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  1. Yeah...that was in my original response to the OP.
  2. I mean solely for his 1 pip. I obviously wasn't clear enough, sorry about that. I meant to say he 1 shots almost every other non saber wielding trooper unit in the game except those with impervious, but even then it's still devastating. I have run Dooku a crap ton of times without saber throw, I just prefer him with it. When you want to engage your opponent with Dooku they always know when it is coming and when his 1 pip in coming to ensure you can safely and effectively. With Saber throw his threat range (with his one pip) is range 4 (move, move, saberthrow and lighting) which makes it very easy to catch an opponent's key unit that is out of position and forcing your opponent to play without said key unit, or, make them adjust their game plan because that unit is very close to dying. I am not ignorant enough to say this is always better and everyone should do it. I have simply played with certain units so many times that I have learned how I prefer to play them. Its totally fine if you use them differently than me. That's what I love about legion! Oh, I forgot to mention that I almost always use Dooku for his 1 pip after the probe droids, those 3 extra re-rolls on dookus' 5 black 3 red attack with pierce 3 is just incredible.
  3. I think you all have great points. I love that legion is so much about player preference. I found that the way I like to use maul he is better with reflexes. I have played him enough to realize that have a dodge every round keeps him alive much longer than when I have taken saber throw. Sure I can sit behind line of sight blocking terrain, pop out and throw, then pop back, but I have found he doesn't dish out as much damage as I need him to with the rest of my team when played like that. I need him to hit hard and fast on some key opponent units. Once he has done his job if he is still alive then excellent, if he is dead, then the poisons are all in positions to clean up. I also have found that saber throw on Dooku is probably my favorite force upgrade for him. It auto kills almost any non-armored unit. It almost 1 shots Sabine on AVERAGE. I have used him a lot without it and I just keep going back to it.
  4. I'd be lying if I said Ive never done this...lol but that basically makes you op Luke 40 points more just for the command rank...not worth it I found.
  5. I agree with what has been said about HQs. Be sure when you use them that the unit that has the HQ, the first action is always to untap the HQ. That way you can confidently play any card in you command deck and not be hindered by not having perfect activation control. Especially with Maul I have found that you really really want perfect activation control. I have a Maul/Dooku team that has been pretty devastating to my opponents. 787 pts Count Dooku (Force Barrier, Force Reflexes, Saber Throw, Aggressive Tactics)Maul (Force Push, Force Reflexes, Offensive Push, Tenacity)B1 Battle Droids (HQ Uplink)B1 Battle DroidsB1 Battle Droids (Radiation Cannon B1 Trooper, B1 Battle Droid)B1 Battle Droids (Radiation Cannon B1 Trooper, B1 Battle Droid)B1 Battle Droids (Radiation Cannon B1 Trooper, B1 Battle Droid)B1 Battle Droids (Radiation Cannon B1 Trooper, B1 Battle Droid)DRK-1 Sith Probe Droids Commands: Duel of the Fates (1), Fear, Surprise, Intimidation (1), Double the Fall (2), The Phantom Menace (2), At Last (3), You Disappoint Me (3), Standing Orders (4)Deployments: Advanced Positions, Danger Close, Hemmed In, Major OffensiveObjectives: Recover the Supplies, Payload, Intercept the Transmissions, Hostage ExchangeConditions: Limited Visibility, Supply Drop, War Weary, Hostile Environment I love that you can get complete activation control with either Dooku or Maul cards. It is very important especially the round that you want to be able to use force barrier 2 times (usually 1st or second round) I think the bid is important for this team too since it has such a close ranged focus.
  6. Just had a lot of fun with this mean list: Commander Vader with push, reflexes and barrier 2 Dewbacks with flames and tenacity 2 snows with flamers, extra troopers and frags naked stormtroopers Stormstroopers with med droid triple snipers.
  7. I honestly think we will see double speeders fairly regularly. I think they are very viable now. I honestly knew they could work previously, but you have to be very skilled to make them earn their points. now if they are run in tandem on a flank then they can be very scary. I don't think people realize how much the change in the compulsory keyword will increase the effectiveness of all repulsor vehicles.
  8. Lol that's what happens when you dont have the card and proxy stuff.
  9. Ive had a strong showing with this list: Rebel OfficerLuke Skywalker (Operative) (Force Push, Jedi Mind Trick, Force Reflexes, Situational Awareness)R2-D2 (Comms Relay, C-3PO)Rebel Veterans (CM-O93 Trooper, Rebel Veteran, Seize the Initiative, Recon Intel)Mark II Medium Blaster TrooperFleet Troopers (Scatter Gun Trooper, Rebel Officer Upgrade, Recon Intel)Fleet Troopers (Scatter Gun Trooper, Rebel Officer Upgrade, Recon Intel)Rebel Commandos (Strike Team) (DH-447 Sniper)Rebel Commandos (Strike Team) (DH-447 Sniper)Rebel Commandos (Strike Team) (DH-447 Sniper) Round 1 you play R2's 3 pip for extra moves and cover, and I activate Luke last and double move if possible (and if it's safe) He might get sniped at a couple of times if he is visible, but the fleets can be used to make sure he is not suppressed. Round 2 I usually go with My ally is the force and Put an order on Luke, R2, and then use the Vet's Seize the initiative (ive been proxying it) in order to get a double dodge on the vets and a dodge on the MkII that they passed the order to. This allows me to have a lot of dodges this round and usually helps Luke close the distance. The snipers are used to make sure that Luke can get close without triggering painful standby tokens. Fleets are there to draw fire off Luke. If they are shot at before Luke I always count that as a win. Usually by turn 3 Luke has started terrorizing the opponent's line and the fleets and vets are still around to clean off activations. R2 MUST be focused or I usually win. This also draws fire away from Luke and the fleets.
  10. Occupier tank is incredibly strong when used as a suppression machine. You can move, suppress units with displacement and then pivot after they have been placed to double suppress all in 1 move action. EDIT: they fixed this with the new RRG. You can now only receive 1 suppression token per unit activation token. So you can still be displaced more than once per unit activation, but you only receive one suppression during that units activation.
  11. If you want this gunline to work you need to either have more units that can take objectives, or a larger bid to ensure you get the scenarios your team will thrive on.
  12. I don't think it even needs to be banned/limited. There are a lot of good clone players in my area, but they only dominated the scene until everyone else made adjustments to their lists. This is what happens EVERYTIME something new comes out. Just adjust your list to counter it. Sabine and Op Luke became popular with rebel lists, as did longer range, more FDs, more snipers etc. Empire started playing more ATSTs and Veers to kills the big P2 units that have overwatch. CIS started playing More AATs who don't care about your standbys Some players started to have higher bids to have things clones don't like, such as Limited visibility, payload, bombing run etc.
  13. Same. It is really important if you see an opportunity for his 1 pip as well (very rare, but can be devastating).
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