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  1. Your templates are a great addition. Thank you. We used them for the first time this weekend and I found the Rival was too close in power to the PCs in the party. Considering especially that the caster can still use their actions to make an additional attack, I've decided to nerf it a bit: Rival (Medium Summon = 2d) Brawn Agility Intellect Cunning Willpower Presence Soak Wounds 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 8 Skills: Brawl 2y, Perception 1y2g, Resilience 1y1g, Vigilance 1y1g. Attack: Brawl; Damage 5; Critical 3; Range [Engaged] Silhouette: 0 to 1 Our conjurer uses Primal and asked about more differences between Animal choices so I've worked up the following: Animal Animals vary greatly depending on what creatures are summoned. Chosen effect’s and senses should be appropriate to the animal summoned. Effect: Vicious 2 Modifiers: +1 Soak & Survival 2 Special: Choose One Ability: · Camouflage (add 2 Boost to Stealth checks in a natural environment) · Minion Pack Tactics (when using the assist maneuver or brawl action add 1 Boost per minion) · Pack Tactics (when using the assist maneuver, add 2 Boost instead of 1) · Flight (must move each turn to stay aloft) & Dive Attack (if above the target, may close from medium range to engaged with a single move action and gain disorient 1 on brawl check). · Trample (if takes a maneuver to move closer to a smaller Silhouette target before attacking, it gains 1 Boost to its attack check and deals +2 damage) · Grapple (add ensnare 1 to brawl attack) · Mount (Can be ridden by creature 1 silhouette smaller and add 5 to Carrying Capacity) Choose One Sense: · Acute Hearing (add boost die to perception and vigilance checks involving hearing) · Scent (add 2 boost dice to survival and vigilance checks when conditions are favorable) · Night Eyes (Remove one drawback die in dimly lit conditions, but add one when in full daylight) · Eagle Eyes (add boost day to perception checks made at ranges beyond short) Empowered: Savage (+2 damage, Pierce 1) Thoughts are welcome!
  2. Okay that’s helpful. So it sounds like frequent stamina recovery isn’t a part of the rules. Just after an “encounter” or sleeping.
  3. C_Beck, I guess I'm unclear how to read what you quoted from the book. Is the first paragraph providing different ways to activate what is in the second paragraph or are they separate? I get that "taking a moment to catch one's breath could be what happens after the end of the encounter. If that wasn't sufficient would you let them eat a meal and get another roll? ...then maybe relax with friends for a bit to get a third roll?
  4. I've been trying to parse how strain recovery works and am unclear. I get the skill check immediately after combat to get back a few stamina but am not clear on the actual affect of something like a meal or short rest. Do people give all strain back after the PCs do these things? Is the idea that characters should be able to recover all strain between encounters or that it should carry over? Thanks for your thoughts!
  5. I love this. Was it created in MS Word or something compatible with Word? I'd love to be able to edit it. Thanks!
  6. I noticed a distinct lack of darker skin tones in the book. It surprised me.
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