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  1. weebaer

    Hero Armies?

    lol yeah, but I'm saying with more practice it would have been and even better team. I was using it as an example to counter your opinion that 7 activations is horrible, which I assume, come form your own personal anecdotes right? From what I gathered there weren't any schlubs ad Adepticon. Everyone knew the game very well and played their armies well. 7 activations is horrible, * when used incorrectly *. It is not going to win any major tournaments but it is not horrible.
  2. weebaer

    Hero Armies?

    with practice anything can be good imo. I hardly practiced with my 7 activation Vader/Palp list and took out a 13 activation reb team at Adepticon. Its all about those objectives.
  3. This was true early on, not at all true at Adepticon or Las Vegas Open. which are 2 most recent large tournaments. So imo the competitive scene has been fixed in terms of terrain. They are numerous break downs of competitive play rebs vs Imps and it is statistically insignificant. Any arguments otherwise are obsolete imo until we start to see 60% one side and only 40% of the other going into the finals at competitive tournaments.
  4. The new factions will be new enough that people will scream they are terrible or way too strong for a few months, then people will learn to play them/against them better and it will even out. Pretty much the standard. lol
  5. Little magnest for the men and the containers (1mm/4mm) I used 8 3mm/10mm magnets for the tank. 4 underneath the base, and 4 glued to the tank tread.
  6. This just blew my mind. I actually got choked up at the end.
  7. weebaer

    Hero Armies?

    If you want to go all out damage, then I would suggest a melee hero heavy team with Luke (Stims and Force push) Jyn (Stims and tenacity), Sabine (Stims, Shield, Dark-saber, Tenacity) Chewy (Tenacity, Stims) supported by rebs with Z6 x3. Your melee units can get into melee fairly easily especially if they are supported by Chewie. He'll probably die, so Tenacity may not be worth it for him. It won't be competitive if that is what you are looking for, but it would be a ton of fun to play!
  8. Sometimes obvious sarcasm is hard to catch I guess?
  9. Plot twist! Kylo is actually Luke and Leia's incestuous son...that is why the title is rise of Skywalker.
  10. I bet "Hello There" will be something like: "Before you activate Obiwan you may perform 2 free move actions. You may not use charge when using these free actions."
  11. He is worthless when he is engaged, which is why you didnt see him in any top lists at the most recent big tournament LVO. He is very effective, but requires careful play, and melee units ruin him if they are used last/first.
  12. I agree with the above statement. Use your bikes to flank, (it's called a "bike train") You need to hit your opponent's unit that will be flanked first with your 1 pip veers card and your sniper team. Have Boba go with the bikes as well. Have the first bike attack the closest unit on the flank, then do the same with the next bike. Use Veer's 2 pip on turn 2 and don't aim with your bikes, only use the compulsory move, dodge, and shoot. Each turn you are in range to attack. Boba will be there for added support. You will cut through you opponents units extremely fast with this tactic. Here is a visual. The two trooper units on the left should be snow troopers running at your opponent full force looking to draw fire away from Boba and the bikes. They will die, that is fine. Your bikes and Boba will kill most of their army by turn 5. Here is a visual, obviously the setup will be different each time, but this is the general idea. The key is to eliminate the closest threat, force him to use 2 activations to even reach you to attack. If you can use the 2 bikes and boba to eliminate the main threat in range 3, then do the same thing the next round, and the next it will work incredibly well.
  13. This is your opponent's mistake. The fact that you could get that close without him reacting is a huge problem. activation control is the difference between a good player and a mediocre one.
  14. I actually run 3 of them. I use Luke with force Push and Stims, 3 fully loaded Wookiees with duck and cover, bowcasters and stims, 3 squads of reb troopers with z6 and med droids. (796). I realize that it is only 7 activations and that is blasphemy in competitive rebel armies, but don't knock it till you try it. Med droids are all used up by round 3, but that is an extra body to kill and by round 3, I have superior map control. I have found it very effective. General rule of thumb: Shoot at imps from heavy/light cover, charge at rebs.
  15. Medical droids only heal 1 life. If you restore a Wookiee mini then it comes back with 2 wounds
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