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    When 900 years old you reach, play Star Wars Destiny, you will not. But seriously, not that I know of. We have a couple of kids who play, and sometimes join us for draft events. I don't think I've ever seen them in constructed deck play, but I think that's just because of the timing of which day we do each type of event.
  2. Yes, they're still character dice. Which makes Vandalize great with Phasma, if you're playing yellow with her. No, they don't get removed if Phasma dies or the Megablaster Troopers get removed. This is because they aren't the dice associated with that card. They're just extra dice that you were allowed to roll in. The same goes for the Runaway Boomas, which let you roll in an extra of their dice. Only the die associated with activating the card goes away if the support is removed (with vandalize or whatever), not the extra that was rolled in through a power action.
  3. They are identical, but you only get one copy of each card and die. You'll want the second copies of the character dice to play them elite. Also, several of the other cards are worth having second copies, just so you can include two of that card in a deck.
  4. Yeah, I don't actually expect it. Just speculating, not entirely seriously.
  5. The downside of going too wide with your deck is that there are a lot of damage sources in the game these days that hit ALL of the opponent's characters at once. Leia/Boushh, Fear and Dead Men (especially on Vader), Defoliator Tank, etc will all rip these ewok decks to shreds. As much as I'm actually excited to finally get ewoks in the game, I'm not expecting a large group of ewok warriors to actually be viable in tournament play. I'm more curious as to what other unique ewoks they'll introduce. They've shown us Chirpa, and I'd bet they'll include Wicket, but I'm hoping we also get Logray, Paploo, and Teebo. I also keep saying (somewhat seriously) that I really hope C-3PO's card name is something along the lines of "ewok god", so they have an excuse to give him both the droid and ewok sub-types.
  6. You can turn less if you want.
  7. As you say, his die may be poor for his cost, but you're paying for the 13 health and guardian. I'd say he's worth playing with a single die at 12 points, with another scoundrel for the guardian ability, just to get him to 6 damage quickly. And these days, there are plenty of scoundrels to pair him with. I'd probably go three wide, maybe with Enfys's Marauder and a 10 point character in another color, since you're only doing one Chewie die. You'll have a ton of health to tank while going for a slow, steady attack, which seems to be what Chewie was built for.
  8. Awakenings, Spirit of Rebellion, and Empire at War are no longer legal for use in standard tournaments, so they're incredibly cheap these days. Amazon has had Way of the Force boxes for $40 or less for a few weeks now, though today's $31 price is a steal. Legacies has actually been at $70+ even recently, so today's $25 price is really surprising to me. I'm definitely jumping on that one myself.
  9. My local store says it'll arrive this Thursday, April 25. Given all the cards in Convergence that look for specific character subtypes, the old draft pack really doesn't work any more. I liked it, and I've enjoyed drafting with it since I started playing the game last year. But the past few weeks of everyone drafting Convergence with no characters that match the subtypes needed by cards has been somewhat painful. Besides, after playing with the same draft pack every week for 6+ months, I'm ready for something new and fresh.
  10. My rules question about Chirpa's Hut would be whether it can continue to add new Ewok Warriors if all the unique ewoks on your team are already dead. The warriors say that can't be added to your team without a unique ewok, but does that just apply to team building during the setup phase, or also to those added by the hut? If it doesn't apply to those added later, then you could use the hut even in a non-ewok deck, and add some ewoks on the fly. I'm hoping FFG clarifies that early. We were talking at my local store today, and someone came up with an interesting deck combo: Plo Koon + Chief Chirpa + 3 Ewok Warriors (2 at 4 points each + 1 extra Ewok Warrior provided by Chirpa). It's 5 wide, 29 health, and 2 colors, but only 2 character dice. So not only do the warriors do 1 indirect damage as soon as you activate them, but Plo Koon copies that ability to do 3 more indirect the first time you activate him. So right from the first round, you're doing 6 indirect damage just by activating your characters, regardless of how your dice roll. I'd say the key is probably just finding lots of defense to stay alive long enough to keep doing that over and over. It's too bad Target Acquired is red, so it can't be used in such a deck. I would expect to see that downgrade in red/yellow ewok decks, just like I expect anyone making a new gungan deck to use it today.
  11. I would assume you're right, but I'd also expect an official ruling or text on the new cards to confirm that. Kinda like how Yoda's Spirit specifically says that it can't be played with Yoda.
  12. The Awakenings "cycle" was the first three sets: Awakenings, Spirit of Rebellion, and Empire at War. This includes the Rey and Kylo starters. They've been rotated out of standard tournament play, but can still be used in infinite tournaments, which allow anything and have no rotation. The Legacies "cycle" is the next three sets: Legacies, Way of the Force, and Across the Galaxy, along with the Two Player Game, Luke and Boba starters, and Rivals draft set. They're still legal for standard tournament play, but not trilogies tournaments. Again, infinite tournaments allow anything. The Convergence "cycle" is Convergence, the Obi-Wan and Grievous starters, and the upcoming Allies of Necessity draft set, along with the next two sets to be published later this year. Those will be legal in all tournament formats once they're published, until next year's rotation.
  13. FFG explained that the Ewok Warrior card is a diceless character in their announcement post for Spark of Hope. And the card specifically says "Character - Ewok" for its type and subtype. Character is the type, Ewok is the subtype.
  14. Here's the preview cards from Spark of Hope, just so we all know: So it costs 1 resources to add the ewok to your team, and another 3 resources to avoid discarding the hut. I suppose if you wanted to invest 4 resources, you could do this every round, but it's still only a 4 health character added to your team every round. Against any decent aggro or ramp deck, the ewoks will die just as quickly as they're added, especially if you're spending all your money adding them instead of spending it on things like removal and killing the enemy characters.
  15. With no removal cards, and nothing extra to help you pay for the abilities, good luck getting them on the table before he dies. I imagine the best way to make a real deck that focuses on him is probably 10-14 upgrades, most of them abilities, not all blue, some of which should be very cheap (Bartering, Force Jump, etc). Probably two of It Binds All Things to deploy the blue upgrades cheaper, and a normal quantity of removal events.
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