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  1. aah! thanks! No matter how much I play this game, there are always forgotten rules that seem to pop out of nowhere!
  2. Many missions require the heroes to be in the evacuation area to win the mission, and in those missions, instead of retreating, a defeated hero remains but receives only one action per activation, which they can only use to perform a move action... So, dumb question, but... what if that hero is stunned? rules as written, it takes a special action to remove the stun, but the only action that's allowed is move (so the defeated hero can't remove the stun), which is not allowed when stunned... does it mean this is game over for the rebels, since that hero now can't make it to the evac zone?
  3. After finally playing the mission I have mixed feeling. - The pursuit parallel game was fun, but not that fun. The rebel players felt a disconnect with that part of the action. It felt for them like an afterthough, a cute extra thing to do at the end of the round, but not more. - The rebels cleared all the imperial units in the first round (that includes the 10 threat worth of optional deployment that was used) At that point it was already clear that the imperial could not re-deploy fast enough to wound all heroes. I think the very small map makes it very difficult for the imperial to position correctly and protect units from splash damage heroes. - Back to the pursuit, the rebels took control of the walker on turn 4. At that point, the imperials had managed to deliver a total of zero, that's right, zero damage to the rebel walker. The blue dice did not collaborate. We stopped the game at that point. It was clear that the imperials had been steamrolled. There were only two wounded rebels, the others were full health, and clearly not enough imperial units on the board to make a dent. Removing time limit was the final nail on the coffin. My thoughts are that this mission is totally slave to the RNG. If the imperials get lucky hits on the walker early, then the rebels will feel pressure to hurry, and maybe leave enough Imperial units on the board alive to be a real wound threat. If the blue dice misbehaves (like it did in my game) then the imperial has zero chances to win. Team composition is also a big factor here, that is, having heroes that benefit from a small crowded map. Between Drokatta, CT and Jyn, I could barely activate anything. I don't think the mission should be taken seriously as a competitive experience. Just enjoy the narrative, and may the blue dice be with you. In the end we acknowledged the fickle nature of the mission, and gave the winner rewards to both sides.
  4. Fixed! I play the game in another language, so translating back to English has its quirks
  5. Taking inspiration from other FFG games, I am contemplating the idea of creating a restriction list for IA campaign, both for rebels and imperials. The goals are: - Prevent unbalanced and unfair match-ups. - Shut down overpowered and unfun combos. - Promote diversity and creativity. - Avoid the need to ban or house rule some cards. My experience with the game is not as deep as other members of this forum, so I'l like to take some feedback from the community, and maybe see what the consensus is. For those unfamiliar with the concept, restriction list means that you are allowed only one item in the list. Rebels: - Gideon (perhaps the only ban candidate) - Shyla - CT - Mak - Vinto - Fenn (maybe) - Electrostaff - any item that is broken with a restricted hero. Empire: - Subversive Tactics - Military Might - Tech Superiority - Nemeses - Deathtroopers (as open groups - overpowered with MM?) - Jabba (possibly overpowered with nemeses) - open groups that are broken with a restricted imperial class. - couple of auto include agenda sets (i.e. choice between one of these and a top tier class deck) - not sure which. It seems the list needs a lot of work, especially on the imperial side. Any suggestions, thins to add/remove/take into account?
  6. With your choice of Villains, have you considered for your open groups: - Nexu. Brawler that gets +1 evade AND +1 block when you use inspiring on it. It gets funnier when you also deploy elite Loth cats that bring evade tokens to their mommy. - Elite Weeqway pirates: always a strong choice, but these hunters greatly benefit from prepare the ambush: they can hide, attack and reposition! They were my heavy hitters when bringing the Inquisitor. Especially with ringleader attached on him. - Royal guards: these Brawlers strongly benefit from inspiring to gain +1 surge, guaranteeing the stun.
  7. Welcome to the forum 3korp! I have played Nemeses with Inquisitor and Maul. They are fun to play, and Maul is a real terror in the early game. But if you are facing strong damage dealers like Shyla, Vinto or Mak, they will die quickly. These are melee villains that have to be in the front lines. They are easy targets. What heroes are you facing? To answer your question, I think I read somewhere in this forum that you reveal. @a1bertis the reference person here, he will answer this. But if you think it is more fun to keep them secret until you play them, go for it! This is what I did when I played them. Agenda decks: anything that gives threat is good! Giving survival to your villains is also good, there is a set that lets you roll two red dice to heal damage, and another set that lets you block 3 damage, those are good. There is a also a card (don't remember which set) that gives a discount when deploying hunters? Quite good with the Inquisitor, and there are a lot of nasty hunter units now.
  8. I think CT suffers from the same issue as Fenn did back in the early days of Imperial Assault. Fenn felt overwhelming, killing entire squads of units before they could activate. It felt unfair. Then people started learn how to play around Fenn. Deploy smart, both in choice of deployment cards and in positioning. Choose an imperial class deck that does not depend on using a lot of low HP clumped units. Last campaign Fenn was used in my group, his splash damage hardly triggered. Same thing can be said about Subversive tactics. Once you know how to play around it, it is not that strong. CT's pin them down is the same. It is the first time that in the history of this game that we are facing a true crowd control hero with such efficient use of negative conditions. I was with the choir, complaining that this is OP, as the imperial player I tried to convince the rebel player to accept a nerf to Pin Them Down. Now, I am not so sure. I think I am learning how to play around it, and in the end, it is not that bad. For example, choosing units that can be useful even when stunned, like Dewback riders and cats. Playing an imperial class deck that can give free movement and immunity to negative conditions, like nemeses. Avoiding melee units that rely on move + attack or on surges to be effective (like royal guards - though with Nemeses that is greatly mitigated)... So maybe, the question we need to ask ourselves, as imperial players, is: what are the viable counter-picks to CT? The game allows the imperial player to choose after the rebels, there is a good reason for that. p.s. I haven't tried this yet (I did not feel the need with Nemeses), but with a trooper oriented build, snowtroopers with their negative condition removal ability are prime choice. p.p.s. stunned and weakened is still better than dead (i.e. vs Vinto and Shyla)
  9. First, very cool mission design! FFG are really pushing the gameplay boundaries with this campaign. Now I have some questions...
  10. ...Or CT? I guess my group and I are even. I wouldn't say MM and Shyla are fun killers, but they make it much harder for the opposition. They require you to rethink your tactics. I think as long as both sides are balanced (MM vs a tier S hero comp) then fun is had on both sides.
  11. Some imperial class decks are like wine. They get better with age, as more units and more strategic options are available. One such deck is Military Might, with endless ranks now doing wonders with so many cheap trooper deployment cards. The other deck that ages well is Nemeses. With the current choices of villains, this is now in my opinion up there with the best of them (MM and Tech Superiority). After a couple of games with Jabba, I must admit: the slug is huge! You wait for the rebels to advance, and when the time is right (end of turn 2, sometimes turn 1 or 3) you deploy him in the back, next to the start point. The rebels have this immediate hard choice of letting him be (2 threats and a free attack from your best scum unit or focus+heal every turn + one influence in the end is game changing) or they move one hero back to deal with him. But that effectively means the hero is out of the game for several turns, far away from the other heroes. After the rebels picked CT, I changed my plans, taking Captain Terro instead of Blaise. I felt Blaise was too fragile, and too vulnerable to stun from pin them down. Terro at least has some free move. I now realize Nemeses is perhaps the best deck to counter CT! Prepare the ambush means your stunned units always have the option to move 2 and attack - especially critical for short range units like RG and Transdoshans that would be otherwise unplayable against CT. Indomitable becomes a priority card for obvious reasons, and forces CT to leave the villain alone.
  12. there should probably be a separate faq for Thrawn. One more question: how does the stun interact with the bacta thingy item that lets you remove a negative condition at the start of your activation? I am assuming that since both stun and removal of stun trigger in the same window, and that it is in the rebel player's turn, then the rebel player decides the order?
  13. In the second mission (Hondo) we managed to defeat (retreat) 3 heroes before wounding the last one. It was brutal. Now I am starting to believe that these missions are very swingy, one way or another, and any attempt by the IP to "fix/houserule" perceived unbalance will result in unforseen collapse of either rebels or imperials. Just play the game as is and enjoy the experience! Now speaking of Thrawn, how do I play prediction? Openly declare the prediction and let the rebels decide how to work around it, or make a secret prediction and let them guess? My assumption is open, but secret feels more fun (and evil) 😈
  14. Would it be fair to houserule that it does appy? I am not even convinced the designers considered that trait would matter here... I mean it's a droid right? Jawas should be able to... motivate it! I like theme over rules, when it makes sense. But maybe it would unbalance the mission too much?
  15. Well... finally got to play the first mission, and it was an easy win for the rebels. CT did make optimal use of pin them down, and maybe that was the game winning factor. We did try to play against it, with Nemeses (Jabba+Terro) and Nexu with Dewback rider to minimize the stun impact, but it wasn't enough. Can't wait for the official FAQ update. Maybe someone will realize that PTD is supposed to cost 2 strain or something. Bah, enough threads discussing PTD already. Maybe we will have better luck with Hondo mission.
  16. I think it may be time to resurrect this thread, as there are new units and villains. Nemesis has grown to be my favorite Imperial class (last time was a Jedi theme with Maul and the Inquisitor and it was a blast). Seriously, every pair of villains leads to different strategies. Thrawn and Hondo are new juicy choices for Nemeses. But in my upcoming Lothal campaign, I have threat spam build that I'd like to try: Jabba and Blaise. Combining their abilities to give free threat. I don't think it spoils anything to predict that Hondo is a feature villain in the campaign. He also has threat boosting abilities. That's three. Then the open units to go with it: - Elite Jawa: being a leader and a smuggler, he is an easy target for Inspirational. More to the point: Yet another threat boosting ability (though unreliable) - Deathtroopers: Deploying multiples of these guys with Blaise at a discount is the poor man's Endless Ranks from Military might (which is today borderline broken) - Bonus: Field tactics applies on Blaise and Jabba! Now that's synergy! - Clawdite Shapeshifter: Being a Spy, it benefits from Blaise's discount. Bein a spy and a hunter, it is yet another a very easy target for inspirational. Bein a scum, it can benefit from Jabba's executive order. - One of: Hired guns, elite weeqways, HK hunters and elite jet troopers. The bread and butter damage dealer unit. They either benefit from inspirational or Blaise's discount. Most likely target for Prepare the Ambush, especially Weeqway Pirates as they can reposition, hide and shoot. I hope it is as effective at spamming lots of units as it sounds on paper. They will learn to fear the swarm. p.s. There is also a narrative twist here: Last time I used Nemeses, it was in Jabba's realm, and it won me the finale. To reward Jabba for his capture of the pesky rebels, the Empire has allowed him to make a claim on the criminal underground of Lothal. Blaise was dispatched to help with the hostile takeover (while secretly investigating Spectre activities, and making sure Jabba does not get too comfortable)
  17. I think I am going to follow a1bert advice (which is what I was thinking about doing in the first place) and tone down the reward on the core missions so that the total amount of rewards stays more or less (maybe a little more) the same. They don't need to know 🤗 Will report back after a few games. I'm sure future IP will want to know.
  18. I am about to start Tyrants of Lothal as the IP. The rebel players of course want to invest on the small boxes to enable the expanded campaign. I have a concen regarding balance when using the expanded option. I guess some may see this as a spoiler.
  19. We play a French version, so maybe some of the issue is due to translation. We had a heated argument with the IP on whether a mission rule interpretation was legit:
  20. My Shyla player was upset when I brought up the possibility of a nerf. He had the combo in mind since the moment he picked Shyla. How about, as a compensation for an above the curve Rebel opposition, grant yourself a boost during the missions? I am thinking of sneakily replacing a couple of regular units with their elite version. I saw @a1bert do something similar in a PBF game on bgg. This way the Shyla player gets full satisfation with the combo they thought would break the game, and you still get a game. I am trying this on my next mission.
  21. On further though, I will have to disagree. From the official FAQ: a target from a cleave ranged attack must be within LOS AND accuracy range. It makes perfect sense that in the context where accuracy is required for a melee attack (the camera is probably a small target near the ceiling) then the cleave must have the same accuracy requirement as a ranged attack. You are still trying to hit a small, hard to reach, target. Now blast is a complete different story. Blast affects the entire area (all the squares around the target), therefore blast does apply as usual, if the imperial unit is dumb enough to stay adjacent to the camera
  22. This link is very helpful, thanks. It also answers the other question I had: if both attacker and defender have a reroll ability, the attacker rerolls first. Can't believe I missed all those details. One more: what if the attacker has two different reroll abilities, for example a weekway with Nemeses. can the Imperial player perform the rerolls sequentially? i.e. reroll with the weekway's inherent ability, then decide whether or not to take another reroll with the nemeses card.
  23. My apologies if this has already been discussed, I could not find it in my searches. A "hidden" unit attacks Jyn. When the attack resolves, Jyn can interrupt to perform an attack with Peacemaker. But Hidden condition is removed after the attack resolves. My understanding is that both triggers are simultaneous (after the attack reslves), therefore the Imperial player decides the order. Therefore the Imperial unit can remain hidden while Jyn interrupts, and benefits from the -2 accuracy on that attack.
  24. yeaaaa.... Tell them that when there is a Shyla around. 4 spaces away? nooo problem. Whip , then cleave 5. But yeah all pretty much as I figured, I just wanted to be sure. Thanks.
  25. I could't find any discussion about this subject. Playing Reclamation next as a side mission, and I am a bit confused about a certain thing:
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