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  1. Added the image to the main post too PM sent
  2. Not sure exactly what you plan to do. But it's all good with me. Do keep in mind that some improvements might show up, and so new versions of the cards. Also make sure you check with King_Balrog. He made the textual content for these cards. I believe you already used his Hero Bio descriptions in your app.
  3. Together with King_Balrog, me and him created bio cards to more easily show what the campaign hero's are about. The files have been posted and will be keept up2date on BoardGameGeek. If you see mistakes or feedback points, please let me know. https://boardgamegeek.com/filepage/178769/hero-bio-cards-v10 ------ These cards fulfill two roles: 1) The front shows a quick and easy to understand overview of what the hero does from a gameplay point of view. This can help new players to easily choose their hero without going into details and stats. 2) The rear has a short backstory written by King_Balrog in association with Stomburger to improve immersion and theming. Suggestions on how to print these cards: 1) Go to a print shop, show them the files and ask if they can print these double-sided and if possible also cut them out with rounded corners. Make sure to request thicker paper. You could bring one of your regular Imperial Assault cards to show them the quality you want to get close to. 2) Print them yourself. If possible on thicker paper, and if possible double-sides (test the alignment first, before printing all of them). If you cannot print double sided. Sleeve both front and rear together. No matter which method you use. They should have the exact same size as the regular Imperial Assault cards. Make sure they are printed on true 100% size. On each card are cut lines and lines indicating where the corner rounding should begin. ------ ------ Credits: Written content by King_Balrog in association with Stomburger. Original visual content by Fantasy Flight Games, which is re-used into these card by Robert Berrier (aka Dommelrbb).
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