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  1. did we not first see them in episode three on Kashyyyk, I am not 100% sure but think they were in the movie.
  2. I not sure you know how to use him i find that ppl just say unit bad when they don't know how to use him he is a if played right he can be a huge benefit i say they only thing he need is -10 points as saber throw is a auto include but with saber throw and force push he is quite effective and his double move is actually very fast you just need to be smart in turn 0 to win with him you need stay away from long march.
  3. i feel the same way i still have my army and have not played since 2003
  4. I think knocking 30 points of Vader essentially is two powerful there no need for saber throw card as well. I think that you could just include saber throw and knock 10 points and you may still be to powerful I agree jyn to over priced but how about pathfinders they could use some help and exhaust thing is clunky so ok with lossing that but think dl 19 over powerful i lose impact on them.
  5. I been toying with a 11 activation list with t-47 but ye to test it
  6. This is why snipers are so good most bards are wide open and use very little variant in terrain type. when building board people should think about how it would play out. I would say most of these board could use clarity of 25% rule and go more dense 25%
  7. this bring me back to my childhood watching cartoons
  8. this more like it the snow board was to light on terrain in my humble opinion. i would also like to see some terrain that changes movement speed to make it create some tuff decision on routs to take
  9. or maybe they are new and only playing with box set and don't understand impact rules
  10. but this brings up the balance issue then. if this is the only list or variant of then over all is this game truly balanced.
  11. I for one am on your side as stands today it is not balanced but it not far off but the problem is balance is hard to obtain and i feel that adding more powerful units become a power creep and then we get point like x-wing 1.0 where game suffers and sucks . So think the key is to have good maps that give cover and to think a few new objectives that will be more balanced play. Also something that plays into the propaganda war that rebellion had to win, to counter bounty, and Nurf dlt's or as they are crazy good. entourage word need so causes as well.
  12. Talk polite thanks for starting this and getting ball rolling it be nice if you could look at list of events and detail of how to plan your to be part of them but at least map show where they are but list would be great
  13. I agree fully weather competitive or not it should be balanced and I say that biggest in balance from the beginning is dlt's and the entourage rule. I always held the best thing for the game would be to get rid of impact on the dlt's and to be able to take an entourage it must be a second unit of that type i.e. you cant take 3 sniper team and a death trooper you must take at least 2 death troopers that would balance game out more but that just my thoughts.
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