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  1. Gungane core and rides for creature be great I might even get in to rep then as now they are the only army I not collecting but as fare creature for seps I I am not got a clue I like it when ppl throw out all the great options.
  2. Yes but trying think of ppl no one talks about and force user are mostly talked about except the two from video games Force unleashed and the new game don’t know there names of hand
  3. Dengar. Not talked about Rebels a little harder to pick heroes but hope it wicket and we are going get some little bears
  4. I wish you best on the basement . You been a big part of the legion family thanks for secret Santa
  5. Cad bane and Hondo ohnaka that why if they did scum I be all over it they would have some fun units
  6. Third for me unless you are counting imperial assault but feel you pain.
  7. yes you Americans are that why you should have had it open to the people north of you that are good at flowing direction 🙂 OK maybe that a stretch.
  8. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4266038. did not make it but this is what I am printing looks great thanks to all great ppl that make this stuff.
  9. I play because the ip I enjoy the game but like all fantasy flight games they are copy cats of other games. X wing -wings of war. So I play because it Star Wars. I find has enough fun factor to keep me interested but I do not like when new unit make the old less play able plus being rebel player why don’t pathfinder have Entourage with one leader but I digress
  10. Nice even green on bases wow I thought for sure they still have snow on the bases.
  11. Pic as sure they may be the only thing not in white
  12. Not sure amazon counts as local store but maybe my nearest store 2.5 hrs away
  13. I got so many go joes this way my the best one was the fridge Perry go joe action figure
  14. But with this mini you can now make some Hoth commander even a Hoth Han Solo with head swaps
  15. I play both and love both but I seem like hobby side legion more. My only complaint with both games is the time which it take to play a game as for shorter versions the legion scrimmage plays nicer then the 200 point armada but full game armada is a more fine tuned game. But lack product drive me to legion now I am in able get new stuff for this game so I make game table to kill my time.
  16. https://photos.app.goo.gl/cGpXmGabhYiR9C9j9 here some what got done so far for my Hoth table project.
  17. that look a little brown to be snow I think Hoth has warmed a bit.
  18. Well I am working on my Hoth Board and my big thematic game I will be playing rebels 800 point against to imps 1600. I will be video blogging the whole thing from start to finish with the creation the map the 3d printing terrain for Hoth and the the special campaign rules and then final video of game being played i add link when it is done and this all started because of secret Santa It made want to make a Hoth map table top I am being slowed down by all snow, though.
  19. this is great start for a 500 point game i think that where fleet trooper shine so depends on what type game you want to play.
  20. My local store had nothing and was there the day release and they did not get enough fill there pre orders so my pre order will come when they get resupplied so get my cad bane before my B2 😁😁
  21. but it will take action to ready it to use it again so the old card may have been better
  22. not free in that you need to tap him so you will pay for it if you want use it twice still not worth the 5 points
  23. both are fair suggestion i like cove x suggestion it a slight buff. not over the top but still think dodge are the worst action at this point.
  24. well there need to be fix some where as all speeders need a small buff even if the seeder x let use dodges to block crits that be a start.
  25. Or like my sniper head in the new rebel pack good thing I have extra heads but I would like to have that alien head
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