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  1. we have to view it as it is. the rules on locks say "• A ship cannot acquire or have a lock on itself." (page 13 under Lock). it goes on to describe what constitutes acquiring a lock. it does not deal with transfers. thus, being transferred a lock is not acquiring a lock. the rules on transferring say "◊ If a ship involved in a transfer is not able to remove or gain the token involved, the transfer cannot take place." (page 20 under Tokens). it doesn't say anywhere that a ship cannot gain a lock on itself, just that it cannot have it. therefore it breaks when it's gained. i know that's really stretching the phrasing of the rules to make specific interactions work (yay, thanks FFG!), but we have to deal with the beloved rules clarification method of "because we say so", because they said so. at least the golden rules are well made. "cannot" is only ubiquitous if it's printed on a card, not if it's printed in the rules.
  2. or in other words, according to the holdo ruling, holo can transfer a lock onto a ship so that that ship would lock itself. the lock then breaks. interesting can of worms.
  3. it's already somewhat represented in the game. just stick dead mans switch on a ship and fly in, use the autopilot drone, use buzz droids as they are or design your own remotes. launching devices and dropping them with different templates is not technically moving them toward a target, but it can have a similar effect. i'm thinking emon azzamen or sol sixxa with skilled bombardier. if you want to use house rules, just use the rules for drk-1 probe droids, except make which ever ship is overlapped by the remote roll a couple of dice and take what ever damage is on the dice.
  4. no. that's not what the card says. 90 or 180 only. i know it's a joke, but it could come up in the future.
  5. yes. in general, bombs are very dangerous. they can and will damage your own ships - and everyone elses. they blow stuff up. not very discriminating in their application, but of course, you can learn to fly around them. mines are not that dangerous, unless you drop them right on top of one of your own ships only.
  6. the actions are 100% right, yes. that's what vader's ability does. that's also what cluster missiles do, yeah. you have to pay a charge to perform the attack - and after performing the attack, you can spend another charge to perform the attack again on a different target at range 0-1 of the original target. the only difference this second attack, the bonus attack, does not require you to have a lock. it does still have all the other requirements, though, which is why you have to spend a charge to perform it - and the target has to be at range 1-2 of you and in your front arc. that is correct, yes. a targeting computer works in all directions, no matter where a ships cannons or missile tubes are pointing. most missiles and torpedoes will need guidance to be fired into a three dimensional space and have any chance of finding their target, some can just be fired away, though. such as barrage rockets and proton rockets. such powerful but primitive weaponry does require you to be focused instead, though. it's a great upgrade! i love it to bits. it's extra useful with the tie advanced because of the ship ability, advanced targeting computer. it's useful because locks are not round tokens, they are square. therefore, they are not removed during the end phase and stay on the board between rounds. please note the most efficient use of advanced targeting computer. since you need to have a lock on the defender when changing one (hit) result to a (crit) result, if you roll any hits, you first need to change one of them to a crit - and you can then spend the lock to reroll any other results if you wish. if you have a fire-control system, you always get a free reroll when attacking ships that you have locked - and you don't have to lock that ship again during the next round if you don't spend the lock.
  7. great news! welcome to the community. you'll need the rules reference. it can be found here: https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/67/8a/678a909e-bd3b-4c21-9978-4218a253d07d/b_swzrulesreference_v110_-compressed.pdf 1. that can be found on page 22 of the rules reference, linked above. 2. the only way you can perform actions before moving is if you're coordinated or granted the action from another ability. other than that, you get your perform action step during your activation ("your" referring to the ship in question), after executing a maneuver. if you're granted an action from being coordinated or from an ability, what ever state your s-foils are currently in when that ability or coordination is resolved is used. you can choose to flip your s-foils before you activate, as in during activation, right before you reveal your dial ("your" and "you" still referring to the ship in question). "before" is a defined timing, further described in the rules reference under the section on timing on page 19. 3. cards with Action:-headers can resolve what ever effect is stated after the Action:-header as an action, yes. actions are normally performed once per ship during the perform action step of that ships activation, after the ship has revealed it's dial and performed it's maneuver. there are several ways to allow a ship to perform more than one action in a round, or if you have linked actions, even during that ships activation. a ship performing an action outside of it's activation requires other abilities or the coordinate action to be used. but in essence, yes, you're absolutely right. the design of fuel leak is in my opinion excellent, as it gives you the option to repair it yourself, if you have an action to spare. for example, you might be spending a round disengaging. depending on the board state, it might be worth spending you action on repairing a fuel leak and not risking that it resolves. it means you don't need to run the risk of taking an automatic (hit) the next time you suffer a (crit). to be clear, it's effect does not get triggered by itself. when you take it, you don't resolve it straight away. it stays face up on your ship card until you repair it, either by spending an action, or until it repairs itself by resolving the effect the next time you suffer a (crit). 4. lanchbay next is by far the best app for list building. if you're on a pc, you can also use the excellent yet another squad builder, found here: https://raithos.github.io/ currently, there is no real support for multi faction list building by any tools as far as i'm aware.
  8. there is not much point in arguing something that everyone agrees with you on. or at least, everyone should agree that han solo's ability is very confusing. it is also a fact that it sparked a lot of debate and discussion before it was clarified. the clarification that FFG posted has been seen as a precedent for how other abilities work as well. all modification that happens to dice while attacking or defending always take place during the appropriate modify dice step. it might not make sense for all wordings on all cards, but at least it works. mind you, a lot of wordings on a lot of cards does not make that much sense at all, especially han solo's wording. don't get us started on resistance leia and the big mess that was changing difficulties of maneuvers, page tico and deathfire, what constitutes an ability's requirement, and so on. the timing for lando's ability is the same as the timing for han's. it can be used for any dice roll during the game, such as when you overlap an obstacle, when you're subject to the effects of a bomb or device that makes you roll dice, rolling for damage cards like console fire and so on. however, when it is used while attacking or defending, the normal timing of "after" is thrown out the window. since it's a dice modification it will always happen during the appropriate modify dice step, as modifications of dice always do when attacking or defending. arguing with another player over how an ability works that has been clarified really sounds like an ill advised endeavor. i appreciate the sentiment that it feels wrong to have read the rules and still had your findings overturned by a clarification, though. it's not good practice by ffg - and i know others who frequent these forums really dislike these "because we say so"-rulings. it would be better practice to errata cards and straighten out the rules properly. it is what it is, though. the game actually works quite well at the moment, even though many card texts and some parts of the rules reference leave a lot to be desired.
  9. there are well defined rules for this. unless you're ionized before you are a assigned a dial, you will activate normally. if you are ionized before the planning phase, you are not assigned a dial and will perform a blue straight speed one maneuver instead. also, you cannot perform any other actions than focus during your activation if you're ionized. if you perform a k-turn onto a conner net, you will continue activation as normal, meaning that you could use pattern analyzer to perform a focus action, or if you're nien numb or anakin skywalker, you could loose your stress and perform a focus action. also, the k-turn may be white if you're a tie defender or if you've used leia to reduce the difficulty of the maneuver. since you would have landed on a conner net, you would be ionized, thus preventing you from using fine tuned controls on the aethersprite or full throttle on the defender. the only action available to you would be focus. if you're still ionized by the next planning phase, you will not be assigned a dial. during that activation, you will do you ion maneuver and only be allowed to perform a focus action.
  10. yes. it completes the turn no matter what it lands on, except if it lands on another ship, in which case it will partially execute the maneuver instead. when a ship partially executes a k-turn, segnors loop or tallon roll, it does not rotate. otherwise the maneuver is executed as normal, no matter how many mines or obstacles it moves through. unless you bump, you fully execute the maneuver. you will of course have to suffer the effects of what ever you overlap or move through as well, though.
  11. welcome to the party! the only two faceup damage cards that resolve and repair themselves immediately are direct hit and panicked pilot, so those will never be repaired by chewbacca. all the other cards in the damage deck can be repaired by chewbacca, though. you can carry a fuel leak around without resolving it for a whole game, since the effect requires you to suffer a critical damage, unless you use an action to repair it before that. in other words, it does not trigger from receiving itself, but stays on the ship it's assigned to until it suffers another critical damage.
  12. when you cloak, you do no gain a disarm token. cloaked ships are disarmed even though they do not have a disarm token. so no, you cannot perform attacks while cloaked, since yushyn cannot remove something that is not there.
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