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  1. Thank you @Boom Owl for that analysis. That is exactly what I have been telling my local group on how to fight the Nantex (you just said it better). It is one of my favorite ships, but I agree at the moment it is too powerful for the cost. I rarely agree with @ClassicalMoser, but his analysis on how to fix the chassis is spot on with my thoughts as well. The ship design is great, I love it! But the tractor rules are where my issue with this ship lie. I'm still debating the fully execute maneuver idea that people are suggesting (might be needed). If tractor rules changed to spending the token to move the ship it would make the choice to move a ship more strategic. If you move the enemy ship you lose the defense drop, but gain better positioning (cost-benefit choices). For the Nantex and self-tractoring, the skills like Ensnare and Gravitic Deflection will take more planning and can be reduced from the ridiculous costs they are currently at. The overall cost of the ship will need to go up, but seeing what they are doing to the meta now, that seems inevitable.
  2. Touche! outside of bullseye they only have a focus.
  3. I find it hilarious that just over a month ago people were saying that the Nantex wasn't worth flying, and now it is the dominant meta. They dropped the points a little too far and we can expect to see the point cost on that ship go back up. How to beat a Nantex swarm? Make them scatter (asteroids and bombs do this well), get them stressed (they have very limited blues and can't reposition while stressed), and pick them off from a distance. The fact that they can only get at best a single mod on their attacks is also a huge weakness. Yes the swarm is strong, but they are a highly skill dependent ship and difficult to master.
  4. If you're looking to drop the point cost a little you can use the IG88-D crew instead of Per-co to shave 5 points and get calculates instead of focus (works just as good with her ability). I've flown Sabine a couple times in 2E, but like most ships in Scum I feel that she is ok, but needs just a little something more to make it really good. I just can't put my finger on what that little something is...
  5. My typical strategy with Nantex is to run them like a gnat swarm. Always in the same general area but never in formation and constantly rotating their arcs so they always get a shot. They excel at weaving in and out of tight spaces and getting blocks in places people wouldn't expect them to be in. This even helps against aces. I used them as blockers and then had Dooku follow up with a Protorp as the heavy hitter. Grievous can do this just as well. I'm excited to see this in action.
  6. I never thought I would see a list that would make me want to buy another Nantex (already own 3)! Way to go! This looks like a ton of fun. I've been flying 3 SHG with Dooku, but with the points change I'm looking at new ways to update the list. It is impossible to say enough about the hyper-mobility of these little guys, very under-rated. I think I'll give 4 PAA - Gravitic and Marksmanship + Grievous - Outmaneuver and Souless one a shot.
  7. dunhop

    Happy Birthday

    I have several, like when we had to clarify rules on final salvo when there were no ships on the board, or in HOATC watching our teams bombs wipe out several tie fighters that clustered around them. My first fond memory in x-wing was when the phantom first came out. We mostly played casual versions of aces high at my home and wanted to try out the new ships. I got a shot off with Echo at my friends E-Wing's side arch from around an asteroid. My friend tried to chase me, but I decloaked to the other side of the asteroid and shot him again in the back. This is the moment that built my love for jank lists and squirrelly maneuvering. Echo will always be one of my favorite ships, even though I rarely play Empire anymore.
  8. dunhop

    Importing TIE/D

    I'm no expert (especially with Defenders), but some thoughts I had while reading this: I agree the Defender doesn't need double-tap again, but if you were to do it I would agree that making the second shot a secondary weapon helps reduce its power. Removing Full Throttle is an interesting trade. I like the idea of having to make a choice between supreme maneuverability or heavier attacks. To help limit the power of the double tap, make it so they have to take a stress to use the double tap. This way they are limited to making blue maneuvers to be able to double-tap again. TIE Defender (Heavy) (Configuration TIE Defender) Disable ship ability: Full Throttle After performing a primary attack, receive one stress token to make an attack with an equipped secondary weapon. Just some thoughts. Feedback appreciated
  9. I never thought I would see something that would make me want to fly the Quadjumper more! Love the idea @Hiemfire
  10. While I do like the thematic element of your suggestion, the thing I don't like about making Force only regen on a focus action is there is too much redundancy to make the force relevant. The Force is essentially an extra calculate that you get for free each turn. Since calculate is a weaker form of focus, you limiting getting a weaker ability only to when they spending their action to get the stronger one. They are not free to reposition, target lock, or take any other action that makes them more relevant on the map. Force users are supposed to feel powerful, I mean "Space Wizards" are part of what makes Star Wars unique and interesting. If you were to limit force regen to only on a focus action, then change the force to be rerolls to avoid redundancy. Not being able to regen force while stressed is also thematic, but not as heavy-handed of a nerf.
  11. No force regen while stressed makes for interesting movement choices. I like it! While this wont affect most force users, since they rarely get stressed anyway, it does help limit the over-potency the force currently has. I have no problem with the force mechanic the way it is, but I do understand the complaints people have with it. If the force regen was changed to only on a focus action, I feel that would severly nerf the force mechanic, unless you changed the force to rerolls instead of a super-calculate. I think #2 and #3 might be a bit harsh. I could see having a force ability that lets you perform an action by spending the force after performing a partial maneuver (heavily costed ability), but to just lose it straight out... feels bad.
  12. I feel like the best fixes are usual the easiest. I have spent many hours testing and trying out variations only to scrap most of them because they were too complicated or ineffective. Force can be changed to spend a force point to re-roll 1 die. Keep all the other mechanics around it. Gives better variance, but is no longer a regenerating calculate. Tractor beams can be changed to you have to spend the tractor token to move an opponents ship. Have to choose between positioning or defense penalty. Jamming beams should continue to the next round if not used in the round they were given. I've only used the jamming beam once in a clutch play, but watching your jam tokens go to waste is disheartening. Overall I feel the designers have been doing a great job and I love what they have been doing for this game. I'm excited to see what is coming out next and how the Hyperspace meta will continue to evolve. Hoping to get back to my local store with my friends so we can destroy each other's tiny plastic ships and laugh about all the corny Star Wars jokes we can come up with. I know this has little to do with the rest of the conversations y'all are having, but I wanted to throw my two cents in.
  13. dunhop

    Happy Friday.

    Always happy to see your posts CB! I started x-wing just before wave 2 released for 1e. I don't even remember what my first lists were, but I will never forget the joy I had when the Tie Phantom came out, and the release of Scum as a faction. Droid army is where I mostly play now, although my favorite list doesn't have a single robot in it... Hmm...
  14. dunhop

    Happy Friday

    Own all but FO, I've only played Imps a couple times in 2.0 and I'm not sure if I've played any rebels or not. I mostly play CIS or Scum, with some dabbling into Resistance and Republic. Once I get back into the swing of things I'm going to work on playing every ship I own at least once.
  15. I've spent a lot of time trying to work out a good fix for the tractor mechanic. Every time I think I've come up with something it falls apart in play testing. I love flying the Nantex, and still do fairly regularly, but I don't fly the named pilots anymore and haven't even considered putting Ensnare on the board. I would love to see a good fix, but as things stand right now I don't even bother trying to tractor other people. Without some major changes to a lot of ships and game mechanics we aren't going to get a fix that everyone will agree with. I really don't like the taking a stress to rotate your ship, that might have been the rule addition that killed tractor beams for me. The point that I tend to agree the most with would probably be having to spend the tractor token to force the other player to move their ship. This way you have to make the choice if it is better that they have reduced agility or to move them out of the way. If the rule only states you have to spend the token to force other players ships to move, then you are still free to do your own repositioning without spending the token. Making the change to fully complete a maneuver on the Nantex's ability would also help change how negatively people feel about the ship.
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