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  1. On page 300 of the core rules (table 7-1) honor and glory forfeits/awards it refers to attribute ranks for forfeiting honor or glory, is this ring rank? or am I missing something?
  2. It wasn't in today at mind games melbourne, staff said it should be in Monday
  3. I just thought of another option, that each spell requires a setback dice added
  4. I'm thinking of creating an urban fantasy setting using genesys, I want it to be based on th real world, but including fantasy races, monsters etc, similar to the d20 modern urban arcana setting. with the idea that most people (mundanes) don't realise what actually going on, they see an ogre as a big human, goblins as children, a fireball as a gas main explosion etc. but I want to make magic rarer, I was thinking of requiring PCs to purchase a talent (magical aptitude?) so they could purchase the Arcane Skill, which would then make it a career skill. what do people think of this?
  5. I've noticed that the nodachi (rule pg 24, beginners set) has a damage rating of 5, this seems low considering that a Katana used two handed has a damage rating of 6. Is this a typo?
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