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    JJH_BATMAN reacted to dotswarlock in Poll by Reaction, Call to Action: Should Gas Clouds, "after fully executing a maneuver", and "after executing a maneuver" be changed?   
    Let's just change generic gas clouds to tibanna gass:
    Effect: after passing or overlapping a tibanna gas, gain one tibanna gas token.
    Tibanna gas token: if you are hit by an attack, you MUST remove one tibanna gas token per hit.  For each tibanna gas token removed, transform one hit into a crit.  You may remove one tibanna gas token after performing a speed 3 or higher manoeuver.
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    JJH_BATMAN reacted to Blail Blerg in Poll by Reaction, Call to Action: Should Gas Clouds, "after fully executing a maneuver", and "after executing a maneuver" be changed?   
    1. Should Gas Clouds have more negative impact for either flying through them or landing overlapping them? 
    Vote ❤️ for yes, 😕 confused for no, Vote 😆 for mixed answer/alternative-opinion

    Addendum1: [Consistency] Should all obstacles explicitly force losing the default action? 
    Vote 🏆for yes and yes. Vote 😭 for no and no. Vote 😆 for mixed answer
    Issues 2 and 3 can be resolved in errata here also. 
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    JJH_BATMAN reacted to Blail Blerg in Poll by Reaction, Call to Action: Should Gas Clouds, "after fully executing a maneuver", and "after executing a maneuver" be changed?   
    2. Should "after fully executing a maneuver" abilities become errata'd to "after fully executing a maneuver and if you did not overlap an obstacle this round" Precedent: Tie Defender x7 errata in 1.0. 
    Vote ❤️ for yes, 😕 confused for no,  😆 for mixed answer/alternative-opinion
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    JJH_BATMAN reacted to TriggerHappyTaco in Call for Suggestions: Looking for something off-meta but effective   
    I've only have one game with these brobots in my entire X-Wing career, but they are hilarious and sneaky good. They are very strong jousters. You can throw two bombs pretty easily in the same round, and sit on them (ablative also stops rock damage btw.) They shoot heavily modified shots w/ fearless and multiple calculates, and tractor low-initiative ships on rocks if they miss the first shot. After this joust they can sloop/k-turn and still get an action. A fun move to pull against slower ships is to sloop right behind them and launch a bomb in front of them the next turn. All these compounding control options are very hard to deal with, and the aggressor is a great chassis as well. 
    IG-88B (64)    
        Fearless (3)    
        Trajectory Simulator (10)    
        Tractor Beam (2)    
        Ion Cannon (5)    
        Proton Bombs (5)    
        Contraband Cybernetics (3)    
        Ablative Plating (6)    
        IG-2000 (1)    
    Ship total: 99  Half Points: 50  Threshold: 4    
    IG-88A (68)    
        Fearless (3)    
        Trajectory Simulator (10)    
        Tractor Beam (2)    
        Autoblasters (2)    
        Proton Bombs (5)    
        Contraband Cybernetics (3)    
        Ablative Plating (6)    
        IG-2000 (1)    
    Ship total: 100  Half Points: 50  Threshold: 4    
    Total: 199    
    View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0: https://raithos.github.io/?f=Scum and Villainy&d=v8ZsZ200Z82X121W114W13W11W69W92W103W151Y81X121W114W13W232W69W92W103W151&sn=Unnamed Squadron&obs=
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    JJH_BATMAN reacted to Hiemfire in Tens of thousands of dollars lost Wave 5   
    Poe chose the risk the 4 die. The attack came up all crits, Poe rolled blanks with 2 shields left and Heroic'd into blanks.
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    JJH_BATMAN reacted to LUZ_TAK in X-Wing becoming Y-wing ?   
    Crime doesn't pay 🤣🤣🤣
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    JJH_BATMAN reacted to ClassicalMoser in X-Wing becoming Y-wing ?   
    Except Scum has all three.
    The worst version of all three.
    I feel like this says a whole lot about the scum faction in general.
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    JJH_BATMAN reacted to JJ48 in X-Wing becoming Y-wing ?   
    But seriously, I don't think we need to rename the game over that.
    We should just release X-Wings for the other five factions, instead.
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    JJH_BATMAN reacted to Jo Jo in This forum needs a new name   
    Instead of Off Topic, it should be Imperial Advisor Arem Heshvaun's Intel dump
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    JJH_BATMAN reacted to Minaith in Should Anakin (and Barriss) be able to use Hate?   
    • Anakin Skywalker
    He hates the sand.
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    JJH_BATMAN reacted to ChahDresh in Grand meta-analysis-- what we can learn from one wild month of Extended   
    TL;DR: In terms of internal and external balance, in terms of playstyle and list diversity, X-Wing is in a really good place.
    It’s time for some meta-analysis! August saw a whirlwind of high-profile Extended tournaments across four continents. The July points change left us wondering what the game might look like. This run of events in August was our best chance to find out. So: What have we learned?
    For the purposes of this analysis, I looked at cut-making lists from six events: the Australian System Open, NOVA Grand Championship, German Grand Championship, European Championship, Canadian Grand Championship, and the Buenos Aires Open. For commonality of analysis I am looking only at Extended events. Lists that made cuts at these events are the ones we might say are, at least, Good. It is a given that disentangling the list from the pilot can be challenging, which is why a broad look across all of these events can be useful. It’s also why I’m not including GenCon in this rundown: that event was run with only the vaguest idea of what might be good, so we might fairly say the field was weaker (due to more experimentation and fewer reps).
    Caveats aside, let’s dive in!
    Total lists in this sample: 154
    Faction breakdown: 42 Imperial, 32 Republic, 19 Scum and Villainy, 17 First Order, 16 Rebellion, 15 Resistance, 12 Separatists
    Average ships per list: 3.9
    Empire and Republic lead the standings in cut-making lists by a considerable margin. That said, none of the factions are locked out by any means. Even the lower-scoring factions had lists top Swiss or win events outright. This is especially true of Separatists, who were extremely slow to gain adherents but who have really come on lately, including winning in Australia. If you were to compare this breakdown with other multi-faction games (or even X-Wing in its previous edition!), it looks quite good.
    The average number is dragged up-up-up by Separatists. Don’t be fooled, though: numbers balance was all over the place! A third of the lists were 3-ship lists, but there were also five 2-ship lists and four 8-ship lists, and considerable numbers of 4-5-6. This is a far cry from late 1.0, which were basically half 2-ship lists and half 3-ship lists, with 4-ship lists a minor presence of 5+ nonexistent. Here, you’re just as likely to run into THE OCHO as you are a big-small combo.
    Number of faction ship types that made cuts: 14 out of 14
    Average ships per list: 3.5
    Most-played ship by number of hulls: TIE V1 (30 ships across all lists)
    Most-played ship by list appearances: Lambda-class Shuttle (23 lists with at least one Lambda)
    Most-played pilot by list appearances: Darth Vader (17)
    Percent of TIE Interceptors piloted by Soontir Fel: 100%
    When it comes to internal balance, no one tops the Empire. Every single one of the Empire’s ships appeared in at least one cut, including a lone TIE Aggressor (who’s laughing now?!). The joke about how Soontir flies all the Interceptors is funnier when the opposite is true for the faction writ large. Every Phantom pilot made a cut (that ship’s demise was greatly exaggerated); every Lambda pilot made several cuts. More than half of all Empire lists brought a Lambda, both with Palp and without. It may fly like an inebriated cow, but its support abilities, durability, and reasonable firepower have made it a staple. It appears to be the best support ship in the game and is a major asset for the faction.
    Everyone loves Vader, though, and he was the most common unique pilot for the Empire. The price bump in the July adjustment hasn’t driven people away from the Dark Lord, and he has rewarded the loyalty of many.
    There are too many Imperial archetypes to list.
    Number of faction ship types that made cuts: 4 out of 4
    Average ships per list: 3.7
    Most-played ship by number of hulls: Aethersprite (50 hulls across all lists)
    Most-played ship by list appearances: Most-played ship by list presence: Aethersprite (26 out of 32)
    Most-played pilot by list appearances: Obi-Wan Kenobi (24)
    Number of Torrents not piloted by Gold Squadron Troopers: 0
    I think we can safely declare Obi-Wan the winner of the July points change. (Insert “Hello there!” meme.) The Republic is defined by the Aethersprite, which features in more than 3/4s of its lists; and the Aethersprite is defined by “the Negotiator” Kenobi. Only two out of 26 players opted against Obi-Wan as a pilot for their Aethersprite.
    The Torrent is defined even more precisely by the Gold Squadron Trooper. When a ship is there to be chaff, it just doesn’t make sense for it to be expensive chaff.
    One of the Republic’s main features is the relative interchangeability, points- and function-wise, of Ric, a 104th Battalion ARC, and a pair of Torrents. This is most apparent in two archetypes: Anakin plus Obi-Wan, and Sinker-plus-stuff. The former features many variations on Ric, a Torrent, or two Torrents; the other features many different mixes of 104ths, Torrents, and Ric. All of this explains how the most common single list for Republic is Anakin-ObiWan-Ric, and yet the average squad size is almost four. The Republic boasts both strong swarms and top aces. That’s a rare thing indeed.
    Number of faction ship types that made cuts: 15 out of 19
    Average ships per list: 3.8
    Most-played ship by number of hulls: Khiraxz (13 ships across all lists)
    Most-played ship by list appearances: Fang Fighter (8 lists out of 19 with at least one Fang)
    Most-played pilot by list appearances: Old Teroch (8)
    Initiative 6 Scum pilots in our sample: 0
    I was amazed when I saw it, but Old Teroch has pulled off a coup and usurped ownership of the Fang Fighter from Fenn Rau. No Fang made the cut without Old Teroch in the cockpit, and none of Fenn’s I6 Scum buddies showed up either.
    This is representative of the faction as a whole. Scum is the bizarro-Empire in that most of its ships have found success with only a single pilot. The Fang, HWK, Lancer, Mining Guild TIE, and Y-Wing all made multiple appearances, but only ever with one of their pilots. This strongly suggests that it is the particular abilities they bring that’s desirable or cost-effective, rather than their ships.
    Nevertheless, Scum has good diversity in terms of which ships appear, largely because their major archetypes don’t have overlapping pieces. Their most commonly effective lists are Torkil-Seevor-3xMarauder, Ketsu-Teroch-Kavil, and 4-LOM-Latts-Koshka-Nashtah Pup. There are no common elements amongst these lists, other than that they’re all focused on debuffing the opponent and putting them in uncomfortable positions. How scummy!
    Number of faction ship types that made cuts: 4 out of 4
    Average ships per list: 3.6
    Most-played ship by number of hulls: TIE /sf (29 ships across all lists)
    Most-played ship by list appearances: TIE /sf (14 lists out of 17 with at least one /sf)
    Most-played pilot by list appearances: Kylo Ren (12)
    Number of Upsilon pilots besides Tavson: 1 out of 9 (in a list that already had Tavson)
    Remember how I said Republic was special because it was effective with both aces and swarms? The First Order can duplicate that in a single ship: Quickdraw was everywhere, and there were also three 5-ship /sf lists that made cuts. A few lists combined these approaches, with Quickdraw and generic /sfs together.
    The Upsilon continues to be all about Tavson, as the Silencer continues to be dominated by Kylo (only one list used Blackout without Kylo already in the squad). The points change has drawn in a couple of TIE /fos, but not many. Kylo, Tavson, and /sfs define the First Order—and those are pretty darn solid building blocks.
    Number of faction ship types that made cuts: 12 out of 17
    Average ships per list: 3.5
    Most-played ship by number of hulls: X-Wing (15 ships across all lists)
    Most-played ship by list appearances: X-Wing (11 lists out of 16 with at least one X-Wing)
    Most-played pilot by list appearances: Wedge and Ten and Braylen (5 each)
    Number of Rebel lists with more than 4 ships: 0
    A full 2/3ds of Rebel lists (10 in all) were four-ship types, and half of those were built on Braylen and Ten’s continued excellence. The points increase to the classic “Beef Wedgington” archetype has split the Braylen-Ten team apart from Wedge, but those elements now anchor lists of their own. None is pervasive, though; Luke, Garven, and Thane also do their part to ensure the X-Wing is prominent in “X-Wing”.
    One interesting phenomenon is the relative rarity of generic pilots for the Rebellion. With only ten out of their 57 ships being flown by a generic rather than a unique pilot, the Rebellion depends more than any faction besides Resistance on the skills of its pilots rather than the efficiency of its ships. Speaking of…
    Number of faction ship types that made cuts: 5 out of 6
    Average ships per list: 4.1
    Most-played ship by number of hulls: T-70 (21 ships across all lists)
    Most-played ship by list appearances: T-70 (12 lists out of 15 with at least one T-70)
    Most-played pilot by list appearances: Finn (10)
    Ratio of Heroic to all other talents (including no talent): 3-to-1
    This is the true home of heroes. Only six generic pilots appear in the whole sample out of 61 ships; and of the 39 ships with access to the talent slot, 30 chose to take Heroic. These are some heroic heroes. Small-base heroes, specifically: only one large-based ship (a lone Chewbacca) made a cut.
    Heroes come in fours, apparently. 2/3s of Resistance lists were four-ship lists. The contents of those lists varied quite a bit… apart from Finn. The Big Deal has rapidly become a Resistance staple. It looks like you can do a lot of different things with Finn, a T-70, and flavor to taste—the T-70 is as solid as they come for workhorse ships.
    That said, 5 A-Wings continues to be splendid, even with the (effective) loss of L’ulo as an X-Wing in disguise.
    Number of faction ship types that made cuts: 4 out of 4
    Average ships per list: 7.3
    Most-played ship by number of hulls: Vulture (70) (!)
    Most-played ship by list appearances: Vulture (12 lists out of 12 with at least one Vulture)
    Most-played pilot by list appearances: Trade Federation Drone (12); most-played unique pilot is Captain Sear (8)
    Average Vultures per list: 6
    Have you spotted the swarm players yet? I spotted them! The big evolution in Separatist play has been the realization that Energy Shell Charges might not be necessary after all; plenty of cut-making lists included only Grappling Struts, or nothing at all, on their Vultures. No Separatist went to battle with fewer than four Vultures (and that player was rolling with three Hyenas).
    That core of Vultures, though, still leaves points to play at the margins. We see plenty of variations. Classically, you get a Belballub with a tactical relay calling shots for the swarm, and we saw that; but we also saw double Belballubs, Belballub-Hyena, double or triple Hyenas, and an Infiltrator. And that Infiltrator player, the one bold enough to try something others didn’t dare attempt, won the whole darn thing in Australia.
    And that, perhaps, is the final takeaway. There are so many different things finding success, from so many different factions. While I’ve tried to highlight the things that are doing well—and there are some things that are unambiguously Good—the number of different styles and archetypes defies easy characterization.
    In a way, this is liberating. It means you can fly what you love—and, if you’ve put in the reps and know how it works, odds are you’ll be fine.
    It’s a good time to be playing X-Wing.
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    JJH_BATMAN reacted to Kehl_Aecea in Reminder: Nobody ever ever said XWMG was space only.   
    I'd HOPE it'd have a Space Config...

    Atmospheric Configuration" - remove any crew cards equipped to this ship. They're dead now... they're dead. You killed them. Idiot.
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    JJH_BATMAN reacted to Darth Meanie in Reminder: Nobody ever ever said XWMG was space only.   
    Squadron = 12.  *red buzzer noise*
    Fast-paced = 1+ hours??  *red buzzer noise*
    High-stakes = gambling for wads of cash or risk of death *red buzzer noise*
    Iconic Pilots = well, sometimes it's some guy named "Null"  *red buzzer noise*
    So, maybe atmo could be a thing??
    Interestingly, TFA features almost ALL atmo starfighter combat. . .
    (BTW, just giving you guff, SR)
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    JJH_BATMAN reacted to Boom Owl in Meta Counter Central: How to Fight...   
    Not looking for suggestions to "use xyz list to counter xyz list" type discussion here.
    Only looking for general in game on the table strategy to make the matchups a little less difficult or better prepared. 
    Some of what is listed below includes reposts from other threads or notes I already had. 
    Might be good timing to collect things into a "Meta Counter" thread as things begin to settle. 
    Feel free to add your own breakdowns and call out anything thats 100% wrong. I'll probably post more later. 
    Torkil Cartel 
    Get a first engage from outside of Torkils Arc to chip some damage in before he starts to I0 things Ideally you can init kill a Cartel early but Torkil is the main target here. Without Torkil the list gets average fast.  Be aware that Seevor is a trouble maker so if you have a chance at a quick kill on him take it.   Cartels at R1 throw 4 dice, self explanatory but it matters. R1 of them is a bad place to be.  Rocks are your friends, make the Torkil Cartel have to navigate them or deal with them after the first engage at least A straight joust trading shots with the entire thing typically ends badly, try something else.  Vader Soontir+ 
    Lots of variations on this, key is to not allow both i6s into the end game untouched.  If all they offer up is the not i6 stuff then your on the clock to destroy those targets fast enough to have enough pieces left to deal with the i6s  Vader is not a fully mobile arc dodger ( "yet", precog soon ) but his damage is crazy consistent. The longer he is on the table the more MOV you will bleed.  Be aware that with burners ( and he should have burners ) Vader can fly through rocks, boost and action with his ability.  Threaten the flank without "committing" to it. So you can switch targets if the Flanker picks its escape route.  Catch Bumps or Land Close to the i6 things before they move, inhabit the space where their slowest moves go while the rest of your list threatens the faster options. Attack from multiple angles ideally from a far enough distance/angle that denies single reposition arc dodging. Cast a net and prey your allowed to focus fire (*Hint: Most Ace Players Opt Into Nets ) Threaten Flanking Aces, make them choose their escape route Force a favorable joust ( these are tricky to engineer as the vast majority of Aces are built to win partial jousts ) Use Rocks to restrict their escape or repostion options ( Fully Execute rules + Gas Clouds make this way less useful ) Set up locks turns you know you have no chance to shoot them so the turns you do matter more, usually good to do this the turn you move to block Tavson+ 
    Tavson is vulnerable to in game counter play. More so than most other good ships in the meta.  Don't Shoot Tavson, its a darwin test Try to Avoid Tavson's arc, he only has one and cant reposition Gas Clouds are dumb but rocks/debri exist, use them. Make Tavson work for his joust or flank ( i.e. Work through rocks ).  Get Behind Tavson and he becomes mostly irrelevant.  Take pot shots at Tavson from out of arc only if he wont coordinate something thats also shooting you or jam you before you defend Destroy everything besides Tavson first. Almost Always unless the FO player did something really weird on approach.  Your win condition can be Tavson on half points end of game, you dont need to destroy everything just play to 75 min if you need to.  If you are using an Aces list you start the game with a massive advantage ( even with Phasma ). You just have to opt into that advantage.  If you are using a Swarm List, especially 1 with 2 dice attacks be aware that Re-Enforced tavson says nope to alot of damage. More reasons why you shouldnt be shooting him.  If you are running a Rebel Beef 4 ship list make sure you dont run this in a block formation, your advantage becomes your multiple arcs vs Tavsons 1 big arc. Dont get into a Big 4 ship box Arc v Big Arc battle.  Dont block and then shoot tavson that defeats the purpose. Block him and shoot something else. 4 dice without mods isnt something you need to worry about.  Things that hard counter Tavson involve mobility.  Anything that can boost Anything that can k turn Anything with more than 1 arc or a rotate  Anything that can approach out of formation ( Basically everything )  Anything that can perma block Tavson ( U-Wings are excellent at this, not just to prevent mods but to prevent arc on target ). 100% dodging Tavson is possible but not necessary to win consistently.  Important not to take the "dont shoot tavson" advice to literally. Allowing a full multi round Tavson flank isnt a great strategy either, but thats where rocks and mobility come into play. It is after all a game.   Sinker Swarm 
    Buckle up for 75 minutes  Sinker will turn away from combat to set up rerolls if necessary  The entire sinker swarm is a threat even at R3. Focus Reroll on 2 dice is dangerous to pretty much everything besides a Re-enforced ship or 3 force/hate Force User.  Gas Clouds changes the above statement considerably. If you have an ace dont be afraid to park behind a cloud. Just have `12% of a plan for the following turn if you do.  Decide your target ( Burn down Sinker or his pals )  If they have Ric as filler, Ric will 5 straight into boxes and yell "Its a Trap!" dont take the bait unless you blocked him. He will regen and flank you after losing a couple shields.  If they have a second Arc 170, they will offer it up as a sacrifice. Kill it fast enough and its ok to target it. It becomes a serious blocker after the 1st engage. Republic players K-Turn alot with Arcs for some reason Rock Setup is really key here. The Torrents dials are heavily restricted so you can control the direction of their arcs with obstacles. Recycled engages looping around a cluster of obstacles work pretty well.  Dont take to long to engage, you need every minute on the clock.  Something in your list will be destroyed. End of story. Make sure its the "correct" thing. I.E. not the thing you need most end game.  As with most "swarmy" lists you want the first engage to start putting damage into something while almost entirely outside of the giant damage blobs arcs. Helps stack init kills for following turns.  Half pts requires 3 dmg cards on a torrent. Keep that in mind! Splitting fire and collecting half pts can win you the scramble drill end game.  Sear Swarm 
    They will offer up 1 vulture as tribute sear fuel. TA175 triggers prevent Double Init Kill Turns.  R3 is a very tricky place to trade against these. Networked + 3 Agility = The Clock Belongs to Roger Roger  Pretty sure destroying 2 vultures within the same init window is helpful  Similar to above Sinker Swarm comments you want an initial partial engage to chip in some damage.  The trick is to take 1-2 hull off the designated sear sacrifice, so you can destroy it quick next rd and put damage into the next vulture target.  You want to chain "vulture destroyed" + "next vulture loses 1-2 hull" turns Dont take to long to engage, you will run out of time.  Often this will park 1 or 2 vultures on a "central pivot rock". Combat will toilet bowl around that area of the board.  Targeting Sear first is typically a mistake, despite the fact that it increases the offense/defense of the entire list.  Typically you will "feel" like your losing mid/end game, but your not. At any time these vultures can start to pop and pts will swing.  Vultures have "awkward" dials that tend to want to hard turn. Take advantage of that. There are angles & ranges where they cant easily turn in on targets.  If the list has probes, destroy the probe droids before the turn that everything would attempt to lock. If two probes on are on the table things get a little more complicated ( I dont know the best answer in these situations, I think its shoot the vultures ) If a giant pile of target locks end up on a thing...keep that thing the **** out of as many arcs as possible.   Gas Clouds make Vultures feel inadequate.  Vultures typically set up "walls" instead of boxes. Attack a side of the wall and try to have obstacles in the way for when the other side of the wall tries to collapse in on your ships.  Attacking from multiple angles helps considerably. Keep in mind though that Ta175 says "gains calculate" which means Vultuers that K-Turn or Talon or Stress are still a serious threat.  Ketsu Old T+ 
    Ketsu can tractor at Range 1-3 if he lands a hit on offense  Do not engage near rocks or obstacles, turn zero rock placement matters Try to create big wide open spaces and engineer an initial engage there Ketsu wants to keep the arc facing forward, take advantage of that ( no boost or roll )  Absolutely do not be R1 of Ketsu in its forward arc, if you are you deserve what happens next Ketsu can tractor friendly ships, this is very useful pre-first engage to adjust Old T's trajectory before the "fang fightas gotta go fasta" turn.  If they give up Old T at Range 2-3 for some reason, take some pot shots at Old T  Old T tends to function as this lists "End Game" get rid of him Republic Regen Aces 
    General tactics against Aces apply, though Jedi are much capable of dealing with blocks, rocks, and being forced to reposition. Generally speaking I find it more valuable not to block jedi. Potential shots are precious and rare. Take them if you can get them.  Which ever Jedi have regen will accept seemingly bad trades and lock alot. See Regen Ric Sinker Swarm Comments ( He will go in the box )  Take meaningful shots at whatever they give you I guess. Dont chase and get flanked later without a plan. Go all in at the thing(s) that dont have Regen to get "guaranteed" points without splitting fire. Use Debri so Jedi have fewer panic escape routes. Block Ric because you can. Forcing them to take the escape route over a rock + boost + regen is still technically helpful.  Anticipate the sloop or kturn instead of regen disengage. Shoot the Jedi that has fewer force charges, keep pressure on so they cant regen the force. Save your end game ships for end game. Sounds simple but you dont want to be trading pts on your end game pieces because you cant get them back.  Dont pretend that Regen Obi or Ani or Ric is on half, they are not, not yet. Dont count half pts until you have it for sure.  Some Jedi players will keep all 3-4 pieces "close" together. If that happens you can put their entire list in a box and split fire as things disengage to regen.  Big picture matchups against Regen Jedi are about "favorable" mini engagements. You know that they will typically not be fighting with all their guns every round. Key is to make those turns unfavorable to them even if they "earn" a free flank in the process.  Placeholders ( Pick One ) 
    Big Deal+  Lateral Fortresses ( Quad Vipers, Trip Phantoms+ )  Redline+  Palp Jendon Alpha ( Trip Inq, 2x Inq Soontir etc. )  Rebel Leia Beef ( UUUU, Biggs, Cassian )   Fat  Han+  Scum Control Jank  AAAAA  SFSFSFSFSFSF Rebel Trench Run ( 2x Torp or EE+ )  Roger Roger Roger Roger Roger Roger Dooku  Sloane+ Boba Guri Sun Fac+  Precog or Supernatural or Advanced Sensors Aces+ Snapshot Swarms 
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    JJH_BATMAN reacted to kris40k in Episode IX The Rise of Skywalker   
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    JJH_BATMAN reacted to Hiemfire in Episode IX The Rise of Skywalker   
    The Dark Rey scene looks to have similar visual distortions to the darkside cave scene on Dagobah.
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    JJH_BATMAN reacted to RuusMarev in Episode IX The Rise of Skywalker   
    "Author on the boat"
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    JJH_BATMAN reacted to ClassicalMoser in Why is It that the Rereleased Rebel Alliance A-Wing Will Be the Rebels Version and Not the Return of the Jedi Version?   
    Uh... Maybe they're going to come out with an Endor Squadron Pack with Grey Squadron Bombers? Would be a great time to add more pilots (and another card pack for them).
    Other than that? No idea.
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    JJH_BATMAN got a reaction from Vontoothskie in Describe how you feel about the new card packs in 3 words   
    Wanted more pilots
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    JJH_BATMAN got a reaction from Odanan in Describe how you feel about the new card packs in 3 words   
    Wanted more pilots
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    JJH_BATMAN got a reaction from Eisai in Describe how you feel about the new card packs in 3 words   
    Wanted more pilots
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    JJH_BATMAN got a reaction from JJ48 in Card Pack Speculation   
    It's probably because the fact that it's a very well known ship with a multitude of pilots that aren't in the game. 
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