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  1. First I didn't get the reason why so many weren't happy about this. Now I see it's just cards. Nonetheless I'm excited and I'll buy it for sure. The more content the better.
  2. becauseofyou

    Expansions Replay Value

    If you don't mind to play the campaign I'd just buy the h+m pack that suits you. You get two rumor quests within these packs too. I myself didn't enjoy MOR the way I liked later expansions.
  3. I believe this. As I have an A4 pocket for each tile I have three whole binders ­čśĹ
  4. Looks great. It's a pitty I don't have a printer. How did you customize the plastic pockets in the binder? Did you laminate the pockets into the sheet and cut a new opening? I also have the parts sorted by the game aspects but not this organized. With kind regards
  5. becauseofyou

    Descent speculation

    It's the same for me. I like the art and the concept of d2e. I also´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐ think there are enough tiles to build nice dungeons. The tactical depth is increased through our house rules concerning LoS and movement at corners. To move diagonally you have to have at least one passable square directly to yours. So two goblins block a passage into a room or the obstacles at the ruins tile (4a) block a passage. LoS is measured from the´╗┐ center of the square to any corner of the attacked square. But I have some issues with d2e. The preparation to play a single adventure takes longer than the entire match. You have dozens of heroes, minions, OL-cards, classes and so on to choose from. If we play we take us two whole´╗┐ days for it but this shortens how often we can meet us. Further the power of the OL hardly increases in comparisson to the heroes one. The minions stay the same the whole ´╗┐act while the heroes get new equipment. But these issues are not enough to argue for a third edition from my point of view. With kind regards´╗┐, becauseofyou ´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐
  6. becauseofyou


    That's true. I don't have these three. I bought the latest sets hoping these are the most balanced. Thank you for your insight. I didn't recognize the searches. We play 'Shadow Rune' actually and my cousin is just farming so much money with all the two scenes full of tokens. So I get your point. I didn't play the quests of my H&M sets. So far we just played the campaigns as they are. I have 'Treaty of Champions', 'Stewards of Secret' and 'Shards of Everdark'. Have you experienced these? So if the OL gains less than the heroes why should he play a rumor card? With kind regards, becauseofoyu
  7. becauseofyou


    Hey community, I'm curious what you think about rumor cards. This mechanic seems to be strange. Or I cannot grasp it fully. Why should an OL not play his three drawn rumor cards (expecting an even chance to win or loose the adventure) and why should the heroes not choose them as the OL gets a card if they pass by? So wouldn't it be easier to simply draw a card and use it or draw three cards and every side gets to choose one of them? Until now we haven't played with them but I'm thinking about to change the mechanic as a house rule if we introduce them. With kind regards, becauseofyou
  8. becauseofyou

    Rules Question - Abilities during an attack

    I've read the CRRG and found a passage to this card 'Rune Mastery' although it doesn't answer the general question. How do you handle this in your games?
  9. becauseofyou

    Custom Runebound Heroes

    I like especially the offensive character of Maliki and the concept of Gyruk. Kala seems to be a risky choice though. Eight HP, no defensive hero ability and a brown die.
  10. I want to play with these. Very nice work!
  11. Dear community, first I want to thank you for your overall contribution. I've read for some time in this forum to clarify some rules and to get a feeling for some classes/heroes/monsters/etc. It helped a lot. But lets get specific: During a game I stumbled upon a question which we couldn't sort out and we couldn't find it in this forum. I thought I saw something similar in the unofficial FAQ but I couldn't find it anymore. My friend played the heroes and attacked with 'Widow Tarha' as 'Runemaster'. He used his heroic feat on two minions of mine. He used Tarha's ability to reroll the yellow attack die in order to get a surge but didn't get a better result. Both minions would have survived this situation (as he had no surge). I as a OL had the 'Staff of Shadows' and with it a chance of 33.3% for this attack to miss if I had forced a reroll of the blue die (X and range 2). I didn't use it as my minions already survived. He wanted to use 'Rune Mastery' to give himself a surge for this attack. As he would have killed my minions with 'Runic Knowledge' I wanted to use the staff in order to force him to a miss. He sulked and said if I pass the situation and he uses something special I shouldn't be able to cancel the attack altogether. As a player of 'Magic: The Gathering' I said if he acts I could react and vice versa. After some discussion and looking at the rules he argued that he had used 'Rune Mastery' during step four of the attack as the card reads "When you attack..." and it should therefore be possible during the whole attack (the German translation would be "during"; the English text seems to be more specific and means at the beginning of the attack - correct?). I argued that this step is used to spend surges and not to use an ability. Abilities have to be used before this step. So, as this mess didn't really change the outcome of the adventure (my Eliza had such a head start he couldn't catch up - with or without the mentioned minions) I granted him his point of view for this situation and we decided for the future to use all abilities during step two of an attack if not mentioned otherwise. But I got curious and want this to be correct in future games. So my question is: When is the time to use an ability during a fight if there's no mention of a specific event (like after dice are rolled)? I explicitly don't ask for surge abilities but class cards, Overlord cards, hero abilities and such. With kind regards, becauseofyou