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  1. It was one of my main priorities at LVO to meet Tyler and make sure there wasn't any real bad blood. I'm new to you all's sandbox, and I would like to be known as contentious but friendly. Really happy Tyler agreed to come on the show, he clearly thinks about X wing on levels much deeper than I have learned to do and it was a very enlightening experience.
  2. https://wwwargaming.podbean.com/e/wide-world-of-wargaming-x-wing-episode-52-the-e-wing-meta-arrives/ Hello again everyone! Vince here with our post LVO review with special guest Sam Cimino, also known to the Twitch community as the legendary Chewbraca. We talk about Sam's glorious 26-25 upset in the first round of the cut, my utterly incomprehensible run to the Top 16 with 2 E Wings and Luke, and then we move on to the emergence of the FOcho menace and the ever-growing droid infestation. Also, my apologies to the lovely Kayla Liu for forgetting that we played in the 2nd round (I mention during the episode that I thought didn't play a single Empire player, only to realize my mistake a few hours later).
  3. Hello all, posting this at a bit of an odd time since the crew was very busy this weekend with events or personal business! Jeff, myself and one of our favorite guests Rick Ruddell cover the results of the St. Louis Grand Championships and somehow find things to fight about that don't actually involve any of the winning lists, which seems like a wasted opportunity. However fear not, there is more than enough controversy and moments of unbelieving silence to sate anyone who loves a bit of podcast drama. And any show with Rick is sure to be a hilarious one! Enjoy and as always, please leave your feedback and comments below or on our Facebook page! https://wwwargaming.podbean.com/e/wide-world-of-wargaming-x-wing-episode-44-the-sun-also-rises/
  4. Hello everyone, happy Veterans Day and thank you to any of our listeners with a military background for your service! Jeff has been unable to get away from secret squirrel work stuff for a few days so I will be updating the thread with Episode 42 now being available! https://wwwargaming.podbean.com/e/wide-world-of-wargaming-x-wing-episode-42-the-rebellion-is-reborn-in-spain/ We cover the Spanish Grand Championships which had the highest concentration of Rebel lists in the cut of any tournament Jeff, Drew or I can remember in recent memory. Daniel Taylor's expose of the power of the Z95 seems to have been an inspiration for many players, but there was also a general trend towards 3 ship lists in direct contrast across all factions that presents a very interesting view of current list theory. Jeff and I butt heads about the relative costs of Soontir Fel vs Fenn Rau and the definition of "problem", his very literal interpretation of the word vs my more esoteric meaning. And Drew cracks some truly horrendous, awful, soul destroying bad jokes. All in all, not a bad day at the office for us. Enjoy!
  5. I guess we can turn off the "Fenn Rau is undercosted" alarm that's been ringing for a few months. 40% is a pretty outrageous cut percentage for an "overcosted" ship.
  6. Hello to our lovely friends and audience, host and clown-in-chief Vince here updating this thread with our latest episode! https://wwwargaming.podbean.com/e/wide-world-of-wargaming-x-wing-episode-38-return-of-the-ricktatorship/ Jeff took the week off so we are lucky to be joined by Rick Ruddell of team Militant Casual, where we cover a handful of Hyperspace trials. Shenanigans, some quality bants, and general hilarity ensue.
  7. Hello all! Vincent here posting this week, I'll try to follow Jeff's excellent episode summaries for this week. https://wwwargaming.podbean.com/e/wide-world-of-wargaming-x-wing-ep-30-gencon-gone-wild/ We start off with a wandering debate about the efficacy of various GenCon top finishers mostly centered around the belle of the ball, Michael Doyle's Torkil Swarm. There's also a revisit of the long simmering debate about Republic Regen Aces. Then considering some of the events of GenCon, we do a general overview of the floor rules and share a few of our favorite stories about Gamers gone wild. As always we would love if you would like us on Podbean, share us with your friends and rate us on iTunes!
  8. Good Evening all, this is Vince the host of our fine production making sure the thread stays updated while Jeff is enjoying his birthday! Episode 19 is live for your enjoyment, and it gets spicy on more than one occasion! https://wwwargaming.podbean.com/e/wide-world-of-wargaming-x-wing-episode-19-stagnation-breeds-madness/ As always, feedback/ questions/ suggestions welcome!
  9. Would love to have that MC75. DM me your price on it?
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