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  1. Seeing what is happening on social media I fear that he was being generous
  2. So that is what the movie is about. Palpatine reading his testament for 3 hours^^
  3. But cloning is the lazy way out. Have seen it so often not just in Star Wars that someone is brought back with that so often that it just causes eyerolling now.
  4. I mean it is not like force ghosts are not a thing. He would just be able to manipulate things because of some anchoring. I just hope he is not just cloned because that got old real fast in the EU.
  5. They should explain Palpatines return with the classic Bodyswitch. Twist is that he ended up in an ewok. Or Jar Jar if they really want to make hardcore fans cry^^
  6. I always had a soft spot for this series. And yes Lexa Doig was one reason for that^^
  7. combine the ship that is more or less constantly in Hyper Space with the stasis technology like in Han Solo at Stars End and you wouldn't even need much people to crew the ship.
  8. I always thought she was more or less like Robocop. The main difference being that he had his face put in front of his steel head to make him more "friendly"
  9. You sound like Triple Zero decided one day to make murder and torture his goal in life. He was programmed to be like that. Someone appearantly thought it was a good idea to give him the personalty of a psychopath. Adding that he seems to never had the usual purging that droids get to avoid getting quirks that explains him very good. He is what happens if the saying "if you only have a hammer erverything looks like nails" comes to life. Triple Zero gets in serious trouble if something can not be solved with his main progammed features. That is part of what makes him interesting to me. And "what if there was an eeevil R2 and 3PO?" could have been a disaster but Gillen and the writers after him make it work. And if that is really what you think, you should read the first issues again . Part of what made her is told there. And no it is not the clichee you are trying to tell here.
  10. Someone can like a character even if he or she is not sympathetic . My main issue for that is the character interesting. And that is what i like about Aphra. Triple Zero or BT-1 are that too. Sometimes all three are even funny. It is more black than some would like but it is funny.
  11. No they wanted to show how he was behind everything and Palpatine was just his puppet And if his stats were just "he wins" nobody can mess that up
  12. First you still do not understand the term Mary Sue. I have not a problem with someone saying that he does not like the character. But I think your dislike comes from some misinterpretations of Aphra and the writers. Just for interest how many issues of the comic have you read? That she was not really herself aware how horrible she is(who would) is one of the ongoing stuff in the series. I mean if even Triple Zero comments on it, you should know that you are not very good to be around.
  13. I love her series and think she is worked out very well. The series is just more dark than usual in a Star Wars book or comic. She has one loyalty and that is to herself. Any other person will get thrown under the bus if nec. to save her own skin. polyamorous- Why? We met an ex of her and she had a short relationship with someone. To be polyamours she would need to have a relationship for more than a few days or so. Not that she is someone who I see in anything resembling a healthy relationship. If she was a Mary sue her plans would work better if I remember the definition of that correctly. And to say that she "never suffers the negative effects of her pathology" makes me think you read a different comic. and "underage cosplay vixen" really?
  14. Seeing that his life depends on his cybernetics, I think he would protect it against the most obviously thing endangering them. In the new comics he protected his amour against hacking, after someone did just that. So him putting protection against ion weapons should be a sure thing
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