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  1. yes you can. each placement of a thermal detonator is a separate event.
  2. the only new obstacles in there are the gas clouds. the other obstacles are from core sets, many from the original first edition core set. they are all legal for tournament play.
  3. no, you can get both focus and stress from performing a focus action linked to a red barrel roll (a barrel roll you can also fail and still get the stress if you have the opportunity), or with the s-foils equipped link a barrel roll to a red lock action. also, it has nothing to do with a stress maneuver. i think you're referring to a red maneuver. "stress maneuver" is a game term used to describe to the white straight 2 maneuver you have to perform if you reveal a red maneuver while stressed. braylen is still better than ten, though.
  4. it's only for speed 3 maneuver, and just the straight and bank speed 3 maneuvers.
  5. this is a fun one! what's your take on it? you shouldn't be able to use the same template for dropping and launching, right? i mean since thermal detonators state that "each must be placed using a different template". both dropping and launching should be considered placing, right?
  6. they stay with the ship until it performs an ion maneuver or are removed by some other means. they are not round tokens, so they are not removed during the end phase. the only tokens you get rid of by performing a blue maneuver are one stress, one deplete and one strain. please note that tractor tokens, disarm tokens and all green tokens (focus, evade, calculate, reinforce) are round tokens, so they are removed during the end phase. diamond tokens are kept until removed by other game effects. they include locks, cloak tokens, ion, deplete and stress. probably missed some description of tokens here, but anyways...
  7. yes. just remember ion tokens are not round tokens, so they are not removed during the end phase. that means the ship would carry the two ion tokens until they are removed by some other means, or until it receives enough ion tokens to become ionized and perform an ion maneuver.
  8. hasn't been a ruling, just a discussion. it can be found here (among other places, i'm sure): https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/284728-krassis-trelix-outmaneuver/page/6/ other than that you're pretty much right. it's important to make the distinction of what's happening, though. krassis' ability only works while you're performing special attacks - and as long as it's a front arc special attack you're performing, krassis can do it out of his rear arc - and in that case he can use the slave 1 title to change a hit to a crit, yes. you are correct.
  9. more like $30. but you're right, it is what it is. i just think it's a bit silly. it's basically a model and a half, instead of just a model or just two models. it would make sense if you could dock - or if it was just two models. the pack has content for two ships, as in two dials, two sets of pilot cards and so on. it's just half a model and a base that's missing. just a bit strange. they could even have made it slightly more expensive. the transport ship is not very pretty in any case, not even with the pod attached. all the more power to everyone that mods on a cockpit themselves.
  10. it cannot dock, no. you either fly the pod or you fly the transport. also, the transport is expected to have the pod attached when flown, which is really dumb, since that means that the two-in-one ship you just bought is really just one ship that can be flown in two different ways. i know some people have converted the transport and attached stuff like a cockpit from a b-wing, which looks sort of neat. you can also opt to just fly the transport without the pod attached to the model, but i cannot guarantee that will be permitted in a tournament setting.
  11. since the card text is on anakin's card - and the card says you may spend a force, it's definitely anakin that spends the force, yeah.
  12. that's 100% correct, yes. since it's just a single ability, you don't even need to worry about the ability queue. anakin's ability triggers and can be resolved after executing a maneuver, before the perform action step.
  13. no, he can only transfer tokens assigned to him onto friendly ships.
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