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  1. 11 minutes ago, ricope said:

    I didn't read the mission but in general I've been telling my Rebel players that Agenda missions are supposed to be hard for Rebels. I (as Imperial) has paid 3 influence for it, the equivalent of around $1200 credits for Rebel side. So if Rebels won the Agenda mission it means I just lost 3 influence that I could have used to buy some other agenda cards

    Good point - I was seeing this as part of the Lothal campaign extension (and, by the way, that's a great added benefit of these ally/villain packs!).  None-the-less, it would be good to include the stats of the droid explicitly (FAQ?  Probably it's not frequently asked yet!) as it reads like an omission even if it's intended to be identical in both halves of the mission.



    38 minutes ago, Tvboy said:

    Yes, it redeploys at full health. It should have between 9 and 17 health depending on the threat level. If you're playing it as part of the Lothal campaign, it should deploy at 13 health. 

    Given that there's nothing else in the scenario, that was my assumption, however this seems particularly unbalanced, and unthematic since it's been defeated once.  In general the Imperial player hasn't needed to ease off for the sake of the Rebel players, however with anything other than perfect play by the Rebels this one doesn't seem winnable.  I'd wondered if the new state of the droid had been omitted in error, or if it had no defense roll now (just the optional threat for block exchange).


  3. Spoilers ahead...

    When the E-XD droid is redeployed, does it retain its initial stats, that is, returned to its original health having been defeated once already?  It seems to have an extraordinary amount of health in this case, but it clearly needs to be redeployed "healthy" and there isn't a new (reduced?) level of health specified, reflecting it's initial defeat.

    Thanks in advance,


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