia and Han.
  13. I made my first squad and cost for hull and shield upgrade were zero.
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