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    Zenom reacted to Korlall in Expanded Skill Set Document   
    Hi all,
    I've got something special for you. It's not my type to publish something that is far from completed but in this case, I think it was a nice idea as some of you might want to contribute to it.
    Did that ever happened to you that you had no idea how to spend that advantage, threat, triumph or despair?
    If FFG weren't that generous with guidelines and examples for these symbols, this document gives you ideas for all the skills you wondered what you could do with that roll.
    Again, it's far from completed but I intend to have a version that is actually usable at the table before the end of month.
    Therefore, I present you my Expanded Skill Set Document. Stay tuned for updates.

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    Zenom reacted to drainsmith in DrainSmith's Dispensary of Everything You Need   
    All together for the first time, all the stuff I have made for Genesys.
    Adversary Anthology - all published adversaries
    Equipment Encyclopedia - all published equipment stat lines with item quality descriptions
    Talent Tome - all published talents
    Plus a smattering of other helpful documents, vector and alternate style character sheets, and some sample settings.
    Bonus content includes vector image assets and InDesign files for everything included to help you make your own documents.
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    Zenom reacted to Richardbuxton in Paralyzing Curse Not as Advertised   
    If a character looses the benefits of cover, or falls prone, or slips back down a flight of stairs, then to regain those benefits they simply need to spend another manoeuvre. But if a character looses the benefits of Concentrate then to regain the benefits they need to perform an action and succeed at a skill check. So in effect that single threat has actually lost the character the benefits of an action, which is definitely not the intention of the rule.
    Now I’m not saying it’s not something that a group could agree is possible, but it definitely is a very harsh penalty. It’s something worth discussing as a group before it comes up in play.
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    Zenom reacted to Cynthorus in Magic in an urban fantasy setting   
    If you want to make magic rare why not make the user have to flip a story point in order to use it, the idea being that it requires such a force of will to cast a spell that it is a big moment?
    You could also use a talent for villains that allows them to use magic without flipping a story point but make this rare and only for powerful NPCs
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    Zenom reacted to sfRattan in Skills weirdness in Genesys   
    We may be at a place in English language where these words have converged a bit in their casual use. People use "envy" and "jealously" interchangeably even though the former is resentful desire for what someone else has (e.g. a man is envious of his neighbor's Porsche) and the latter is fear of losing something you already have (e.g. a dragon jealously guards her hoard of treasure). There might be something similar going on with (keeping your) cool, discipline, and vigilance. I don't know. I'm doubtful that's the case with these three words.
    Imagine a gambler who has a perfect poker face (good Cool) and yet cannot bring himself to get up and leave the table because he's "on a lucky streak" (poor Discipline), and also may or may not notice the player across from him has marked the cards (uncertain Vigilance). Or a baseball player who paces nervously in the dugout (poor Cool) but, when at bat, sees the pitch coming outside the strike zone (good Vigilance), and doesn't swing at the bad pitch, earning ball one (good Discipline).
    The three skills, especially as they are defined in the skills chapter, don't really have overlap in any situation I can imagine.
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    Zenom reacted to Johan Marek Phoenix Knight in Skills weirdness in Genesys   
    Coercion is Intimidation. 
    Cool is generally used in Social encounters, Discipline and Vigilance in Combat encounters.
    Charm, Leadership, and Deception are all very different things.
    I could go on about all the ways I disagree with you. However, that doesn’t really matter, because the system is specifically designed to be modified. Don’t like all the different social skills? Change it! Think Mechanics should be multiple skills? Do it! Genesys is specifically created to be modified. So if you really have such strong ideas about it, then modify it! That’s what the system is built for.
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    Zenom got a reaction from SavageBob in Lore/Background stuff - are there any "darker" people?   
    I noticed a distinct lack of darker skin tones in the book. It surprised me.
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    Zenom reacted to Richardbuxton in I think the Heroic Ability Activation FREQUENCY rules do NOT work. Here's why and a FIX   
    That sounds like something that could work well, particularly if you keep a relatively consistent tempo across the campaign. I would think session length would be a far more important factor in deciding to change the frequency a HA can be used though. If you run 1-2 hour sessions with 5 pc’s then once per session is plenty. If you run 6 hour sessions then once is probably not enough.
    But for my own personal tastes tying the usability to an in game clock could restrict my ability to tell a story. Sometimes I want a session where each scene happens on a different day, week, or even month. But the next two session could be the climactic end to a story and I could be running 12 encounters over two hours of in game time. That first session they get to use the their HA every encounter, then they only get to use it once in the next two sessions. Ultimately I find the Per Session limit more relatable to the players and easier to book keep, even if it’s not that tangential to the world the characters live in
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    Zenom reacted to aclarkbr90 in Expanded Equipment for a Fantasy Setting   
    I have created an Expanded Equipment list that should work well for most Fantasy settings. The file includes tabs for weapons, armor, magical implements and equipment. Comments and suggestions are welcome!
    I also use a d100 chart of Random Equipment that I allow my players to spend advantage on various checks as appropriate to roll on. Each column has a different cost (1 adv/3 adv/1 triumph/2 triumphs). Most of the items in the chart are from Terrinoth or the expanded equipment list, though a handful are particular to my current campaign (marked with *). If you roll one of those, either re-roll or make narrative reasons why it is a valuable thing to have.
    Disclaimer: The expanded equipment list includes gear from Terrinoth, conversions from SWRPG and Dnd 5e, and some of my own creations. The terrinoth gear and conversions are not my own. I'm pretty sure that is allowed here, but I'm happy to remove anything that I shouldn't post publicly.
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