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  1. I’d be interested. Never done a bounty hunter before so might do something in that vein.
  2. I tend to steer clear of them outside a force focused game for a few reasons, but not for a dislike of them. First there are supposed to be hundreds if not thousands of non-force sensitive beings for every force sensitive and I’d rather do their stories. Doubly so when I’m running a game during the Rebellion. Add in all the lore and worlds in the expanded universe it seems a shame to get hung up on just the stuff surrounding the force. Also like EpicTed finding a player who can play the role well in a non force focused game is rare. Though my problem is less the background and more “every problem is a nail to my force centered hammer”.
  3. I’d do what the others suggested however I know sometimes you get a player that leaves it to the GM. (I got a game full of them despite even xp bribes to expand on their characters background.) In that case I do have a few suggestions when considering the nature of such blueprints. My suggestion is the blueprint shouldn’t be anything too extraordinary, or at least not in game terms. As you’re doing “ Long Arm of the Hutt” I’d point to the Geonosian weapons that come up for sale as part of it. They are standard apart from having a critical rating one lower than normal. Minor adjustments to the stats like that would be one way but for game purposes I’d have there be a offset of some sort. Either it’s more costly to build or there is some bug in it yet where it will break on a roll of a certain amount of disadvantage. Another option is it’s a more efficient design, but not by much. That when they make the item the blueprint is for it costs just a little less than the standard model, but again having an offset where the difficulty of the build is a bit harder too. Just be sure to at least not make the cost reduction so much they find turning out the item more profitable than playing in the adventure. Mind playing at trying to start a business in Star Wars is in the colonists book. In the corrupt and dangerous Empire it can make for its own campaign if your players want to go in that direction. For most cases though you’ll want to minimize just what the blueprint does.
  4. Trapper retreats with the rest of the clones but so much fire is comin thier way one shot does manage to hit him. Helped up by Gunslinger he nods his thanks,”Thanks sir.” Once he makes it to the lift he hangs back just a bit to make sure the others gets clear then follows hot on their heels.
  5. I may have gotten hit on the retreat, but any chance I can take another round at the droids?
  6. Trapper winces as the droids pour fire into the barricades and feels relief when they hold despite the pounding. So far the defences are holding but they need to do something about the droid numbers on the other side. Risking a quick glance out through a loop hole Trapper takes in the scene beyond. Seeing something he pops his carbine though the opening and fires off a random volley of bolts. None of them manages to hit a single droid despite the press but strike the walkway beyond. With a groan of stressed materials part of the walkway beyond, heavily damaged in the fighting so far, sags then gives way with a final crack as something snaps.
  7. Given I’m a sapper I like the game dea of collapsing a section. Let’s go with that.
  8. Okay. Well there a couple groups to come I see so probably shooting this turn. Aim, shoot droids: 2eA+1eP+1eB+1eD 1 failure, 6 advantage Looks like I miss but what to do with all those advantages. O.o;
  9. How much longer are we expecting to hold the line? If we’re getting off the barricades next round it might change what I’ll be doing. Also am I just supposed to be one of the clones helping with the evacuation or am I coming in from elsewhere?
  10. I think it really depends on where you go with the ship. Outer rim world somewhere, no one is going to bother checking the BoSS registry unless they are given a reason to. Somewhere with an Imperial presence they might make sure the ship name given matches the one the transponder gives out. Core worlds would be a different matter. Also I wouldn’t rule out there being groups out there that offer a very expensive service to slice new transponders on to a ship. The Millennium Falcon was suppose to have multiple transponders and a few Legend books have it being a semi common practice. I personally have it as you can get a new transponder and registration in BoSS, but it’s a very costly service both in credits and obligation.
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