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  1. I wouldn't mind seeing a good example of the space battles, for example starfighter vs starfighter, multi-person ship vs starfighter, capital ships, and so on. Oh, and person vs vehicle I suppose!
  2. Don't worry about it. It seems like a reasonable ruling anyway. As you said, its best just to make a quick ruling and move on. I found the GM section to have some good advice. These posts have been helpful. You should consider going over all the rules in a series of blog posts. Ive just discovered your dodge post, off to read it now.
  3. Thanks, got it. I've redesigned the character a fair bit so I made a new sheet. Bex is a scavenged and rebuilt BX Droid Commando. He was re-programmed to act as an assassin droid for his owner, but Bex's corrupted memory banks allowed him to break his programming and kill his owner to gain his freedom. http://swsheets.com/c/0rvsh3ol4-bex
  4. I'm liking your characters so far. Is our ship going to need to have special accommodations made to fit a Hutt on? Right now I'm trying to decided whether to go 342111 (over specialised droid works for me) or 332122 (less gimped by poor attributes). Oh and could someone clarify if I have misunderstood the rules: If we start with 5 obligation, if I take a second obligation (for another 5) can I take +10 to get bonus credits? There is something in the rules about not taking more additional obligation than your starting value, but I'm not sure if having two obligations means my starting value is 5 or 10.
  5. Hah I can see why Sneaky Beet ran away, he doesn't seem like the fighting type So rising and drawing give -1D each but only in the segment they took place in?
  6. Here's my draft character. He's a scavenged and salvaged B1 Heavy Battle Droid (Like a normal B1 but a bit tougher and heavier weapons) re-purposed and reprogrammed into an assassin droid. I had to take +10 obligation in order to buy the weapon that that type used. I might need to reduce the talents to take some more characteristics, but I kind of like the idea of droids being pretty specific in their design. Any suggestions? http://swsheets.com/c/vw2xcisjm-beon Posted a new revised character further down: http://swsheets.com/c/0rvsh3ol4-bex
  7. Excellent post. Reading this helped cement how it works in my head, thanks. I really like the more dynamic approach to initiative, and especially that it cuts down the amount of rolling in a fire fight. I can see that the looser structure will take a bit of getting used to for players and GMs alike. I think the combat rules mention seating people around the table in order of their perception lowest to highest, and asking them what they are doing in that order during the declaration phase (so that the least perceptive character acts before he sees what others are doing, and the most perceptive gets to see what actions others are taking. It sounds like a good idea, but I wonder if its better just to go in the order people naturally declare their actions. I suppose it depends on the group. I'm curious how you would resolve 2 v 1 (and other odd) encounters? Do you make all three roll and see which of the two players rolls ends up being opposed against the npc, and have the other one make it unopposed? I suppose it depends on whether the NPC is firing at one or both. I may have answered my own question!
  8. Hi everyone. Also my fist pbp. I've also GM'd a few games of EoTE but I have yet to play. I've (mostly) put together a Bounty Hunter (Gadgeteer). He's got a little bit of piloting skill (YGG) in case that's needed. Would you like us to post our character sheet links here?
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