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  1. Is there a reason why literally everything IA is out of stock here? Is it just something that happened or did they pull their products to update them or what? I’m not looking to purchase anything right now (and I see that MANY other retailers have plenty of stock), but I just thought it a bit curious.
  2. Yeah, this seems to be a constant in FFG, my experience with playing this, Legion, Armada, and Arkham Horror is that sometimes they’re too specific about rules (to the point where it becomes confusing) while other times they’re way too broad or vague. Oh well, that’s why we got forums like this.
  3. As a newbie to both Legion and Imperial Assault (and Armada, I bought all of them at the same time) I’ll say this: each satisfies a different type of gameplay for me. Legion is great for putting two forces against one another on a grand scale. Imperial Assault is great for playing through a more RPG-esque experience with an overarching story and characters. I like them both equally I guess. Though I haven’t tried IA on skirmish which I think is what the OP was getting at.
  4. Okay, so I was using the wrong wording in my OP. I meant “threat level” as in the total amount of threat currently had by the Imperial player, not the amount of threat gained each status phase. The health for Vader is determined by level then and not total amount. So since the mission threat level is 4 that means he has 8 health instead of the 16 on his card and since the level is static for the mission it never changes. Got it. Thanks for clarifying the terminology guys!
  5. I’m playing through the Temptation side mission (Diala’s special mission in the Core Set). When Vader appears it says he only is defeated when his health is reduced twice the threat level. So, just to make certain, that means that his health of 16 is null in lieu of this rule? More importantly, does this mean his health is twice the threat level of EVERY round or just the round in which he spawned? For example, the threat level at his spawning was 10. So that means his health is 20. However, if he survives this round and the threat increases to 14 does that mean his health is now 28?
  6. Seems to be doing well to me, but what do I know? I think; however, that if they want to keep people interested, playing, and buying they need to KEEP THEIR STUFF IN STOCK!!!! A few months ago I bought the Armada core-set and really liked it and wanted to expand a bit. I went looking for the Rebel/Imperial Squadrons packs to give myself a little variety in that respect of the game and NOPE both out of stock or being sold for quadruple their retail price on places like Amazon and independent sellers. It's now 2 and a half months later and it's looking like we're not gonna see a restock on those packs for another couple months....meanwhile my interest in Armada has been gradually decaying
  7. Darn right! Plus, they could do Hoth troopers on Tauntauns!!! ....also I kinda want an AT-AT....the model would be massive if done to scale with the infantry and it would probably cost like...$300+ but hey...they're putting the freaking Super Star Destroyer in Armada which is like...3 feet long. I'm curious how that thing is gonna move around when the standard battle-space is supposed to be 6x3.
  8. Thanks for the replies guys! New question though...the Command Phase... Okay, so you and your opponent select a command card and then reveal it, the player with the LEAST amount of pips gains priority and uses their command card. IF both players play a command card with equal pips the player with the round token (which changes hands every round) then rolls a red six-sided die and if and only if they get a "block" side they gain priority, if they do not then the opponent gains priority correct? So let's say I play a command card that allows 2 units to be activated and I win priority, I then select 2 different units within 1 - 3 distance to my commander to "activate" - correct? With those selected then this is where I get a little confused...so I have my two different units activated. I then issues orders (move, attack, dodge token, aim token) to both units individually one after the other correct? After both have done their thing then it goes over to my opponent who randomly selects an activation token for one of their units and issues orders, does so, then comes back to me to do the same? Rinse, repeat, until all units have taken a turn. OR do those 2 units activated during the command phase carry out their orders IN THE COMMAND PHASE and then come back up during the activation phase (essentially giving them 2 turns in the round)?
  9. VOP2288

    VOP's Paint Jobs

    BARRICADES I thought this was going to be the easiest part of the entire set (that actually turned out to be Vader), but doing these 8 barricades ended up taking probably 5 hours start to finish. I saw many pictures of people just painting them one solid color or one color that they then dry-brush over with another and I wanted to do something a little MORE. I kept with the Tatooine vibe and did them in a mixture of tan, silver, dark gray, and reddish brown. I then attempted to give them a dry-brush of metallic silver to give them a "sand scoured"/"beat up" look but they ended up just looking kinda crappy. Oh well, they're just barricades I guess.
  10. VOP2288

    VOP's Paint Jobs

    REBEL AT-RT I'm probably happiest with how this one turned out in the end. Based by hand with black paint then given an almost complete layer of tan in keeping with the Tatooine theme. I decided to use the flamethrower attachment and plan to get two more of these and make them flamethrowers too to create a kind of "burn squad". In keeping with that idea I gave the model red accents where I thought appropriate and then dry-brushed nearly the whole thing down with metallic silver to give it a "painted metal" and "sand scoured" look.
  11. VOP2288

    VOP's Paint Jobs

    IMPERIAL SCOUT SPEEDER BIKES Kept with the 501st style for these two as well, it was actually tough to find more than 2 pictures of what Scout Troopers look like with 501st coloration.
  12. VOP2288

    VOP's Paint Jobs

    STORMTROOPERS This was an experiment. I figured since these Stormtroopers were coming in with Vader it would make sense - for flavor - to style them like Vader's favored Legion/Battalion: the 501st. After looking up various concepts for 501st Stormtroopers I went with what I thought was best. Minis were based with flat-white spraypaint first then black and gray details were added in various places. Then came the blue accents...not entirely happy with how shoddy the chest designs turned out but I did the best I could, it was also a pain in the *** doing blue on white as it took about 4 layers of blue to get it to this point...
  13. VOP2288

    VOP's Paint Jobs

    REBEL TROOPERS Based with black paint by hand. Went with "standard" coloration to give them a Tatooine/desert world look and feel. Hardest part was probably getting the facial hair areas of the male minis to show up well and NOT look like junk. Sorry for the dark picture, I tried with flash but it looked even worse. If I take a better one I'll reupload later.
  14. VOP2288

    VOP's Paint Jobs

    DARTH VADER Based with black spray paint. The medium-gloss of the spray paint gave his helmet and the appropriate parts of his armor a bit of a shine but didn't work well for the cloth areas (re-based with black paint). Gave his black cloth areas a highlight with dark gray to bring them out a little bit more. Tried to get his little red/blue/metallic/green buttons as best I could, and did his lightsaber like Luke's but with red.
  15. I usually don't share this kind of stuff but I figured "hey, I'm new here, and I like this game so why not?". I finally finished painting my core set and the following are the results (took about 5 days - probably about 20/25 hours of work - to complete). LUKE SKYWALKER Started with a black base, tan and brown to recreate his outfit ala Empire Strikes Back. Hair was done in brown, then highlighted with tan, then dry-brushed with brown again. Lightsaber took two coats of blue, dry-brushed with white, then dry-brushed again with blue.
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