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  1. i will buy everything for this game. even if it will rate really low i will still buy everything. big fan of the game.
  2. We need more battlelore plzzz we have everything allready and we need more! Some of us allready print their own armys! Give us new armys or third edition we dont care just take our money. Leta us know if we can support this game in any way.
  3. We are about 50 ppl here in israel that play this game like every night....allready buy every thing this game have. Really wish ther was more to it. New army or third edition....juat take our money
  4. Why....why did you stop with battlelore? I bought the game and play it with my friends and made alll of them to buy it. I just feel that i cant stop play this game its just so good....why did they stop battlelore? Why??? We need battlelore!!!
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