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  1. I think we have to re-think what exactly does it mean to Unmask a lot vs being hot-headed. From what I see, one can be hot-headed but very composed in the sense that they will be coherent with themselves. Which means being constantly hot-headed! For this characters, unmasking could be revealing to be the exact opposite, under stress, reverting perhaps to fear, or maybe to sadness, who knows, it depends on personality. Being "hot-headed", aka high Fire, doesn't have anything to do with Composure and unmasking, or not necessarily. And to justify Scoprion with low Composure, well, first of all they don't care that much if they unmask, second they are probably sacrificing something to achieve something else, while doing so...
  2. From what I know (but I haven't got direct experience yet), the elements of Composure and Endurance just swapped. Formulas are the same, but Water now goes to Composure and Fire to Endurance. Everyone seems to like the change, and I'm ok with it... I noticed it did make my players' characters a tad more "as they should have been". So it's cool.
  3. I don't know, I don't see a problem with Stealth being covered by Approaches. It's the epitome of a way of doing something else, instead of being something of its own. Defense is just very much against my playstyle. Horsemanship I kind of agree, because although it's basically included in Survival, it seems counterintuitive to me that the two should be connected. So I guess I would just add it. Remember you can always add skills. I guess it would be a Martial skill.
  4. Well, about redundant and specific I don't agree much. Sentiment is anything but specific to me, although I concede that there are anomalies in its approaches (I have to constantly look at the rules about it, basically). Artisan and Martial skills work well with approaches IMO. I agree though that it's not a simple system, that's why I like it. Stealth can be earth when it's about patience, Air when it's about misleading or being subtle, maybe even Water when it's about moving stealthily through obstacles. Maybe even Void when it's about disappearing in a crowd. Just not Fire. But this means basically there are many nuances of Stealth, just like many nuances of many others. Using the system I noticed that basically every character will be able to at least try to perform any task, just not in the same way as others. This is the beauty of the system, although depending on what you look for, it might be a bug instead of a feature.
  5. Guys, less skills is a direct consequence of approaches. Many subskills or skills are now elemental approaches of more generic skills. You basically have five different skills for every skill in the game. Stealth is an Air approach of either Fitness or Survival, and with Courtesy you have Intimidate, Deception, Persuasion and more, in one skill, depending on the approach. It's the very beauty of the system.
  6. New player and fan here! I must say I never played L5R, although I've eyed at the rules of 4th edition, and even tried to make a character. But starting with the 5th edition beta, I've become much more interested, especially for all these new systems and strife in particular. I like it so much that I made a rather complex cross-over of D&D 5e and L5R 5e, using L5R dice and strife. I like the fact that characters might choose to "succeed less to avoid strife", and I think it can give a lot of ideas for narration of combat and checks. We still didn't use unmasking, but the fact that (if things didn't change from the beta) you can't choose to keep dice with strife anymore, after you reached your limit, gives the players this nice choice: do I lose some time trying to "rebalance myself", or I keep fighting/talking/acting at half of my capacity? I really love the system. Opportunity is more tricky, because to be used right, it has to be fully ingrained in the system. So I can't usually make up on the fly what opportunity can be used for, when casting a spell (something that L5R has in the rules, so you don't have to make it up).
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