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  1. That would be incredible. Imagine the Roc Rider too!
  2. And here are my finished Oathsworn Cavalry and Death Knight: I'm not too happy about the Oathsworn rider. I kind of rushed to finish him and I did a wash on the armour that's too dark compared to the wash on the horse's armour. For the cape I did too dark a wash and the highlights were too bright. I managed to bring it back with a red wash, but now the details are all hidden. Too bad, but I think I'll leave it like that. I'll do better next time.
  3. Hello everyone, I finally played my first games of Runewars yesterday, and a situation came up regarding damage application. Here goes: Oathsworn Cavalry (2 full trays) are engaged with Reanimate Archers (2 full trays) Oathsworn have Melee Attack + extra Hit dialed in, they roll 3 Hits on the die 3 + 1 Hits = 4 Hits x 2 Threat = 8 Damage Reanimate Archers have 1 Defence and 1 Health. 1 Damage is applied to each figure = entire unit is wiped out Is this right? It seems ludicrously overpowered to wipe out an entire unit of 2 trays in one lucky, but not so unlikely dice roll. At first I thought we had got it wrong, and you're supposed to apply Hits, not Damage, figure per figure. So that would mean 4 figures get assigned a Hit each, and they all suffer 2 Wounds so one is wasted each time, and in the end only 4 figures get killed. But re-reading the rules, they clearly say to apply Damage, not Hits, figure per figure, so all 8 get killed. What is the correct interpretation? Does it seem right that the Oathsworn can wipe out the Archers so easily? Thanks a lot!
  4. Hello everybody, And here is my first finished tray of Spearmen:
  5. Looking good! I dont think the orange mantle looks too bad. You could try mixing in a little white in the orange and picking out the raised edges for a little more contrast. If you want to make the runes brighter I would recommend painting them solid white (do several thin coats if necessary), then with a quite well diluted colour. You can always do a second coat of the colour if the white still shows through too much.
  6. Seconded, the drybrush after the green wash is very important to make the color scheme work.
  7. Update, some better pictures and the first two horses. Next will be the riders, Spearmen, and Kari. What do you think?
  8. I don't think so, I think Hexwraith Flame works like a shade.
  9. I've used Vallejo washes personally, but I think Hexwraith Flame is exactly what you need as it's what Games Workshop uses to paint ghosts:
  10. Hey, those are mine actually! I primed them using Vallejo White Base. It's a priming paint that you apply with a brush without diluting it. I do this because I usually can't use spray primers in my apartment. If you're using spray-on white primer that'll work just fine and be quicker. Then it's a simple green wash (not glaze). I don't use glazes myself but I do believe they are somewhat different to washes in that they don't flow in the recesses as much. Since to get this spectral look I then dry-brush them with white to make the raised parts stand out, I don't think using a glaze would be much useful, but if anyone knows more about glazes than I do feel free to interject. You can use a different wash here if you like, a different sort of green or a blue or purple would most likely work great for a spectral look. Keep in mind because you're applying the wash on top of pure white it'll end up looking quite bright, as you see here, even though the wash I used was a rather dark green. Then as I said it's a simple matter of dry-brushing the entire spectral parts with plain white, and that really brings the whole thing together. To make life easier you should do this first before you paint the armor or belts, as that allows you to be completely messy with the green wash and the white dry-brush, it really won't matter if you wash and dry-brush all over the mini, as you'll paint over everything else anyway. Obviously you should also prime the minis entirely white for this to work. All in all it's a very quick scheme to do as it allows you to paint the skeleton and the rags all in one go and in two easy steps. Then it's just a matter of painting some armour and leather bits. So far I'm managing to paint my Waiqar much faster than my Daqan thanks to this. By the way the Waiqar armour is painted the same dark silver as the Daqan, but I do a light brown wash on top of it to make it look dirty whereas the Daqan armour is washed black.
  11. Oh yeah that was totally the idea. Wait, are they *not* supposed to be connected to his skull normally? I just assumed they were some kind of unholy protuberance.
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