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  1. Yes, snap Ketsu is better, and only 1 point more expensive. That 9 point snap is a hard pill to swallow. Foresight is more likely to hit with its slight mod, but less likely to get it off. I'm torn because I love both pilots. No question I will test both out and see what I like better. I'm just excited to want to play the shadowcaster again in 2E. This is a first for me since I can't throw Push the Limit on it anymore.
  2. Foresight on Asajj with the title seems like it could be fun. Not likely to happen most games, but that's not going to stop me from building a list around it. It will be nice to get back to one of my favorite ships in 1E. Nantex looks like a complicated puzzle with the cost of Ensnare being as high as it is.
  3. I have been running O-66 with 7 Trade Federation droids all with struts. It has had good success but I need to learn how to better counter aces. I've been toying with dropping 1 vulture to get a couple missiles and a tractor beam on O-66 to help give a little more punch.
  4. Just looking at the design of that ship screams bullseye abilities. Bullseye= +1 dice sounds great. In the movies it was surrounded by vultures like it was a command ship. I would love to see abilities that make it want to fly in formation with others, but have a little more punch than the typical vulture. This means it should keep the Networked Calculations so it can synergize with its vulture buddies. I would give it abilities like: Allies with Network Calculations gain +1 reroll when attacking targets you have a lock on. After performing an attack that hits against a ship in your bullseye, all allies with Network Calculations may acquire a lock on that ship. (talk about a lot of caveats...) After performing an attack, Enemy ships in your bullseye arc must discard a green token or take 1 damage. (thank you Torani) After performing an attack, if the target is in your bullseye it gains 1 Ion token or 1 strain.
  5. All this chat makes me want to go back and watch that episode again. Thanks guys! I would consider changing the basic stat line to 2 Attack, 2 Defense, 2 Hull and 2 Shields. The main thing I remember about those ships from that episode was how its controls were different, it was slow but extremely maneuverable, and didn't they have stealth capabilities? Add the cloak action to its action bar? I like Magnus' ideas for the configs: Flexible Airframe: Add Barrel Roll action to action bar. After completing a maneuver, receive 1 strain to rotate your ship 90' Discardable Missile Pods: Add 1 missile slot and Target Lock action to action bar. Action: Remove all charges from an equipped missile to drop 1 bomb token. When bomb detonates all ships in range 1 roll 1 die per charge removed. Make the dial slower, so no 4 or 5 speed and remove 3 turns, S-Loops. Add 1 straight and make all the 1 moves blue. Add stop and reverse maneuvers. I would consider for pilot abilities things that would capitalize on the configs and sneakiness of the ship: After you receive a strain token you may perform a barrel roll action (you may do this even while stressed) After you perform an attack you may perform a boost or barrel roll action. After declaring the target of the attack, if the attack is obstructed acquire a target lock. Pilot may perform the cloak action even when stressed. Gain 1 calculate token after spending a charge on an equipped secondary weapon. Just some ideas I had after reading through your discussion. I really need to go back and watch that episode so I can better remember what the ship was like.
  6. Maybe throw in Lowhhrick for a double Wookie list, or Garven Dreis in an arc for extra focus shenanigans. I don't play rebels enough to give any solid advise, but those two would seem to sync well with your list and add in extra firepower. I would lean more towards Garven personally
  7. I can't wait to see the pain Snap Shot will bring equipped to Torani. I for one am going to have to try this out on my Shadowcaster. Snap Shot into a tractor beam if I manage to hit? Yes please!
  8. Anything about starting with a Quadjumper? If I ever get the chance to play HotAC again I would love to try it. Amazing support ship!
  9. I'm all in for this! Unless someone brought only gas clouds...
  10. dunhop

    Can you make it work?

    Building lists around pilots that aren't widely used is what I love to do. I have a list with most of the pilots listed above. Most of these lists end up just being useful for casual games, but they make some fun shenangians when I get the lists to work. I have flown every Quadjumper except Sarco, thanks for the reminder that I need to work on that! Kestal is great for fighting force users, but it is the only Aggressor I've ever flown. O-66 and Sear I actually have in lists that I would consider taking to a tournament. Not top tier, but will give people a run for their money. O-66 with TA-175 and Grievous crew accompanied by 7 vultures with struts. Very basic swarm, but also very effective. I love running Sear and Grievous together in their Belbullabs. Throw Kraken in there to make sure Grievous always has a calculate (I usually use betterbot to make sure this happens), you basically get crack shot with Grievous every turn you keep Sear alive.
  11. I have had many times where I have wanted to look up a reference card but didn't bring it with me. Could we have access to these cards added to the search function of the Squad Builder? Card such as bomb/device explanations, Rattled and other pilot ability status effects. Maybe even basic rules reference for things like asteroids and gas clouds. A quick official place to look up what something does. Basically, if it is printed on a card somewhere it would be useful to have access to that card's information on the app. Thanks!
  12. Shadowcaster is one of my favorites as well. I tried Sabine with the IG crew paired up with IG-88A and 4-LOM. I love all 3 of these ships and you can build up a lot of calculates on Sabine to use her ability. I've been trying to come up with a good Asajj list but haven't been able to make one yet in 2.0. Any suggestions?
  13. dunhop

    The Hyenas

    I tried this It is very much just silly jank and not as effective as I had hoped, but it was a whole lot of fun being able to launch and reload (rinse repeat). I have been having fun experimenting with not traditional CIS lists lately too. I'm not great at swarms and have found success with them, even with only 3-5 ships on the board. Although I must admit I really enjoyed flying 7 vultures and an infiltrator and seeing Wazat shudder in horror.
  14. dunhop

    Wave 6 Speculation

    Another fun idea. Why not have 2 single arc turrets and throwing 2 reds each. Both can be moved during a single rotate action, but not to the same arc
  15. dunhop

    Wave 6 Speculation

    With the way the Republic works wouldn't be surprised if it has side arcs instead of a front arc, 2 crew slots, and maybe some munitions. Throw on a single arc turret for good measure.
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