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  1. Here are my Barghests. I spent quite a lot of time painting individual brushstrokes to simulate hair (and to get me ready for my KD:M White Lion). I hope you enjoy. Eld
  2. Thank you, Alcovitch. I actually do a fair amount of gap filling in the models, though I experiment with different methods - green stuff v. CA glue, for instance (the CA glue was almost a disaster). I admit that I am terrible at removing the mold lines. I try to get the most obvious ones, but I don't spend the time I should on it. It's something I need to work a lot more on. In any case, I hope you take a look in the future, as I will try to improve that aspect of the hobby!
  3. Today, I present the Merriods: I hope you like them. Eld
  4. Nice work. I appreciate the time you took putting it together -- there are several word choice/spelling issues in it (repost vs. riposte, for instance), but I don't know if English is your first language, so I don't want to be picky. Overall, really nice job. It was entertaining, and could easily be expanded into a novella.
  5. Today, I present Jain Fairwood. I am finishing up the master Barghest tonight, so will post them soon. I need to get a photobox...the highlights all get washed out in these, unfortunately :( Eld
  6. Here are my renditions of the Ogres, from the Visions of Dawn Hero and Monster collection. These were pretty ok sculpts. Instead of tattoos like the trolls, I imagined that ogres might do ritualistic scarring. Eld
  7. Here, I present Valyndra, the Wyrm Queen. I put some effort into this one and painted each scale individually + worked up the base to achieve what i hope is a nice effect. Eld
  8. And I guess we'll also kick of our heroes with everyone's favorite drunken dwarf...Grisban the Thirsty! If you guys ever want another angle on something, please let me know! Eld
  9. And here is my second lieutenant, Gargan Mirklace, who was a lot of fun to paint...so I rushed and did him before my skill had caught up to my ambitions! I would do some things differently now. I hope you enjoy him. Eld
  10. I'm almost out of painted monsters already! I guess I need to actually get some of the masters painted so I can have finished groups! In any case, here I present the Fire Imps from Lair of the Wyrm. I only used inks on these models as an experiment (except for picking out eyes and teeth). Let me know how you think they turned out. Eld
  11. Nice OSL effect,. These sculpts are pretty bad, and I am NOT looking forward to painting them myself, but yours came out really nice.
  12. I will finish up today's posting with a lieutenant - Splig. This was my first attempt at actual NMM, and I managed to track down several bags of crops that he stole from the farmer in The Fat Goblin quest. This miniature was TINY - it is easy to lose track of how small some of these things are because of zoom functions, but man, getting details on this was TOUGH. I hope you enjoy. Eld
  13. Here are the Ynfaernal Hulks from the Shadow of Nerekhall expansion. These were an enormous pain in the @s$ to paint, especially because I made the truly questionable decision to make the master model my first attempt to use oil paints as a primary medium. Full disclosure -- I made it through base coats and initial blending on the rocks before throwing in the towel, varnishing, and using standard acrylics to finish up the highlights. BUT I do like how vibrant the oils ended up making the yellows. I hope you enjoy them. Eld