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    Fistofriles reacted to Caimheul1313 in Where is all the talk about the stream?   
    Thanks for the direct quote, I haven't had time to watch the stream yet. So the characters are firmly in the requested category, while the rest are not. If they AREN'T Force users, then I hope the cards in Anakin and Maul aren't highly sought after or else they will be even harder to find than normal... 
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    Fistofriles reacted to Yodhrin in Legion Clone Wars -Stock Levels   
    I ordered two CW cores at the end of last year, they arrived in April. And that was through Dark Sphere in the UK, who have a decent rep and only ever failed me once before(GW shorted them stock on the Liber Chaotica hardback).
    At this point you pretty much have to accept that waiting around for them to be actually in stock somewhere is folly, because any stock they get is going right back out the door to fulfill their backlog of preorders, you just have to preorder yourself and settle in for several months.
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    Fistofriles reacted to Tirion in Multiplayer version of SW Legion   
    First off welcome to the game! It's great!
    Secondly while I agree it will not be optimal and may give a bad first impression of the game, don't let others tell you how to have fun.
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    Fistofriles got a reaction from Caimheul1313 in Cad Bane Leaks   
    Cad bane and Hondo ohnaka that why if they did scum I be all over it they would have some fun units 
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    Fistofriles reacted to Alan Noir in Interest in game paraphernalia   
    There arent enough dice in one set to play and theyre expensive to buy seperately. Movement templates are also expensive seperately, so you'll probably sell them easily enough. I'd like more dice and I have 3 sets!
    I'd say try the game out though. I came to it 90% interested in painting, 10% gaming. It's easily 50:50 now. 
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    Fistofriles got a reaction from RyantheFett in Cad Bane Leaks   
    Cad bane and Hondo ohnaka that why if they did scum I be all over it they would have some fun units 
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    Fistofriles got a reaction from Valen_Corr in Cad Bane Leaks   
    Cad bane and Hondo ohnaka that why if they did scum I be all over it they would have some fun units 
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    Fistofriles reacted to jcmonson in *RUMOR* Anakin and Maul next   
    it is possible that Maul will be for a scum faction.  The Devs did say that they were going to have some content from the Mandalorian coming around the end of the year.  With the end of the last season of the Clone Wars featuring Mandalor, Maul being in command of Deathwatch, and Deathwatch being the Mandalorians in the flash backs in the Mandalorian, This could indicate a Deathwatch/scummy release for the Clone Wars erra.
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    Fistofriles reacted to RyantheFett in *RUMOR* Anakin and Maul next   
    Not really a fan of getting Maul for this faction from both a lore and gameplay view. Ventress, tactical droids, and the council seemed like better choices from a lore level. Makes me wonder how we lucked out and got Bane over the safer choice of Jango (who I think would work better for a future Scum faction)????
    As for gameplay wise CIS getting another expensive lightsaber commander.........I guess? At some point they will have to get a support commander or just a cheap one. The generic commander will eventually come out for this faction so unless I'm missing something this just feels like bad release order???
    Also I'm in the camp that Maul would be the best option as the first commander for the Scum faction. Between the Clone Wars, Rebels, and Solo we have seen him as an independent power way longer then CIS.
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    Fistofriles reacted to Krakus in *RUMOR* Anakin and Maul next   
    Ventress will be for the CIS
    Maul is for the rebels (he spent more time working with Spectre cell than for the CIS)
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    Fistofriles got a reaction from Krakus in What Factions do you think should be next?   
    Third for me unless you are counting imperial assault but feel you pain.  
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    Fistofriles reacted to XR8rGREAT in What Factions do you think should be next?   
    Until the clone wars stuff gets more options and actual product you can buy I don’t want to see anything else. I still only have access to core set units only.
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    Fistofriles reacted to DFocke in Iden vs krennic   
    I've been proxing her for a while now. And even at 10 points more Iden would be a near auto include for me when playing a competitive imp list.
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    Fistofriles reacted to TauntaunScout in For the Game Designers   
    I think they should publish Legion stats for pretty much everything even if there's no official Legion models.
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    Fistofriles reacted to ScummyRebel in What makes Legion better?   
    Ok I admit I laughed because man dollies.
    I am sort of in between @TauntaunScout and you... I have a little thinking of “how can I make these work together” when preparing for a game, but I’m nowhere near the “ah meta gotta do this then that then another thing.” I start with a center piece or two that I want to play with (like an ATST, or Vader, or something like that) and then work from there with what else I have. I buy things largely based on rule of cool and what I want to paint. I mean they spend most of their existence on display... I should have things I want to look at instead of meta spam.
    For republic, that means I only have about two ways to build a list right now using the same minis 🙂 but I’m ok with that. I’ll pick up stuff eventually and then have a few cool choices - the ARCs excite me, and I’m looking forward to more heroes.
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    Fistofriles got a reaction from Tubb in What makes Legion better?   
    I play because the ip I enjoy the game but like all fantasy flight games they are copy cats of other games.   X wing -wings of war.   So I play because it Star Wars.   I find has enough fun factor to keep me interested but I do not like when new unit make the old less play able plus being rebel player why don’t pathfinder have Entourage with one leader but I digress 
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    Fistofriles reacted to Crawfskeezen in I want to support my FLGS, but........   
    I used to work in board game distribution and it's tough as the market (in North America) is controlled by only a few distribution companies. There isn't a lot of wiggle room at the moment short of buying products at or above MSRP (from other brick and mortar or online retailers) then reselling them which after taxes, shipping and labour will likely result in breaking even at best, or even a loss. I don’t see it happening right now. Personally, I've just bought into Clone Wars to have something to do while I'm off work and at home. I'm lucky that as I live in big city (Toronto) there are multiple places that carry Legion. I got my Dooku, B1s, P1s and a pair each of upgrade packs from one store, Rex from another and I got a pair of core sets on Amazon. It's a tough time right now and I'd love to get B2s P2s and the Tanks but to be honest I'm more concerned that the supply of masks don't get cut off from coming into Canada.
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    Fistofriles reacted to buckero0 in Boba Fett needs help   
    Boba's strength is in his mobility and defense. People want him to be some powerhouse offensively bit he wasn't designed that way and suffers when played in that manner.
    But he is fine as is.
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    Fistofriles reacted to smickletz in What units are now clearly overcosted?   
    I agree droidekas are overcosted. I don’t see a near future where they fit into a list at 100pts. 
    Making them troopers instead of vehicles would maybe change that. If they could coordinate and drop in with rapid reinforcements then I’d be more likely to try to squeeze them in. 
    I think Wookiees are appropriately costed, unfortunately. Again, a tough unit to find a good list for. I play them pretty regularly anyway with mixed results. Relentless instead of Charge would be a nice change.
    Pathfinders went from “meh” to serviceable when their armament dropped to 0 and duck and cover dropped to 4.  They do their job and do it well for a reasonable price. Previously I couldn’t justify choosing them over Wookiees but am now more likely to take Pathfinders. 
    I agree that upgrade costs on the Landspeeder make it tough to run. Now that the airspeeder dropped I could see them coming down too. 
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    Fistofriles reacted to manoftomorrow010 in What units are now clearly overcosted?   
    It is still bad. Lol
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    Fistofriles reacted to Decarior in What units are now clearly overcosted?   
    In my calculations both hit probality distributions are basiaclly the same. The wookiees are about 1% less likely to get 5 hits which is not at all significant. The same goes for their melee attacks both calculated without the heavy weapon upgrade. Royal Guard just has the better defense and added utility of the Guardian keyword and Entourage which is why they are played.
    In general I feel like designers overvalue mobility on non-hero units. Scout, Infiltrate, Speeder - almost all units with these keywords are overcosted.
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    Fistofriles reacted to M.Mustermann in What units are now clearly overcosted?   
    Wookies are redundant. There is almost no job a cheaper Tauntaun unit cannot do better in the context of a rebel list. The unit leader isn't much smaller than a Tauntaun, so it is even not easier to hide them.
    Tauntauns are faster, tougher and have a superior damage output.
    Wookies are for fans of the chrismas special only.
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    Fistofriles reacted to arnoldrew in What units are now clearly overcosted?   
    They have fewer effective hitpoints than Royal Guard given the fairly massive disparity between a white defense die and a red defense die. I've always had more trouble removing my opponent's Royal Guards than they ever have had getting rid of my Wookiees.
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    Fistofriles reacted to SoonerTed in What units are now clearly overcosted?   
    At 75 points Wookies are in every way better than the Imperial Guards.  And I say this as an Imperial player.
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    Fistofriles reacted to buckero0 in Full Units Of Rebel Commandos As Core Units   
    One of the reasons Rebels are getting units like clan wren and Tauntauns is beacause i think the designers (belatedly) realized the defensive units are not equal with the offensive units. Not to mention the offense is getting better. It's way easier to get crits now or there are more units that can get it easier so things like low profile or nimble have been neutered even though in gameplay thwy weren't as strong as they were imagined to begin with.
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