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  1. I would also drop the officer and also I'd drop Blast off! and trade it for Luke's new 1 pip. 4 TT rams in 1 round is just nuts.
  2. except that Tauns just got that much better with the bombing run haha
  3. This is the type of list you want. In order to keep your droids alive and to eliminate activations on your opponent's side, the 3 droidekas are essential. Carefully move toward the cent as you mentioned and use the 3 droidekas together to hit one flank forcing your opponent to move to safe ground closer to Grevious. You dont need a bid with droids nearly as bad as you do with rebs and clones imo. Imo grevious is the best choice currently. I think Dooku is amazing, but I think we will see him shine much more as other units drop. Plan your army to use Grevious' 1 pip in round 4ish. People that use it in turn 2-3 just watch him die after his gets his big attack off then they lose the game to panic. If your droidekas go done by round 4 or 5, then they have done their job because your opponent put way too much shots into them and not enough into your troops.
  4. Hey Cleto0, just wanted to let you know that I agree with you that they are broken now. My rebel win % has gone up slightly ( I don't want to sound like a total tool, but that is impressive, because it was not low before.) ...but.. the main issue is that I have not lost yet, and my wins have been significantly easier. I decided to try to break them to the max and paired them with OP Luke and a ton of as cheap as possible units. Getting 4 rams in one turn (aided by Luke's new 1 pip) is insane. Sorry I was a turd before. I assumed that because I was beating them consistently that must mean they arent broken, and, as you said, that was incorrect. Please accept my apology, but I will still be happy to dismantle both shore and TT armies with my Luke/sabine/sabs list . Hopefully I will see you in tournaments in the future. How much do you think they will increase their points? Im guessing Ram will be re-worked to improving a hit to a crit, instead of blank die to a crit, and I bet they go up by 20 points.
  5. You have stats on that? "every unit can deal suppression" yeah. but not every unit can wait to deal that suppression when they want to, nor can every unit deal a suppression to each unit in a range 2 circle. It is obvious you will not change my mind that sabs are a decent counter to TTs and you are welcome to not even try to see ways they can be helpful to try to make me look inexperienced or dumb. That's fine. Ill just keep beating TT lists, as I have done in the past, and you can keep running the units you feel are broken instead of beating them. I think we are good here.
  6. I agree that Snipers were broken, I just don't consider TTs and snipers in the same category of strong due to the fact that TTs ARENT winning every RPQ, yes they are winning matches, but not every RPQ. Snipers were in 90% of every competitive army so yeah, broken. I am saying that TTs aren't at that level. You mention a lot that TTs will block sabs hits. They will, I never said they wouldn't. Its the suppression that kills them. I have only a couple of times actually killed TT units. Most of the time I just keep them really suppressed and panicking. Hence the Electroline grapple and the Mind trick. Im not saying sabs are the cure all, there are a lot of decent counters. I just happen to enjoy playing sabs and they have performed very effectively for me if I play them right. They can be very good vs TTs. If TTs can pop sabs before the sabs can do anything, then there was some turn 0 mistakes on the sab players part. I honestly have never even played TTs, I have 2 squads. I have only played against them...over...and over...and over. I am one of those guys that understands what the current meta is and then I learn to beat it, whether it is shores or TTs, or snipers. Doesn't matter, I will always deliberately NOT play the meta and beat it anyway. That's what is actually fun to me. I realize I had a lot of resources available to deal with them but it never took away from my ability to both take and win objectives. Again, we can agree to disagree. I haven't had trouble beating TTs so I guess that is why I don't feel they are broken. Maybe I should play a few games with them and see how strong they can be with my play style, so I may change my mind. But right now if I see shores and TTs on the other side the the table from me, It's not a big deal.
  7. "Sabs arent even good vs TTs". Huh. Looks like you should practice with playing armies that are actually good against TTs instead of whining about them. Sabs control where your opponent will be attacking. any good TT player will not run into 3 mines but will choose to change course and hit a different flank which is exactly what the sab player should be prepared for. I played vs triple TTs twice in the most recent RPQ and beat them soundly. Sabine and Luke as a tag team will mop them up and with electroline grapple, Jedi Mind trick and some well placed fleets with a standby they had to walk into mines and get panicked very quickly, or hit my flank I wanted them to hit. either way I came out exactly where I wanted to be. If people would just make adjustments to their team instead of whining about all the new releases they would be a little happier and might even find success on the game board. I agree with you that TTs are very strong. I don't think they are broken. People just havent tried to counter them well enough. I expect their points to increase, like I said. If they were broken then they would be winning all the RPQs, but they arent. Would you have described triple snipers as broken before the range limitation and point increase?
  8. I disagree with the TTs are broken sentiment. I've played in multiple tournaments and an RPQ since the TTs were released. I've never lost to them. I do see how they are a very strong unit. They aren't broken. I do think they will get a point increase to 100-110 though. I did specifically play against a good TT player several times in a row to get comfortable with actually beating them and I run triple sabs which allows me to decide where the TTs will attack my army. I did have to work hard to learn how to beat them and adjust my current army to prepare for the TTs, (added in Grapple line for Sabine, and Jedi Mind trick for Luke and adjusted some of the starting cards I chose with bids), but that is not unlike preping your current army to better deal with the new factions. I feel the droids are very strong right now and the clones are very scenario dependent and can seem almost unbeatable in those scenarios (ex. Rex and the new hostage format). I think the more people play and prepare for the TTs we will see less of them. Definitely a very strong unit, not broken imo.
  9. I think these lists are good. Im not sold on 3 targeting arrays for the ATRTs maybe 1-2. It just that you will only be issuing orders to 3 of the ATRTs once assuming you won't need to issue orders to Luke or Leia that round. I'd be worried that your rebs will be focused and your RTs will be ignored, limiting your ability to take objectives. Im not sure when the new scenario cards drop, but you will definitely want them in your clone army. The hostage scenario is incredibly strong with Rex in a clone army. I think the bid you have is important for the clones, more so than any other faction. They are very scenario dependent, but also very strong in the scenarios that are good for them.
  10. Thanks for all of your hard work! It has been the best army creator I've used. For some reason when I click on Commander Rex to view his card it comes up as small and blurry. I don't think it does this when Im on my phone though. Anyway. You are awesome!
  11. You won't have an issue with legion. The 500 point format is very quick. You can have a full 500 point team with just the corps set and some snowies/shores. If you like to paint then this is an awesome option. There are a lot of different options. The 800 point format should never take longer than 2 hours. If it does then you or your opponent is playing way too slow. I played at a Rally Point Qualifying event (worlds tournament qualifier) and played top table where my opponent took 30 minutes per round. The game was over after 3 hours and 17 minutes. Apparently the top table match is allotted 3 hours 30 minutes. All of my previous matches at that tournament before that match were over in under an hour and 30 minutes. There are going to be crazy slow players in whatever game you play, but as some have already stated, the 800 point format usually averages 1.5-2 hours. Im guessing mud troopers will eventually be released. If you are worried about it, call up a few FLGS to see if they have an open play for legion and just show up and see if you can grab a game with a friendly player. See how you feel after the game and then decide whether to buy in or not. Just so you know, everyone that I have introduced to this game loved it. You can cap the game at different army points to make your games longer/slower as you please.
  12. weebaer

    Jyn Erso

    You will want to establish how you want to play her. I have had great success with her as an early rusher with tenacity and stims. I have also played her where she stands back on elevated terrain within line of sight of the enemy team soaking up hits/claiming objectives until she dies (usually round 2) I use stims and duck and cover when I play her like this. When I use her as a beat stick (tenacity and stims), I run her with a speeder and Luke as back up. Use Luke's 2 pip first to ensure she is able to get the dodge (battle medication may be necessary if you are planning on playing hyper aggressive) I prefer to play her as close to the enemy start zone as possible but staying within range 3 of a corner of my start zone in order to receive Luke's 2 pip order without having to spend one of Luke's precious force slots on battle medication. I leave her in cover with the dodge and will activate her toward the beginning of the round after she gets a couple of suppression on her and Ill simply dodge for my first activation and then will use quick thinking for her second action in order to get 3 dodges on her for the remainder of the round which should discourage some shots, and if they get through, then you will gain more suppression in preparation for round 2 when you will play your 1 pip if an enemy unit is within range 2 and you can charge and get a couple of attacks before they even take a turn. Once you are in melee with anyone other than a force user you should win any fight if you have 3-4 suppression on you. She gets nasty real fast in melee with suppression on her. You will want to have HQ on your land speeder in order to bring Luke in as the cavalry and you will want to ensure you take a small bid to increase your chance of getting scenarios like the new hostage one or sabatoge evaps or intercept transmissions. Activate your speeder second to last in round 1 to ensure you limit the amount of shots Luke will take when he disembarks as your last activation. Use your speeder to blast the most problematic unit like DTs, FD cannon, or even target your opponent's hero if your opponent has foolishly placed them too close to Jyn where she get get a Rebellious charge on them the next round for a quick KO of their commander. You can use your Pathfinders as backup, attacking units that may pose a threat to Luke or your speeder. If you want to use her as a pincushion run her with Han. I prefer to run her with triple flames if she is going to be a pincushion. She sits out of sight round 1 then at the end of round 1 you climb up on height in the open absorbing an attack or 2 at the end of round one. Then in round 2 play Han's 2 pip and go with Han first to ensure your opponent has to attack her the entire round while you get your flamers into position. When Ive done this effectively I have never lost. It is very effective and even more now vs droids. You will have to be careful vs Clones. The fire support messes her up bad. You will want to play vs clones a lot and you won't be able to be as aggressive vs clones as you can be vs the other factions. Play around with those options and see what you like better. I don't personally use the pathfinders with her, I have found she is an amazingly undervalued game piece, but the pathfinders I find I'd prefer to use my points elsewhere.
  13. Id like to see some Quinlan Vos in the New Obiwan show. Granted...im only in season 3 of Clone Wars so he might die...lol but I thought he was cool.
  14. The tears of all those empire players are delicious to me. We all thought that Boba and Bossk were "auto includes". In a competitive level that has largely been true. It only makes sense to provide the rebs with an opportunity to obtain an additional victory point. R2 is a strong figure, but he isnt broken. Ive played with him a few times and used very effectvely once and terribly another time.
  15. I think that's fair. I just like to break the meta and beat players that only play meta teams. THATs fun for me lol I was really excited for Tauns then everyone starting playing them, so I stopped, and started making it a habit to beat shores and Tauns regularly. its much more fun.
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