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  1. If I have a trap in the staging area and a guarded card is added to the staging area from either a player or the quest/encounter deck and an enemy is revealed for the guarded card does the enemy still go on the trap or just the guarded card? Thanks!
  2. Well, so far my playgroup has enjoyed the Grey Havens the most so are the nightmare modes for those quests pretty fun?
  3. Congratulations! My family just finished purchasing all the Deluxe expansions, Saga expansions and regular adventure packs so I know how you feel. Not sure if we're going to do the Nightmare quests or not but we definitely want a couple of the print on demands. We definitely want Fog on the Barrow-downs and The Old Forest for the campaign. What's your favorite quest so far?
  4. I've only played solo or three-player and I can tell you from experience that multiplayer can be really hard as well. You can start chain pulls of encounter cards with surge in certain quests that basically wreck you from the start. However, you do get extra copies of certain cards that can be played that can really help like A Test of Will or Hasty Stroke. Speaking of A Test of Will, my playgroup has started making A Test of Will neutral as well as spirit so all of us don't have to play a spirit hero. If you play it neutral however it costs two resources to play. Enjoy the game!
  5. My family recently completed our entire collection of regular scenarios and saga expansions and now we're thinking of moving on to the standalone quests. Other than Fog on the Barrow-downs and The Old Forest which I know are part of the saga campaign mode, which of the other standalone quests would all of you say are the best for a group?
  6. Thanks for the response! I have another question for those of you familiar with nightmare mode. Which nightmare quest is the best one to start with if you've never played nightmare before? I'm looking to get a single one and not one for a deluxe expansion just to see if my playgroup likes them or not. Thanks!
  7. My play group just finished "attempting" Wastes of Eriador. We limped into the final quest card only to be hit with a seemingly unbeatable loop. The pack leader says he cannot be optionally engaged. Day says return engaged enemies to the staging area and enemies do not make engagement checks. Nightfall says you cannot place progress on quests. The quest card says to remove all progress from the quest when it becomes day. The pack leader cannot take damage while there is no progress on the quest card. Am I reading this incorrectly or is it impossible to beat the final stage of this quest? What are we missing? Thanks!
  8. I've never played a nightmare mode quest and was wondering if anyone has played one while also using easy mode? Or is that possible? Also, I noticed that in the mode explanation section of the insert that came with The Lost Realm cycle it says easy mode was also designed for players that enjoy cooperative mode. I'm assuming this means multiplayer. I've noticed that easy mode doesn't necessarily make the quest easier in multiplayer it just does away with some of the possible game ending encounter deck combinations that can come off the deck when you have to reveal three or more encounter cards. Has anyone else found this to be the case?
  9. Staying on the theme of locations, one more question. Which cycle has the least amount of location lock potential? Also, which cycle is the best overall for multiplayer? That was two questions...😉
  10. Thanks for the advice! We've definitely tried some of those and they do help. We're still running into problems though. For instance, we just lost twice in a row to The Three Trials not because of the Guardians or treacheries but location lock. When three consecutive locations are revealed from the encounter deck it just makes it hard keep going in a quest especially when all of them have so many quest points. We're going to keep trying but it seems like in multiplayer that one deck must be almost exclusively dedicated to location control. All that said, we love the game and are not going to give up!
  11. I would recommend playing the cycles in order as well. My son, daughter and I are playing this way and it's interesting to see how much more difficult the cycles get as you go through. Heirs of Numenor seemed rough after Dwarrowdelf so hold on to your hat if your going into that one! Good luck and have fun!
  12. Is it mandatory to draw a card during the resource phase or can you decline to draw? This question came up during The Dunland Trap adventure. Thanks.
  13. From what I'm seeing of this conversation and my own playgroup's experience I'm getting the notion that Northern Tracker, Asfaloth, The Evening Star and other such cards are almost auto includes especially for multi-player. Would that be a fair assumption? We're trying to play To Catch an Orc from Voice of Isengard with three players and we keep getting location locked in the staging area even using Legolas and basically passing a location every quest phase and generally one in the combat phase. Of course, Asfaloth and things like that won't work on locations in the staging area if Broken Lands is in there. We're getting frustrated with locations. We all love the game and can handle enemies and even the hated treacheries but locations are tough.
  14. After looking on some of the blogs for different quests I notice that some quests are considered harder for more players. I've noticed this myself while playing in a group against certain quests. Would it be best to play certain quests in easy mode so you are sure to at least experience the story of a cycle or is each quest (eventually) beatable by a group? Thanks!
  15. Now that I've been able to fill in some gaps in my collection due to the reprints I'm having a quandary about how to organize everything in the binder. Assuming you separate by sphere in your binder do most of you guys organize in alphabetical order or by set release within each sphere? It's just that with so many cards if you get a new pack you have to take out a bunch of cards to get the new ones in there if you sort alphabetically but if you sort by set release then it's harder to find stuff when deck building. Thanks in advance!
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