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  1. https://podcast.thefifthtrooper.com/e/star-wars-legion-podcast-ep-39-base-base-revolution/
  2. We discuss the Freeman issue, cheating and Painting minis on this episode https://podcast.thefifthtrooper.com/e/star-wars-legion-podcast-ep-38-the-kessel-run/
  3. We continue to discuss getting new players into Legion, how to get your minis table ready, also have Lj Peña on to discuss the Legion Tournament Circuit, Season 2 of OP and much much more. https://podcast.thefifthtrooper.com/e/star-wars-legion-podcast-ep-37-primed-for-action/
  4. We talk about how to get new players into Legion, How to start being competitive with Luke Cook (one of the top 8) and how to start building terrain and properly 3d print with David Lawson of Imperial Terrain. https://podcast.thefifthtrooper.com/e/star-wars-legion-podcast-ep-36-the-kitchen-sink/
  5. We talk about our state of the union with Alex and Luke, shoretroopers and lizards and what the community needs. https://podcast.thefifthtrooper.com/e/star-wars-legion-podcast-ep-35-welcome-to-the-new-age/
  6. Both casts are the same but you can decide which to listen to: The Fifth Trooper: https://podcast.thefifthtrooper.com/e/state-of-the-legion-alex-davy-luke-eddy-interview/ Notorious Scoundrels: https://podcast.notoriousscoundrels.com/e/state-of-the-legion-pt-1-alex-davy-luke-eddy-inyterview/
  7. https://podcast.thefifthtrooper.com/e/star-wars-legion-podcast-ep-33-attack-of-the-clones/ We heard you like clones... Like everyone else we talk about AdeptiCon, the tank and landspeeder and the Clone Wars.
  8. Thanks for watching! After AdeptiCon we will be producing more of these!
  9. https://podcast.thefifthtrooper.com/e/star-wars-legion-podcast-ep-32-all-hail-adepticon/ We talk all things AdeptiCon on this episode of The Fifth Trooper! We welcome Doug (sploosh) the 4th place from LVO who went 5-0 and has a High Command invite. We also talk to the The Grand Marshall himself, Brendon Franz about what to expect at AdeptiCon. Visit us across the inter-webs: Website: thefifthtrooper.com Twitter: @FifthTrooper Facebook: fb.me/fifthtrooper
  10. podcast: https://podcast.thefifthtrooper.com/e/star-wars-legion-podcast-ep-31-i-m-one-with-the-force-the-force-is-with-me/
  11. https://podcast.thefifthtrooper.com/e/star-wars-legion-podcast-ep-30-you-will-find-only-what-you-bring-in/
  12. https://podcast.thefifthtrooper.com/e/star-wars-legion-podcast-ep-29-someone-has-to-save-our-skins/
  13. Evan and Jay are joined by an old friend to talk about Star Wars: Legion and the difficulties of being committed to a miniatures game. https://podcast.thefifthtrooper.com/e/star-wars-legion-podcast-ep-27-so-uncivilized/
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