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  1. Nicely done. I like them. Love the green dots on the shell... I should have done that with mine.
  2. I am new to Runewars. I am trying find out where "unnatural growth" is described. I looked in RRG and can't find a card for it. Same for keyword Lethal. It is not in my RRG is there an update somewhere? Sorry to ask basic questions!
  3. This may be a question covered but, is there is the a limit to how many ugrades you can give to a unit if you have the points?
  4. Lol. Sorry, I am new to rw and just started reading the list.
  5. Sorry I am late to the party. I totally agree with you Church14. If the event had to happen before you could use before... we'd be able to take out an insurance policy after the event occurred!!!
  6. My reading is: The RRG states that activation occurs and that the first task in activation is to show the command dial. However, in the Flesh Ripper’s case, their activation is modified by the before clause with states in 83.7 that a before clause occurs immediately before the specified event. The event is not “activation”, that is a phase, the event is the first event of activation the display of the command dial per RRG 5, step 1 – Activation. So you could read the instruction as “Initiate a unit’s activation phase but, before performing step 1 of Activation - Revealing Command Tool, you must perform a speed-1 [march].
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