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  1. We discuss our ideas on our latest podcast: https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-5a5ey-daf456 What are your thoughts?
  2. We are running a campaign on YouTube with a number of other content creators!
  3. We talk about why this season of Invader League is what the community needs right now and also play TRY, BUY, TRASH! https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-tqmhy-d97dd0
  4. We are spoiling Vital Assets LIVE tomorrow at 2pm EST! FFG really wanted to make sure these got out to the community, so since they could not do their stream this week, they passed on the goodies to us so we can get them out to you! Join us tomorrow on our YouTube channel at 2pm EST as Evan and Jay play LIVE! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCd0GhVw1I14cjsEqPCvVb2Q/
  5. We are starting a new YouTube series called The Fifth Trooper Spoiled! In this series we will talk about new units in Star Wars Legion, giving you tactics, strategies and reviews. Check it out:
  6. In our continued effort to help you prep for tournaments we teamed up with Dr. Nick Gentile to give you healthy hobby tips and tricks for your upcoming tournament! https://thefifthtrooper.com/recon-intel-preparation-for-performance/
  7. Hey Troopers! First off we wanted to wish everyone a Happy Holidays! In Part 1 of our 2 part Holiday Special we talk about what we are thankful for in Legion and whats on our Legion Christmas list. Let us know below what's on your Legion Christmas list! https://podcast.notoriousscoundrels.com/e/the-fifth-trooper-network-holiday-special-part-1/
  8. We are doing a monthly narrative legion story that will have a list that goes along with it. Please enjoy "Tales on the Table" - https://thefifthtrooper.com/the-secrets-of-hoth/
  9. https://thefifthtrooper.com/to-dew-or-not-to-dew-playing-dewbacks-in-star-wars-legion/
  10. On our latest podcast episode I talk about how I think it may be IG-88 for an Empire Operative. What do you think? Check out the episode here: https://podcast.thefifthtrooper.com/e/star-wars-legion-podcast-ep-61-the-raccoon-run/
  11. Listen to the new episode: https://podcast.thefifthtrooper.com/e/star-wars-legion-podcast-ep-60-the-judge/
  12. There is other things we talk about too so check it out: https://podcast.thefifthtrooper.com/e/star-wars-legion-podcast-ep-59-this-means-warcorgi/
  13. check it out here: https://podcast.thefifthtrooper.com/e/star-wars-legion-podcast-ep-58-crab-walking/
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