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  1. Ok, that does look powerful. I guess there's not many Rebel cards with Spectre or Chopper keywords?
  2. Hi folks Not on a wind up at all, genuine question I assume it's a very powerful skirmish list. Rarely play skirmish, but curious all the same Cheers people!
  3. Folks, a question regarding the timing of Force Speed. I'm aware that it is 'move up to 2 spaces', as opposed to '2 movement points'. Is it legal for him to finish those 2 spaces in a space with another character? I know he can't completely finish his turn there, but if he continues moving, I see no problem. Agree?
  4. Hi folks Looking at various comments and discussion on here and elsewhere, the general consensus seems to be that Drokkatta is pretty decent. I'm a fairly experienced campaign player, I understand what heroes are good, who are not so and the reasons why. I can't however, see why Drokkatta is considered powerful. Beyond the ability to create difficult terrain, which is really situational, I don't really get what he's meant to do. He can do a bit of aoe, but other heroes do that better don't they? Be interested to hear people's opinions, cheers folks!
  5. Hi folks Is there a way of getting updated cards for the Sabs and Royal Guard? Are they included in any of the figure packs? Cheers!
  6. Hi folks Just about to start a HotE campaign, couple of quick questions: Do I remember seeing that the amount of XP you can earn in this campaign is fixed, dependent on the outcome of the 1st mission? Assuming so, what is the total? Secondly, do I recall that credits for the heroes are quite limited? Thanks people!
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