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  1. i agree @Lyianx. i think people don't read step 2 of activation properly. that's what i missed before changing my mind after examining again. it has massive implications. among others that "revealed" is a state of a dial or maneuver rather than a snap shot of what was revealed during the first step of activation. "Execute Maneuver: The ship executes the maneuver selected on the revealed dial."
  2. he executes a maneuver that's not on his dial. his ability is a replacement effect, not a change of the revealed maneuver.
  3. this 1 2 3 is quite confusing, because it's not following the order in which activation is performed. while i do get where you're coming from, the 2 straight is the maneuver revealed, but mauever being changed to a 3 straight and the maneuver the straight 3 is, is still the revealed maneuver, since that's the one you're supposed to execute and that's the only maneuver you can change. of course, replacement effects lets you execute a different maneuver all together, which is where the term executed maneuver comes in.
  4. almost. linked actions have two parts, yes. you can perform just the first part if you like. then you can do the second part if you want to. red actions always gives you a stress. not all linked actions are red, though. in those cases, you would not gain a stress from performing a linked action. no, you cannot equip engine upgrade to a ship that doesn't have a red boost action on its action bar, much less use it. if you do equip engine upgrade to a ship with a red boost action on its action bar, that ship gains a white boost action on its action bar, meaning it can now perform a boost action without gaining stress.
  5. posting this again for clarity. 1. the dial is revealed by flipping it up. it is then placed next to the ship. this is the revealed dial. it seems like the revealed dial can be changed by other effects, but that's not entirely clear. this is done by effects such as hera syndullas or r2-a6s. 2. the ship executes the maneuver that's on the revealed dial. there are replacement effects for this, such as intertial dampeners or ved foslo. please note that these cards use the word instead to indicate they are indeed replacement effects. 3. ya, we're no longer discussing the revealed dial, just go ahead an perform an action or two, why don't you?
  6. hmmm... you're right! thank you for making me reexamine and reconsider. looks like the revealed maneuver can be changed. how annoying.
  7. @Magnus Grendel - while your opinions are much appreciated, your reasons and conclusion have no basis in the rules what so ever. a revealed maneuver is a revealed maneuver. it's not a maneuver you changed to after you revealed your dial and it's not a maneuver you executed. those are entirely separate things. the cards could have used different wording, as in an executed maneuver or a maneuver a dial is set to, but they're using "your revealed maneuver". that wording is pretty crystal clear as far as i'm concerned.
  8. agreed. you can do it again after you reroll. i like this for mangler cannon, if you're lucky enough. just roll four crits with an enemy at range one in bullseye, add a crit, then reroll with a lock and roll five crits, giving you a grand total of six crits. or just blank out on the first roll, then roll all crits. it's very likely to occur.
  9. currently, there is nothing indicating that the revealed maneuver is anything other than the one you set your dial to during planning.. R2-A6s effect occurs after you reveal you dial, so the maneuver you revealed is not the same as the one you change it to if you use R2-A6s effect.
  10. hello and welcome! please don't apologize for asking questions. the search function on these forums leaves a lot to be desired. engine upgrade and tactical officer requires you to have a red boost action and a red coordinate action on you action bar, respectively. please note that there might be other ways to add these actions to you action bar. currently, there is no way to add a boost action (and i hope it stays that way, for balance). there is, how ever, a way to add a red coordinate - the squad leader upgrade. so unless you have a red coordinate or have squad leader equipped, you cannot equip the tactical officer upgrade. and unless you have a red boost action on your action bar, you cannot equip engine upgrade. the requirements for equipping an upgrade are listed on the bottom left of the card. actions added to the action bar are listed on the far right of the card. in other words, equipping engine upgrade requires a red boost on the action bar and adds a white boost to the action bar. it's the same for tactical officer, but with coordinate. squad leader has no requirements, other than that you need an upgrade slot for a talent, since squad leader is a talent upgrade. now, guess what the expert handling upgrade does. red actions gives you stress when you perform them (or fail to perform them). stress is undesirable for almost all ships. some ships have beneficial abilities related to stress, though (l'ulo l'ampar, ten numb, braylen stram). having stress means you cannot perform actions, which is very limiting indeed. to clear stress, you need to perform a blue maneuver or use some other effect to get rid of it (cassian andor). the starviper has linked actions. they have an arrow in between them. linked actions are very good, because they let you perform more than one action during the same timing window (normally during the perform action step of a ships activation). not all linked actions are red (i'm looking at you Tie/SF or attack shuttle with debris gambit equipped). not all starvipers have a focus action. guri, for example, has calculate instead (she cannot focus, because she's a droid, she can still get a focus focus token from her pilot ability though, since she's an exceptional and super sexy droid). like all other starvipers, she has linked actions on her action bar. she can barrel roll (following the rules for microthrusters, which is the ship ability printed on the starviper pilot cards) and then perform a red calculate (focus for the others), or boost and then perform a red calculate (again, the others can focus instead, because they're puny life forms instead of superior machines. ehrm. focus is better than calculate, but still, calculate is cooler). the starviper has no coordinate action what so ever. it can get a red coordinate action if it has squad leader equipped, but that's a red coordinate action. since the ship doesn't have a crew slot, it cannot equip tactical officer in order to make the red coordinate gained from squad leader white. i highly recommend finding a group to play with. there should be one or more, but of course, that depends on where you live. you can find the current rules reference here: https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/be/e0/bee0c351-8d22-4f77-b6f4-101e6fa8ca8e/swzrulesreference_v103-compressed.pdf that should provide you with a bit of reading and hopefully all of the answers you need. do not hesitate to ask if there is anything else that's not clear to you, though! i highly recommend an app for iOS and android called LaunchBayNext to build squads. if you're on PC, just go for yet another squad builder 2.0. https://raithos.github.io much love - and fly casual. pew pew pew!
  11. no and no. different game states benefits slower or faster play, no matter what the list. swarms sometimes require a lot of planning. lists with fewer ships may have to be more careful and consider their opponents options more before risking one of their pivotal pieces. if a player is up on points, they will benefit from slowing the game down, which is not a nice thing to do. if a player is down on points, they want to keep the pace of play higher, which is generally good for the game to progress and be more interesting. there is always a balance, though. some people will rush as much as they can, which can also be annoying. it's that simple. please stop putting the blame on players who like different lists. take responsility for managing your time well. keep a reasonable pace of play, even when you're up on points. don't stress your opponent out, but also don't be afraid to ask them or a judge to make sure there is a reasonable pace being maintained.
  12. no. jyns "you may gain 1 evade token" is a replacement effect happening instead of gaining a focus token. so, if you gain 365 focus tokens, you could instead gain 364 focus tokens and 1 evade token, because of the once per opportunity rule. that's assuming the tokens are gained from the same effect, such as a focus action. if they're gained one at a time from individual effects (such as the second token gained after you perform a focus action with perceptive copilot, rather than the additional tokens gained from baze), you could use jyn ersos effect on every focus gained, meaning you could get 365 evades instead. that's not what baze says, though.
  13. "you may choose up to three friendly ships at range 0-3" means you can measure and choose, you don't have to pick ships before measuring.
  14. yes. you always fully execute a full stop as well. there is nothing stopping you from performing actions in that scenario, since contraband cybernetics will let you perform actions even while stressed. just remember to spend the charge before you activate.
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