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  1. Adanaz

    AMA with Alex Watkins

    Hey Alex, When will OP move to the much anticipated digital version? Any news on the development of the official KeyForge online app? Thanks, Adam
  2. Just confirmed by the man himself on FB 😄
  3. Adanaz

    Bulleteye reap

    Hello Archons! Just a confirmation really. When Bulleteye reaps and is the only creature on the battleline, she must destroy herself. The 'Reap: Destroy a flank creature.' must be resolved and is not a 'may' ability. Correct? Thanks Archons!
  4. Aha, yes! This is where the confusion arose. Thanks blinkingline 😄
  5. Thanks guys. I've read so many posts and stuff about KeyForge lately, that I think I just got things mixed up!
  6. Hello, If I play Library Access, play a Logos card, go to draw and there are no cards in my deck, (a) do I shuffle the discard pile and make my fresh deck then draw a card? Or (b) can I not do that as it is mid-effect? I tried searching it here, but couldn't find anything. However, I seem to recall reading something somewhere that (b) was correct, but can't remember or find it. Thanks!
  7. Thanks RobertK for the comprehensive reply.
  8. Hello Archons, If I play Sergeant Zakiel (Sanctum) next to a stunned creature, and choose to ready and fight with said stunned neighboring creature: a) Does the creature just lose the stun? b) Does the creature lose the stun and fight? c) None of the above/something else? Thanks Archons!
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