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  1. It is really hard on the truth. 😉 But the decision was good. 2 "Imortal" Interdictors with 9 Engeniering - is like fighting Double-Wolverine. You can only lose. 😟 😄
  2. THX 4 the Battle. CommanderDave was very confident with my Noob affectations.
  3. machinebede1 vs order66 beta 1st player was order66 beta objective: targeting beacons Order66 Beta Score: 400 machinebede1 Score: 13 Total MOV: 387 and 10:1
  4. Hi! Order66 want to sign up. But Order66 ist still "beta" UTC +1
  5. Admonition? Not Admonition! This **** glib Lando! With an blink of his shiny teeth, he let vanish a lot of my Toroedos, Lasers ans all that Stuff. But the Imperial Fleet never forget. WE WILL GET YOU! YOU REBELLING DELINQUENT GAMBLER!!! Next Time ? AND certainly the Avenger "flew". She was without a Scratch and fresh polished. And this... this rowdiness Rebells were in town... Not a glorious moment of the Imperial Fleet. ? Not a glorious moment of Order66 Beta. ? @Darth Veggiebig THX for the "spannende" game. Again i learned a lot. You all are a nice fandom. Ps.: If somebody flew... you all now who it was. "Shiny teeth". Episode V and VI. ...
  6. "****!" The Danger Level on my ships is getting "screeching yellow". But my confident Admiral Motti had suggested somthing like thad. ?
  7. An Imperial Question (Level pale blue): What happens if "Avenger" meets "Admonition"? Could "Admonition" discard Defence Tokens anyway? greetings Order66 Beta (maybe more Alpha Phase ?, for sure i´'m pre-Alpha anymore)
  8. This was more a "bumber car event" then a "spaceship fight". I'm glad i choose Motti - otherways my spaceships had explode around my ears. Both off us rolled a lot of "blanc", but with the my very last shoot (1 red dice with crit, and a hull breach on the Carrier with no shields anymore) fortuna fliped the Game to my side. Otherwise this endless squads of Konstantine had bombed me to the cold, cold space. Big THX to Ginkapo for good advice and a superfair game. I learnd again a lot, not least, that the game had the confirmed slogan "iffy". ?
  9. A Big THX to Bantha! It was my first Game on Vassal and about my 5th with Armada and he had a lot of patience and endurance with me. My Part was: "Shame! Shame! Shame!"
  10. Vassal is total new for me. Wich Armada Mod Version do we use?
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