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  1. I started playing Armada this summer and have (happily) started amassing my fleet (6 ships and 4 squadrons so far- not counting the ships and squadrons in the starter set and one on the way via EBay). My problem has quickly become how to best store my ships. I've looked at the Battle Foam website (Battle Foam) and it looks like they have some good choices (although I can see how the cost would add up quickly). My question: does anyone else have foam tray holders and a carrying bag/case (or some similar set up) that you would recommend? I am currently using the original boxes the ships came in and have already run out of storage space. ? Any help you can give would be appreciated. Thanks!
  2. I have a few specific rules questions regarding Star Wars Armada: 1.) The Interdictor's Contain Defense Token: If I understand the description correctly, this defense token cancels one critical effect, but not one if it is part of an upgrade card. is that right? 2.) The Interdictor's Gravity Well Token: If an enemy ship falls within the range of this token on its movement turn, its speed decreases to zero. However, once it is that ship's movement turn again, can it regain speed, or is it just simply stuck at speed zero for the rest of the game because it is within the range of the gravity well? Also, can an Interdictor put both the gravity well and the gravity shift tokens onto the play surface during the same game? 3.) Squadrons attacking a ship: The rulebook says that squadrons do not possess hull zones (makes sense), but when squadrons attack a ship, can they attack specific hull zones on a ship as long as they are positioned to do so (i.e. a hull zone with low or no shields)? 4.) What does it mean when a squadron has "counter?" Does that mean that if a squadron is attacked, it can fire back at the attacking squadron (even if it isn't the defending squadron's turn or they have already fired)? For the Victory class imperial ship, there is an upgrade card that allows it to counter 1 squadron attacks at distance 1- I take that to mean that whenever an enemy squadron hits it, it can shoot back rolling one blue die. Is that correct? Thanks for any help you can give me! Red_5 ?
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