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  1. Today I have Bol'Goreth, the Lieutenant. I may go back and add some scarring over the left eye later, but for right now I'm calling him done. I hope you enjoy. Eld
  2. Sorry for the delay. I've been quite busy irl and haven't had as much painting time as I'd like. Anyhow, here is my Ispher, from Visions of Dawn. I did a lot of custom color mixes on this one and think I ended up pretty close to the card art. I hope you enjoy. Eld
  3. Here are my Hybrid Sentinels from the Lair of the Wyrm expansion. I hope you enjoy. Eld
  4. Hi thinkzinc! Thank you for your support. I hope my future efforts live up to this hype haha. I'm still working on acquiring all of the expansions. I just have a massive backlog of games and even a few actual models to paint! The painting side of the hobby doesn't interest you?
  5. Hi Watercolour Dragon. Thanks for the kind words and the questions. I will do my best to answer what I can -- of course you can take and use (and hopefully better) any of the ideas I've posted - that's the reasons for sharing! 1) I have a desk-mounted white light+magnifying glass combo. I only really use it on eyes and to get certain really tiny details in the models. More recently, I've started using it to try to identify mold lines for removal. Just search for "magnifying desk lamp" on amazon and I'm sure you'll have a lot to choose from. 2) The master cave spider's webbing was done by boiling a piece of fabric softener (a dryer sheet), then pulling it apart and gluing it down to the base. The nice thing about this method is that a) it looks pretty ok and b) it's quite durable (as compared to glue lines or whatever), so you can still use the pieces to play with. 3) I paint hair or fur on animals by using several colors of thinned paint using very light brushstrokes (like barely touch the model light), which I think adds some dimension to the hair look. I did this particularly on my Barghests. 4) smoke and mist are tough...I've been working on some ideas myself, but haven't found anything that works super well yet. Most of my experiments involve cotton swabs/balls teased apart and painted, and while that might be ok, I run into trouble when it comes to making everything scale appropriately to the miniature's size. 5) The slime in the verminous sewer base is actually hot glue. The base is pink foam board. The sewer bars are toothpicks that I cut down to size. I then painted the hot glue with P3 Necrotite Green, and when that was dry, I gave it a wash with Athonian Camoshade (GW). After that dried, I reclaimed a few spots with the Necrotite, and then added a gloss varnish. 6) most glues aren't going to melt plastic, resin, or metal. What stuff are you using!? 7) thanks for the tip on eye focus! I really look forward to seeing your stuff posted. Eld
  6. P3 Cygnar Blue Base for the heroes. P3 Iosan Green for the Lieutenants. GW Evil Sunz Scarlet for the Master Monsters. Any Black for the Standard Monsters.
  7. Today I will share Reynhart the Worthy from the Lair of the Wyrm Expansion. I tried some different armor techniques on him. Oh, and I added a mustache, because I didn't like how his face looked without it. I hope you enjoy. Eld
  8. Today I have Verminous, one of the Lieutenants. I did this whole model this weekend as I had a little free time (both kids sick so we were house-bound). I think he turned out pretty well. Enjoy. Eld
  9. Today I have another hero: The Widow Tarha. I'm trying to find a good angle to show the facial art, but, frankly, I can't. Oh well. I hope you enjoy. Eld
  10. They still reprint fairly often. My FLGS randomly has out of print stuff a lot. Are you going to post your painted minis?
  11. Today I would like to share my Dark Minotaurs, from the Shards of the Everdark Hero and Monster pack. I liked these sculpts, and played with OSL a bit. Eld
  12. Today I will share my Goblin Archers. I'm not 100% satisfied with how the master turned out, but there's paint on the model, I guess. The letters on the back of the quiver seemed like a good idea at the time, but somehow I flubbed the process...oh well. I hope you enjoy. The helmet showing some steel still is intentional, as I was going for a "the goblin used the blood of his enemies to stain his helmet red" look. Eld
  13. Here are my Barghests. I spent quite a lot of time painting individual brushstrokes to simulate hair (and to get me ready for my KD:M White Lion). I hope you enjoy. Eld
  14. Thank you, Alcovitch. I actually do a fair amount of gap filling in the models, though I experiment with different methods - green stuff v. CA glue, for instance (the CA glue was almost a disaster). I admit that I am terrible at removing the mold lines. I try to get the most obvious ones, but I don't spend the time I should on it. It's something I need to work a lot more on. In any case, I hope you take a look in the future, as I will try to improve that aspect of the hobby!
  15. Today, I present the Merriods: I hope you like them. Eld
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