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  1. People are dumping collections on eBay. As someone who started late and might want to catch up on the older cards to complete my collection, I may end up buying some of those.
  2. With the Decipher game, I believe there were two ultra-rare cards, including that Luke, in one of the last sets that were always harder to get and much more valuable than any others. Other than that, there was never a ton of value in that game, and still isn't.
  3. The point is that if you want a ccg that won't go away, your choices are Magic, Pokemon, or Yu Gi Oh. That's it. The rest last 5 years, tops. Accept it, or switch to a different type of game.
  4. Fromper

    Set 10

    I suspect the manufacturing cost for dice is a large part of the reason they're closing the game down. They're probably only giving away the playtest pre-print version of this set, and there will never be a full print. So 99% of the player base will never get a crack at it, and even those that do will never have 2 of the same die for elite characters. That also means this will be the version that hasn't been cleaned up by playtesting and changing things that don't work, so it's likely to have major flaws.
  5. Only cards that are "ready" (facing upright) can be activated. Whenever you activate a card, you turn it 90 degrees to show that it's "exhausted". Once a card is exhausted, it can't be activated again until it's readied, either in the upkeep phase, or by a card like Admiral that can re-ready an exhausted character or vehicle.
  6. So now that they've spoiled the whole set, any new ideas? There's a couple of things I'd be curious to try, but wouldn't take to a top tournament without serious testing first. It looks like they're trying to make neutral mill with jawas into a thing, but I'm just not buying it. Also, there's no counter to Desperate Measures to make piloting work with a small number of ships, but a ship swarm could still work, just like Aphra still works in the current meta by putting out lots of little supports instead of one big, important one.
  7. And... Covert Missions has been officially delayed until February. So my next prime will also be current meta, and the one after that could go either way. Back to Palp-planning.
  8. Yup, I'm the same guy who wondered what would be tier 1 in the current meta for a prime before Covert Missions. Now that I'm done with that prime, I've still got two more prime tournaments coming up, including one right after Covert Missions drops. Based on previews so far, what should we be preparing for? What decks look good to try? I'm not expecting to have any specific legendaries from the new set immediately, but I'll buy probably two boxes immediately, so I can probably count on having most of the other cards. My local store does have people to trade with and sells singles, so that will help. So I'm looking at a couple of deck ideas that don't rely on legendaries from the new set. My assumptions so far: 1. new Vader/ old Jabba (the one that uses specials for damage) will be popular. It's just too obvious. 2. Piloting will be a bad idea unless the set includes good counters to Desperate Measures. 3. Construct the Death Star looks potentially interesting. I'm having a hard time deciding on a really good build for it, though. Obviously, you have to play Watto, and cheap upgrades that have multiple resources sides, but other than that, how do you do this? What thoughts do the rest of you have?
  9. Yeah, I had Mind Extraction in my Snoke deck, in case of Palp. I got lucky in only having to face Palp once, but that's because most of the Palp decks kept winning, and I had an early loss, then a couple more later. The only time I used that Mind Extraction was on Rey in a ReyLo deck. Her power action is good soft removal, so preventing it early enough in the game is worth the 2 resources, if you have the money to spare.
  10. To beat Palp, you have to load up on damage against him early. In my one game against Palp yesterday, I ignored Watto altogether to go after Palp. I even rerolled Snoke's dice when they showed indirect damage, hoping to get focus I could use to turn my other dice into direct damage to hit Palp. That worked, and I won the game, but I really got lucky that game, as my opponent just had a run of terrible luck on both card draws and dice rolls. Once he gets 7+ upgrades on him, he'll just Bacta Therapy all the damage away. But damaging him early is hard, because the deck contains lots of sneaky removal - stuff like Soresu and Niman that mess with dice when they're first played, Force Jump, etc. Not a lot of events for removal, so stuff like Probe and CounterIntelligence won't get rid of his removal, though they could help get rid of Bacta and/or Fatal Blow, which are key cards in that deck. That's why ewoks are one of the best things to use against him. They do tons of fast damage without relying on dice that can be removed. But they don't have a way to prevent Bacta, and Palp can put out damage, once he's all ramped up with upgrades. So that's not a sure thing to beat him, but it's a solid attempt. You'd think a red villain deck could play Separatist Embargo to prevent Bacta Therapy, but one of the advantages of pairing Palp with Watto is that yellow villain gets Desperate Measures that can blow up the Embargo. I guess that's why Palp decks weren't dominant until after droids were nerfed. The action cheating in droid decks allowed for heavy damage very quickly, to kill Palp before he could get lots of upgrades. Not to mention that Chopper/droids was good at resource denial. But with that nerfed, Palp is now THE deck to beat. To beat him, there is one approach that I didn't see anyone using yesterday that might be worth trying, but you'll have to invent the deck at the last minute here: resource denial. Palp needs lots of money, but he also has lots of good sources of it. That's why he's always paired with Watto, has two of Bartering in the deck, etc. But if you've got a deck that revolves around damage and disrupting resources, that might work. I'd say your best bet is the "If you can't beat them, join them" approach - play Palp yourself. Of course, that assumes you have all the necessary cards, which is more legendaries than most decks, so it's an expensive deck.
  11. Just to answer my own question, as an aid for those preparing for the last two weeks of Primes with the current meta, I played in a prime today and figured I'd share what I saw. Palpatine/Watto was THE dominant deck. ReyLo was popular, but not successful. Ewoks, with or without Plo Koon, were much more popular than I expected, and a couple of people made top 8 with them. Only two people were playing Aphra, and one of them tied for top 8, so apparently, it's still playable. As expected, Maul and Vader were unpredictable, but somewhat strong. Nobody played hero droids or 4-LOM. Mill got creamed. I was the only one playing Snoke/Troopers. I think I underperformed due to bad draws in a couple of games and a couple of misplays on my part, but I managed 4-3. It's a solid deck, but Palp is a terrible matchup for it, so I'd recommend avoiding it for now. Since I didn't make top 8, I left without seeing who won, but I'd bet it was one of the several Palp decks that made the cut. If you're truly playing to win, go with Palp, but make sure you know how to handle ewoks.
  12. So everyone's excited for Covert Missions coming in 2.5 weeks, and planning what to play after that. And everyone thinks they know the current meta. But with the latest nerfs/rebalancing, the current meta has changed, and some of us still have primes to play in the next couple of weeks before CM. What decks do you expect to be the top contenders in the next two weeks' prime championships? I'm just trying to decide what to play and what I think I can match up well or poorly against with my current decks. My list of possible tier 1 decks: ReyLo - Completely un-nerfed all the way through. Strong, but was never the top deck around. Palpatine - Similar to ReyLo. Strong, but I never saw it as the top of tier 1. Droids - Take out the plot, put in 3PO's 2nd die, and it's not quite as strong, but still a top tier deck to watch for. Maul - Strong aggro to watch for, but inconsistent. Strongly depends on the luck of the dice. Vader - Like Maul, strong, inconsistent aggro that fell out of favor, but only because people were bored with it, not because it isn't strong. New Bib Fortuna rebalance could actually cause a comeback. Snoke/Troopers - The new hotness, but loses out on Delve, Fist, and Theed being on the restricted list. New version without those still looks good, though. Aphra - ??? You'd think the loss of Delve/Fist would severely weaken this deck, but it could still be pretty good. 4-LOM - ??? Like Aphra, lost out on the Delve/Fist nerf, but could still be solid. Haven't seen it locally as much lately, so hard for me to judge. PlothWoks - ??? Not sure if this was ever tier 1, but it's just as good as it used to be. Mill - ??? Nobody in my area plays mill much, so it's heard for me to judge and prepare for. Three wide hero mill looks like it may be solid. What am I missing?
  13. No. Downgrades must be played on opponent's characters, just like upgrades must be played on your own.
  14. It seems to be fixed now. That site occasionally has problems, but they seem to be pretty good at fixing them quickly.
  15. I occasionally have the original poster's problem, using Chrome as my primary browser, but it usually goes away when I refresh. I just tried it, and it seems to be a problem for every deck I checked tonight. So I guess it's just broken today. Toxic newb, I don't have a problem searching for specific cards, not even now when I can't view decks.
  16. Yes, you can use this card for an overkill. Bonus points if you had Diplomatic Protection on the ewok when you did it.
  17. That is an excellent and interesting question. I'm curious to see the response.
  18. No. There is no "override" for supports, the way there is for upgrades.
  19. Does the restricted list apply to set aside cards that get added after setup? Specifically, the Arena of Death and Ewok Warrior are both on the restricted list, but I've seen a couple of decks posted to swdestinydb recently that have the Arena with Chief Chirpa, who then adds a set aside Ewok Warrior to your team after setup. Is that legal?
  20. Fromper


    Anyone know where I can see results and stuff online?
  21. Nevermind. Just realized the answer to my own question. Is there a way to delete my post? I'm not seeing it.
  22. If it doesn't say that something is free, then you have to pay the usual cost for it. In the case of this card, it says to search your deck "and play it on this support". That means it's not optional. Whenever something is optional, it says "you may" do whatever. That's standard wording in this game.
  23. I'm surprised you had enough good yellow cards to do that deck with just yellow. I used to play Anakin and L3 with Hera Syndulla, before rotation. I really liked having both yellow and red vehicles. I keep wanting to find a new red character to use with L3 and Anakin to bring that back, but I think Desperate Measures and other anti-support cards (ewoks + Convergence) make L3 much riskier than she used to be, so I doubt if I'll ever bring that one back. Speaking of Order 66, nobody around here has ever played that one, just due to the difficulty of getting 4-6 copies of the uncommon. By the time people got enough copies of it, the meta was established without it. I have 4 copies, so I'm ready to try it, probably pairing it with another old character that I haven't seen anyone use in a while: DJ. I just have to decide what blue character will help bring in enough money to make it work. Maybe Sentinel Messenger and a red trooper for rainbow, so I can get all the best removal from every color (Forsaken, A Sinister Peace, The Best Defense, etc). Ewoks will be a bad matchup for it, but it should do fine against everything else.
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