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    Oh man this sounds amazing. I would love to put something like this together! As far as tips I would leave 3008-1 as a setting and not try to "build it" since it seems that it can constantly shift. But depending on how threatening you want them to be I would stay out the civilian populations (normies and psychos) as minions with rivals for leadership. 3008-2 would be rivals at least I would think. Give them abilities that boost after hours. Like: after "closing time" they gain the Adversary 1 talent. I have a few adversaries from my Ghostbusters game that might fit well into an scp game check it out: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-jkr9C6ufvX5UCEiMb2-qZXdh4zI1QNxuRsLTqEvIlA/edit?usp=drivesdk Check out the burned woman, and slenderman (and proxy). Sorry they use tablets that don't translate well here.
  2. Hmmm not sure what you mean. If you click the link in the post it should link to my site and there should only be one option from there. Are you referencing jarreddw's derivative?
  3. Awesome! Please let me know how it goes.
  4. This is great man! Thank you so much! Mind if I include it with the design doc? Full credit to you of course.
  5. Yeah for sure. Look it up it's called Ghostbusters resurrection on the nerdy show network. Really really cool.
  6. Haha I have it but I haven't read it. I follow a podcast that uses it so theres probably a bunch of overlap.
  7. Hey just now seeing your message sorry it took so long to answer. You're working on a similar project? Are you willing to message me via discord? Might be faster to chat through there. I'm under ferninja #6806. Its not letting me message you through here for whatever reason
  8. Work in progress! All red text is to be changed and theres some other stuff that needs changed too. I plan on lengthening the adversary and gear list substantially. I originally just made this for me. I got some good feedback from friends so I'm sharing it here. I'll enable commenting if anyone wants to recommend edits. Thanks! Ghostbusters Genesys
  9. Hey all! So I put this together when the hype for the movie was building up but it's more to mimic the book. I took some stuff from the movies I liked too. Its pretty unpolished and I've kinda taken a break from it. But it's perfectly playable and stable. I plan on adding talents at a later date. Please let me know any questions or comments you may have. I primarily focused on vehicles and items. Enjoy! Also if you wanna add anything post here (so it's public) and I can add you crediting you as a collaborator. Thanks! Oasis RPG
  10. Like the post says. were not picky just need a gm (preferably experienced) to lead a group of at least 3 through rokugan. Were all semi familiar with rokugan (I've gmed a few games), and were available in the evenings on a biweekly basis preferably 8-12pm. The game is online and we prefer to run it via discord and roll20. Were willing to join an existing group as well. Were all friendly to all walks of life. Race, religion, sexual or gender orientation, is all embraced. Thanks!
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