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  1. Thanks to all for looking at my Death Star Trench terrain project and for sharing your comments! @Animewarsdude thanks for asking about pricing information! I had to finish making a "catalog" of models to share... I'll direct message @Tervlon absolutely I would love to make you a set of turbolaser gun turrets! I'll direct message you as well!
  2. I've also made a companion piece to the Death Star Trench Terrain: a full Death Star sphere model! And that's not all...at the push of a lever, the whole model explodes apart: In my games of X-wing miniatures, if the Rebel player wins, that player gets to use this model to make the Death Star explode! However, if the Imperial player wins... No photoshop here, that's a real photo of a real green laser inside of the model! Witness the mighty technological power of the Empire!
  3. I’m very excited to share my BIG X-wing miniatures game project with you! This post is image-heavy and has a bunch of gif animations...wait for it to load, I promise it will be worth it! From the day I opened my first X-wing miniatures box and put those amazing little Star Wars ships on the tabletop, I’ve loved the game...but what could make it even better, I thought? Flying down a Death Star Trench! I’ve worked on this project over 2+ years, working carefully on building each 3D model. It’s grown into a fairly large layout! I’ve built super high detail into every piece of the model Some searching revealed some photos of the original film Death Star Trench model! I love film special effects, and as much as I love quality modern CGI effects, there’s a special place in my heart for old-school practical effects, especially miniature models! I imagine it must have been so much fun to design and assemble the phenomenally detailed original trench models...in a smaller-scale way, I’m trying to re-create the intricate, tactile experience of building the Death Star Trench original film trench model my trench model The original Death Star detail models were of course the starting point for building my 3D models, though of course I made some optimizations for the models to work as miniatures game terrain original film Death Star surface model my surface terrain models I’m really happy with how I was able to pull the design from this great original wall detail model into my model: original film wall detail my wall model And of course, I extrapolated from there and went on to create a bunch of my own original models, creating a large variety of designs. No Death Star surface would be complete without it’s turbolaser turrets, right? Then I wanted to take those turrets to the next level, so I modeled this modular base structure: with a turbolaser turret on top of this base structure, it looks pretty imposing: Though that doesn’t mean that those nimble Rebel X-wings can’t outmaneuver and evade them! I absolutely love the Battle Of Yavin. It’s probably my favorite film sequence. It’s just so much fun to recreate it on the tabletop, from flying an X-wing down the trench To having the Millennium Falcon pursue that tight formation of Tie Fighters To me, playing on top of this Death Star terrain makes a game of X-wing miniatures feel so much more cinematic. I’ve taken care to make this model a modular design. You can reconfigure the layout to any arrangement you can imagine! You can build a fairly traditional trench run layout: Or you can take advantage of the modular design to make up some other, original layout: Creating varied terrain layouts would be great way for the Imperial player to offer new challenges to the Rebel player! I’ve chosen to keep my Death Star Trench model mostly unpainted, but...I would love to see what some of you great painters out there could do with it! Some shading, highlighting, and weathering especially on the turbolaser turrets I think would look awesome! I’m very happy finally to get a chance to share this passion project of mine with you! If anyone is interested in commissioning prints, I’m starting to set up to print orders! Due to this project’s scale--"Look at the size of that thing!"--please note that printing sets require a large amount of material cost and that it will take a significant amount of time to print sets. If you're interested in discussing further, please direct message me or email me at: starlight.miniatures@gmail.com Thanks for looking! Hope you enjoy it!
  4. @ZealuxMyr love your paint job on the StarSpeeder 3000!!! And I'm really glad you enjoyed my 3D model! Thank you very much for sharing the photos!
  5. @patox so excited that you got the Star Speeder flying! Would love to see some photos if you're willing!
  6. @Animewarsdude awesome! I'm glad you enjoy my model and got it painted up and on the table! How does the model look and handle in person? Capture the Star Tours feel? How does it look alongside other ships? Glad to see that the crisp definition of the recessed panel lines came through in the print...modeling in panel lines is a bit of an investment of time, but I think really adds to a miniature... What ship stats did you end up using...one of my printable cards, or some other stats? Did it feel balanced, and how did it fly? Thanks for the photos!!!
  7. @Animewarsdude many thanks for the order! I would love to see some photos! Would you mind snapping a photo or two of the model before painting as well? And I can't wait to see how it looks when you paint it up!
  8. @VictoryLeo @Animewarsdude I know this is an old discussion but...I built the StarSpeeder 1000/3000 from Star Tours! Thought you might want to check it out! more images, printable pilot cards, etc. on the main thread: 3D printable model is available on Shapeways: https://www.shapeways.com/product/A5RHAXDL9/star-tourist-speeder-high-detail-sci-fi-miniature
  9. A note on scale: Finding exact dimensions of this ship online was a bit difficult...from doing some scales from various toy models, to comparing photos of humans standing next to the ship, I got a reasonably close estimate, and then I decided to make this comparison of 2 side views of an X-wing and a Starspeeder 3000 and then use R2D2 as the common element between them to determine the scale of the StarSpeeder: from this comparison, I determined that the StarSpeeder should be about as long as an X-wing (13.4 meters), just slightly shorter.
  10. Some more "blueprint" renders of the 3D model: detail even on the bottom + incorporated peg hole tanks & pipes!
  11. StarSpeeder 1000 pilot card StarSpeeder 3000 pilot card The Phantom II / Sheathipede Class Shuttle was the model for these pilot cards, as I felt that it most closely matched how the StarSpeeder should operate. It's cheap, it has a basic attack, and it offers a crew member slot as well as an astromech slot.
  12. StarSpeeder 1000 StarSpeeder 3000 360 degree view of model Thanks to @Noosart for inspiring this StarSpeeder 1000/3000 modeling project! Building this model brought back some great nostalgia for when I was a kid heading to Disneyland to ride the original Star Tours ride for the first time. There's nothing quite like the feeling of first watching & loving the movie Battle of Yavin Death Star scene, then getting to ride the Star Tours motion simulator that made me feel like I was riding straight into the Death Star trench... Anyway, for those who also love Star Tours and awesome Disneyland/Disneyworld tech, here's a 3D-printable model of the Starspeeder 1000/3000 from the ride! Apparently the StarSpeeder 1000 also has a brief appearance in The Force Awakens (now I'll have to re-watch again to catch that detail)! The model is available on my shop in Shapeways: https://www.shapeways.com/product/A5RHAXDL9/star-tourist-speeder-high-detail-sci-fi-miniature I am aware that the price is a little high...Shapeways isn't as cheap as I would like...I just wanted to assure everyone that the price is mostly just the Shapeways printing cost ($23.93 for Smooth Fine Detail material as of Oct. 8, 2018) and I really tried to trim down any $$ I get for making the design (only $2.06 for Smooth Fine Detail)...in addition, while I recommend Smooth Fine Detail for quality and smoothness, I also added the option to print in cheaper Versatile Plastic. Anyway, this was a fun modeling project, and I hope you enjoy the model too!
  13. @Wildonion thanks for taking a look at my model and joining the discussion! For print quality...have you had an opportunity to hold any Shapeways Fine Detail material 3d prints in your hand yet? It's ridiculously detailed... I've shown this print to a bunch of people in person, and one of them literally said it "didn't even look 3d-printed," it looked as smooth as a plastic mold-injected part. Shapeways reports that the 2 resolutions of its Fine Detail prints are 29 micron layers (this pictured print) and the even more detailed 16 micron layers, which would be 34 layers (or 62 layers) EACH MILLIMETER. And you're absolutely right, a layer of paint or even a filler primer would make any faint print lines disappear completely (just be sure that the paint layer doesn't get too thick and hide a bunch of the small relief details)...that would definitely be the way to go!
  14. Absolutely love your Battle of Hoth setup! So cinematic!
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