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  1. Wave 1 maps have been added and the issue found on Imperial Tower and Lothal Spaceport has been fixed. All 2 player skirmish maps have been added to the line of sight app!
  2. Added skirmish maps between Twin Shadows and Bespin Gambit Maps added: Echo Base Hoth Battle Station Hoth Weather Shelter Imperial Command Hub Imperial Space Station Mos Eisley Cantina Nelvaanian Warzone Sewers of Nar Shaddaa Training Ground Tython Meditation Field Wasteland Outpost Only skirmish maps left are Core Set and Wave 1. I decided to work my way backwards so the more recent maps are available. Next checkin will probably be all of wave 1.
  3. Added these maps today: Hangar Bay ISB Training Grounds Kashyyyk Station Lothal Safehouse Nal Hutta Swamps The Dune Sea The Pit of Carkoon Wasskah Hunting Ground This should get us everything back to Bespin Gambit. Still about 20 Skirmish maps to go but I'm not in as big a rush to get those in.
  4. Added the following (not really) recent skirmish maps: Devaron Garrison Imperial Tower Jabba's Palace Lothal Battlefront Lothal Spaceport These can now be found in the line of sight app https://nick-hansen.github.io/ia-los/ I have found a bug with two of the maps - when an attacker fires from left to right through a vertical solid red line on Imperial Tower and Lothal Spaceport they are able to see one extra space through it. I'm aware of the issue and I'll work to fix it. Please let me know if you find any other issues
  5. New player requested to have Tutorial map added for new players. His point was most players will start with the Tutorial map, so it's a terrific idea to add it!
  6. Scout troopers and ewoks would be awesome! I like how this map gives some long lanes, and areas with lower visibility!
  7. I added a button to place the attacker and defender in the same square. And now selecting this will also turn on the 2 LOS checkboxes - there would be no need to select this otherwise ­čÖé
  8. Very happy to announce that I've added the ability to rotate any map! This means players can orient the site to the playing area in front of them instead of vice-versa. In order to rotate the map you can use the curved arrows at the top right of the map.
  9. You are correct. There should be line of sight between the bottom right corner of the attacker and the left side of the defender. There was indeed an issue with the update´╗┐ to check for walls in between line of sight for our 2 corners. I've update the code and now this issue is fixed. Thanks again for reporting this issue!
  10. There was indeed an issue with the update´╗┐ to check for walls in between line of sight for our 2 corners. I've update the code and now the two issues are fixed. However, I can still see a bug form the first reported issue. The method I'm using calculating going between points is off. The top left corner of the attacker should be able to go through the corner just above and right the console, but there is a bug. I'll start looking into this. Thank you for bringing up this issue!
  11. Hey guys. I'm sorry I've been super busy with family over the holidays. There definitely should be line of sight in the picture you just posted. I think the issue is stemming from the update to check for walls in between line of sight for our 2 corners. With the holidays over I should finally have some time to look into this. Thank you for posting and sharing this bug!
  12. Thanks for reporting this. I'll take a look into why this is happening. Edit - For the left & top edges, I think the center line thinks it's crossing the final edge, which it isn't. For the right edge, I'll definitely need to investiagte.
  13. I didn't realize that the Jabba's Realm in the app actually used different maps. It's easiest to create maps for my line of sight calculator that exist inside vassal or the skirmish project.
  14. Hey! The LoS rules are simple in nature, but tricky situations come up quickly! I can add the maps from Jabbas realm next. It makes sense, since I imagine a good number of players are using the app. I'm glad you find it helpful!
  15. Main story line missions have been added for Core Campaign. Working on side missions. I decided to put out the maps I had without prettying them up (some are). The map images will be updated later and it's functional in the meantime
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