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  1. Happy to hear that your players enjoyed themselves in your game of Amber, and can't wait to hear how they react to the Elders. Some of my best gm-ing moments came from rpg-ing the varies Amberites. Of course I have my favorites, but its a rare treat when you're playing one of the more unsympathetic elders and the players start agreeing to their viewpoint (usually Corwin or Brand). Maybe your next session should be that they find a full trump deck of the family, with all the hilarity they could cause. Could be funny if all three redheads show-up to investigate someone new to the family playing with trumps but they all get different members of the pc group. Like one PC awaking to seeing Fiona brewing tea at their fire, the rest of the group still deep in sleep. Some questions, some advise, and a good dose of shared caution. Bleys, could be the merry sort that takes everything with a wink and a smile. Brand could be the more serious one, with wise counsel to what they could do. If your group was old D&D players, I might structure the whole session like they were going after a Deck of Many Things in some nearby earthly fantasy realm. In a cave, with a monster guarding them, with traps and enchantments to trap the foolish. You could even spring a joke on the group, Flora had a trump of the plane they stole. And in their moment of need, it disappears in a flash of rainbow as Flora actives the trump and pulls it through unwittingly.
  2. I could see that working as well, since that was pretty much what was done in Amber Diceless. Buy Pattern and you could walk it a thousand times and have no issues as long as there wasn't any exterior factors (family trying to kill you) or one was lacking in endurance (due to near fatal injuries mostly). The ability to teleport wherever in Reality once one was in the center of the Pattern was a powerful tool to get oneself into trouble.
  3. I just thought of another Threat result when walking the pattern; Pantleg starts on fire due to the drifting golden sparks of the Pattern, take one wound.
  4. I should mention, I don't think that list should be that hard or fast with Triumphs or Advantages. I don't expect to get a PC down to zero wounds, but Strain is a different case for me. Get a PC to zero Strain, and I believe they fall unconscious. From the novels, one only dies if they step-off the glowie lines of the Pattern. So a GM could rule that if the PC dropped to zero Strain, they just fall upon the glowie lines wherever they may be in their walk (as long as they don't have a ton of Despairs) and stay safe. Again in the novels, they have a chapter where there are more then one person on the Pattern at the same time. So one could follow another PC closely who believes they need help (and the other person can throw some Advantage or Triumphs their way). Even walk up to Sleeping Beauty (my example above) and wake them up, encourage with support Advantages or Triumphs. As to their second or third walk, I would just do some general rolls and Strain drain and then do all that cool GM stuff with foreshadowing or granting needed resources or information.
  5. I would very much like that answer to the question as well, since in the novels its death. But in the varies games I've been in, that only happened when the GM had a ringer die to put the fear of Pattern in us, or someone (usually a PC) used a weapon or adv. powers to interfere with a walk. I had one PC that always carried a spear or staff on nearly every group walk just for the intimidation factor. Funny thing is we never learned if you could knock someone off the Pattern from the outside, since no walkie was ever foolish enough to push it that far. But on your list, I might first make up two lists. One for the first time, and one for every time after so to make the first time truly special. Nope of this on the next check crap, which doesn't feel workable because their next check may be on something minor. Here is my first try on "One's First Pattern Walk"; “Then the thing began to curve, abruptly, back upon itself. I took ten more paces, and a certain resistance seemed to arise. It was as if a black barrier had grown before me, of some substance which pushed back upon me with each effort that I made to pass forward. I fought it. It was the First Veil, I suddenly knew.” Stepping foot on the Pattern: 3 Strain. Skill Check: Average Difficulty of 2 vs Athletics (extra successes can reduce the Strain cost). Advantage – Gain more Strain back or a Boost dice for next check per Advantage. Triumph – Gives all onlookers two free Advantages when they step onto the Pattern. Threat – Caused oneself a pulled muscle or type of damage – 1 Wound. Despair – The First Veil was too much, roll a Minor Critical Injury and either fall back and off the Pattern or try again to push through like a true Amberite (if having no success, if one did then just take the Crit). “I took six more rapid steps, reaching the end of an arc and coming to the beginning place of a straight line. I set my foot upon it, and with each step that I took, another barrier began to rise against me. It was the Second Veil.” To continue on the Pattern – 3 Strain. Skill Check: Hard Difficulty of 3 vs Cool or Discipline (same as above with extra). Advantage: Gain Strain back or a Boost dice for next check per Advantage. Triumph: Heal 3 Strain or Wounds. Threat: Gain Setback dices for the next check, plus 1 Strain. Despair: The Second Veil becomes too much, roll for a Minor Critical Injury (or pick). “Ten turns which left me dizzy, another short arc, a straight line, and the Final Veil.” To continue on the Pattern – 3 Strain. Skill Check: Hard Difficulty of 3 vs Resilience (same as above with extra). Advantage: Gain Strain back or a Boost dice for next check per Advantage. Triumph: Heal 3 Strain and 3 Wounds. Threat: Gain Setback dices for the rest of the Session, plus 1 Strain. Despair: The Final Veil becomes too much, roll for a Major Critical Injury (or pick) + 3 wounds. “Ten paces, then a swirling filigree of fire confronted me, I essayed it, my sweat vanishing into the water as fast as it sprang forth. I emerged from the filigree, and marched alone the Grand Curve. The forces that shape the universe fell upon me and beat me into their image. I walked three more curves, a straight line, and a series of sharp arcs, and I held within me once again a consciousness of the things which I never really lost; mine was the power over Shadows.” To finish the Pattern: 3 Strain Skill Check: Hard Difficulty of 3 vs Cool or Discipline (extra successes can reduce the Strain cost). Advantage – Gain more Strain back or a Boost dice for next check per Advantage. Triumph – Heal 5 Strain or Wounds (even make a Crit disappear) + 2 Boost Dice till the start of the next Session. Threat – Gain Setback dices till the end of next Session, plus 1 Wound and 1 Strain. Despair – The teleport from the Center of the Pattern goes all nutty (and the GM smiles evilly).
  6. "What is a H3llride exactly and what does it do: ??? Check" As I said before, H3llriding trades speed for safety when traveling in Shadow. If one wishes to get somewhere quick, then you get a vehicle or mount and h3llride to wherever. Not to say one couldn't h3llride when walking, but mostly that would be a footrace with another Amberite. So it would be harder then the Royal Way, both on the skill roll, strain drain, and what black dice they could get. Maybe even switch what stat one rolls under, since you're forcing one's will on the whole of shadow (so say Presence instead of Willpower?). Funny thing is, h3llriding no matter how hard it is usually becomes the default way to travel in Shadow for the PCs since they're always in a rush. lol And Trumps don't teleport people, they're more like doorways that you step through or reach through if both sides allow the trump to be fully empowered/realized/etc. Now if one side is pushing the contact on a target that's avoiding the trump call or the opening of a full "door", then it becomes a contest of wills with whatever trump skill one may have to help. Now normal trump calls are just like using FaceTime, with a chance of maybe picking-up on their mental thoughts or mood if one is powerful or skilled enough. Shape Shifting (?) Personal Item(s), Construct(s) I personally would just leave 'Shape-Shifting' for later with the PCs, maybe do some test runs with NPCs first before allowing the PCs to embrace their Chaos roots with earned xp. They got enough on their plate just with Pattern, Trump, and Sorcery, more powers could just dilute the focus with being a member of a royal family, Amber, and the Pattern. Same with "Constructs", because they can get crazy real quick. Plus if no one has ever read the novels, I doubt it would be worth the effort to explain Ghostwheel. Must there be a distinction between a Trump and a Trump Deck? A trump is any single image empowered by trump energies, which can act as a trump (allowing communicating or movement). It can be a painted tarot-like card, etched on a wall with a spoon, weaved into a tapestry, or even a mosaic if one wishes to become truly creative. Now the official royal "Trump Deck" (given to those that walk the pattern) are like a tarot deck with the royal family members taking the places of varies Major Arcana (even the dead ones). Created by Dworkin (who isn't learned to be family till later in the novels), with a addition of a trump to the Courtyard of the Royal Castle of Amber. But then, you could also call a number of trump cards a PC has created a "trump deck" as well (even if the Elders might correct them on that). A trump card is very hard to tear or destroy(it has a tiny bit of the foundation of the Reality within it), and when active becomes a bit chilly. Shape Shifting (?) Personal Item(s), Construct(s) (?)
  7. Found some of my early notes, like things the Pattern is known for; Moving through Shadow, as in shadow walking (actually walking), The Royal Way (on a animal or in a vehicle-slow but sure), and H3llriding (quick and dangerous). Character Objectives, finding the shadow of the person's description, seeking a single person, object, or situation. Infinity, leading others through Shadow, finding faster or slower time-wise shadows, or shadow resources to exploit. Power over Shadow, using Patter to affect probability, finding your Shadow of Desire (like Corwin's Avalon), Pattern Defense against mental attacks, and Blood Curse. Here is just me playing around with the Tier Powers (real rough). Tier 1 - Grit, One with Nature, Second Wind, Respected, Swift, Toughened Tier 2 - Adventurer, Blooded (early moving in Shadow), Time to Go, Unstoppable. Tier 3 - Blooded/Improved, Bonded Implement (early Grayswandir type coolness), Heroic Resilience, Heroic Will, Natural, Double or Nothing, Outside the Box, Nobody's Fool, Time to Go/Improved. (Tier 3 is a pain, so many good choices there) Tier 4 - Defensive, Enduring, Double or Nothing/Improved Tier 5 - Cursed (the death curse, that all who walked the pattern get- Corwin and Eric both used theirs). As one can see, Tier 4 and 5 are a tad harder to pick, because by then the Player would have a good idea of what their character knacks where by then. Pattern-wise, there should be another Blooded/Supreme there (at tier 5). The rest maybe boxes for Trump powers and added Sorcery or Mental abilities, and all that cool fighting stuff needed for the Benedict wannabes. Pets/Animal companionship could be a good choice too, since we have creatures like Morgenstern and Flora's hounds.
  8. Personally for me, I would just have them move over in Shadows during their flight/trip to Scotland. There isn't a reason why they couldn't had started in another reflection and then move over to Prime Earth, or the opposite. As to the how or why, I would just leave it up in the air for later events to explain. Plus it would give them a taste of shadow travel, and give the GM a chance to go all weird with the minor differences. Maybe have someone get arrested at the passport counter because their double just came in a hour before with the same passport (if its a commercial jet). My other idea is maybe they hit the fringe of a Shadow Storm and get all sorts of crazy for a minute or two. As for the walk down, maybe listen to the players and then use their ideas to create the stuff that needs to be overcome. Kinda the Pattern's defense mechanism is the fears of whomever is seeking it. Pattern Ghost of their love ones would also be good, or ghosts of those they that they wronged (past sins, a chance for role-playing about character's background). And Amber is always about the "Royal Blood", so something blood related would also be good. First, the Pattern can kill you a multiple of ways even if one is of the Blood. It drains endurance (so Strain), it can lead one to distractions (memories playing in your head or before you eyes, even future possibilities) which could lead to a misstep (one mere slip doesn't seem enough). And to step away or off the lines of the Pattern is instance death according to Royal Family History. So I might throw in a Agility/Athletics roll as they walk, maybe even a Will/Discipline when they hit the each Veil with the possibility of getting Setback dice if they fail. Because if I remember the novels, its the Veils that have the biggest affects on Corwin's memories. His past, presents, and future, like the Norse Norns but in glowie line form that can kill you if you take a misstep. I won't say you GM-ed wrong if someone took a crit during the walk to the center, because walking the Patter for the first time should be hard. Add to that, the Veils give the GM a good chance to do some roleplaying about the character's history. Even foreshadow future events or people, which is always a good thing when possible. Maybe a Walker can get Bonus Dice by their friends cheering him or her on, or them calling forth upon the Unicorn (if you used that earlier in living form or symbol).
  9. Since it's two, I leave one for TheSapient but my encounter would be at Westchester Manor. 1. Flora hounds (one or more) who aren't hostile if approached correctly (Skill checks, Hurrah!). 2. The stable master, left behind taking care of his lady's horses and while not a talkative sort he will still give out some information about the lady of the house. But the PCs with knowledge about animals or woodcraft can tell this guy really knows his stuff. And maybe he's a darn close shadow of Prince Julian with less arrogance due to a war wound or something. Nice setup for a later encounter with the real Julian, when the PCs keep mentioning this guy and Julian be all "I think I need to talk to my sister" once he accepts it. 3. Same as above, but shadow Gerard being Flora's gardener for Westchester Manor. 4. The Unicorn making a quick appearance, add that "Hey guys, I think this is real." vibe to the group's discussion. 5. Same could be said about the tree Ygg if Corwin's brood is involved in this. Maybe the young sentient tree that wards Corwin's Pattern is actually a active player in this whole mess. 6. Depending when you're putting this in the timeline (before or after Patternfall), Dara could be a good choice. She's in the first novels, and she is still feeling-out Amber/Chaos thing. Maybe someone dropped her a clue about a new group of Amberites and she desires a get together to get a read on people like she did with Corwin (especially not the sleeping with part). With shape-shifting, she could be anyone from the college girl at the gas station needing help to the woman taking their order at the diner. 7. Lastly, a teenage Merlin off to see Aunt Flora without his mom's permission. Which thinking about it, would be one strange encounter since Merlin was raised in the traditions of the Courts. It won't be easy to get any straight answers from him, and while likely he would be near their power level, Merlin would know so much more about Patternfall (since Corwin told him -read the novels) and the workings of Amber, Shadow, and the Courts. It would be like hanging out with this super smart kid, who's also well-trained with weapons, and always seem to be holding back something.
  10. I could see a lot of easy fixes about Scotland and getting there, like; 1. Its a 1961 Mercedes-Benz W110 in a the garage in near perfect condition, easily sold to shady car person for $50,000 ( in auction, closer to $250K +). 2. The group finds during their search with the gun, a box of fake passports for Ms. Flaumel and Servant under varies names (and a few blank ones) with a pile of Euros ($10K maybe = $11,111 US dollars). This way gives a advantage of allowing any PC without a passport to make themselves one. And pricing flights, it seems $1,500 per character (one way) seems about right for a plane ticket. 3. Find some keys on the key rack in the kitchen that have 'Westchester County Airport' stamped on the keychain. The keys belong to a 1985 Beechcraft Barong 58P that Flora got to play around with, which has been modified for longer flights (so just able to make it to Scotland). This plane is a twin turbo-prop, and the tower has gotten use for Ms. Evelyn Flaumel doing her own thing (and she has donated a good sum of money for upgrades to the airport). Just added thoughts; If you don't want a W110, you could use the 2018 Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen. Its their Land Rover with the price around 124K, and large enough for a party of five. In Merlin Tales, Flora shows Merlin two grenades in her purse during a family event. It would be funny, if the party found the evidence to that like with shipping boxes or grenade pins.
  11. If you wish to keep it in Family, I would say; Villains - Fiona and Llewella, working together to kick whomever is on the throne (Eric or after Patternfall, Random) off. Maybe for Llew its for revenge, since when Oberon dies it also caused the death of Moire the Queen of Rebma (she being a part reflection of Oberon). Fiona is just being Fiona, needing to be in thick of everything even treason (again). Benefactor - Deirdre (if after Patternfall, she faked her death). She picked Earth because her beloved brother Corwin relished his time there, and annoying Flora lives there. Neutral - Flora in his matter, but Deirdre just loves to get her sister's underthings in a twist.
  12. Dworkin is the OP, the Mcguffin of Amber, with powers beyond the norm. He could do anything, for the Pattern is He, and He is the Pattern. Damage one, and you damage the other (which is why he went mad in the novels due to Brand and company). He could easily get the Pattern to appear in Scotland (or what the party still believes is Scotland), or as in the Merlin Tales just be there to help the real Pattern gobble up a Broken Pattern as a power-up. Here are some quotes from the novels about Corwin's Pattern walk, which I believe at least the Veils should cause Strain rolls to keep from passing-out and dying. “Then the thing began to curve, abruptly, back upon itself. I took ten more paces, and a certain resistance seemed to arise. It was as if a black barrier had grown before me, of some substance which pushed back upon me with each effort that I made to pass forward. I fought it. It was the First Veil, I suddenly knew.” “I took six more rapid steps, reaching the end of an arc and coming to the beginning place of a straight line. I set my foot upon it, and with each step that I took, another barrier began to rise against me. It was the Second Veil.” “Ten turns which left me dizzy, another short arc, a straight line, and the Final Veil.” “Ten paces, then a swirling filigree of fire confronted me, I essayed it, my sweat vanishing into the water as fast as it sprang forth.” “I emerged from the filigree, and marched alone the Grand Curve. The forces that shape the universe fell upon me and beat me into their image.” “I walked three more curves, a straight line, and a series of sharp arcs, and I held within me once again a consciousness of the things which I never really lost; mine was the power over Shadows.” From a GenCon game where each was a OP pattern sword for the sons and daughters of Prince Corwin (the PCs trapped in Corwin's Pattern). And another quote to remember from the novels; “Despite our major hatreds and petty animosities, we Amberites are a very family-conscious bunch, always eager for news of one another, desirous to know everyone’s position in the changing picture. A pause for gossip has doubtless stayed a few death blows among us. I sometimes think of us as a gang of mean little old ladies in a combination rest home and obstacle course.” - Corwin, “ The Guns of Avalon”
  13. Like always, can't find my notes and I loaned my book to another person but going to give it a try. With Genesys, there are some talents I know Pattern Walker would gain like Grit or Toughened. As I said before, one can alter reality by subconscious or the conscious levels and who won't want a better or healthier body. So having more Strain or Wounds makes sense for a person that wields the power of the Pattern. Maybe even up a characteristic by one like in Starwars -Force and Destiny once you reach Tier 5. Then there are Talents that read like it's user edits Reality into their flavor like; Forgot to Count T3, Touch of Fate T2, Life or Death T3, Trust the Captain T3, Fortune Favors the Bold T4, Weak Foundation T4, and How Convenient! T4. Any one of those would fit as a action of a Pattern Wielder back in Eric Wujcik's Diceless Amber RPG, so would make sense to create some sort of pool for the PCs to pick and choice from so not everyone become murder-machines like Uncle Benedict. As how to travel or move within Shadow, I remember seeing some magic spell in RAW that fits and I believe I was just going to slot varies aspects of the powers where Blood Magic sits (T1, T3, & T5). Don't ask about Trump and where those Talents should go, that kinda broke my brain thinking about it. But any Amber game needs trumps for the simple fact that it allows the party to split up and rejoin as often as they wish. A PC can go off to do their own thing (and keep secret from the group), then run into some trouble and need to call another PC to help, and learn some major clue then they need to meet-up with the whole PC party to share. Trump cards are like these super cool smart phones that allow immediate transport which can either save one's life or one can save their cousin's life with the mere flick of a card and some concentration. Downside, people in contact can mentally attack you and lock down any physical response as they rip one's mind apart. Trump cards are a very two-edged sword type of device, so best be wise to whom you call. Other things a Broken Pattern may do; 1. If one brings up the imperfections of their imprint (i.e. The Dark Well), one can see magical energies and other prime powers (real pattern, trump, and logrus). But the downside is it still doesn't help with illusions or glamours, since those are designed to fool the viewer. 2. Broken Pattern Tendrils - Dive deep enough into "The Dark Well", one can bring forth black tendrils that can reach out and touch things and people to sense or channel magical or mental energy through to affect or attack them. Its like a weaker form of Logrus tendrils that have no real material form, can't manipulate anything physical, and very short range (I don't know, maybe a football field at most as long as one can see the target).
  14. If you go by the novels, the Pattern always throws off reflections of itself as does even those with the blood of Amber. Now to the strength and vitality, distances does seem to play a part. The strongest broken patterns would be nearest to the real pattern, but not same with reflections of the varies people of power within Corwin's Amber. Their shadows, or their lesser clones, could be anywhere within Shadow proper due to shadow-travel and such. Stay too long in one place in Shadow, and you start affecting the neighboring realms for good or bad. I should mention, its possible for Amber Pattern to cast reflections of itself within Corwin's Pattern and vice varies if you wanted a source of power for the Big Bad. Same with the Jewel of Judgment, which may have a reflection of itself within Corwin's Pattern/Universe. But the plus side of Corwin's Realm is he was thinking of the best when he drew it, of all the good times he had with family and out in shadow and on Prime Earth during his Eric-enforced disappearance. Not that anyone in the Royal Family would trust such a place, especially knowing Corwin made it. Broken Pattern is a flawed version of the real Pattern. It does allow shadow travel (h-riding only), and its a bit more dangerous since one can fall into the flaws (those of the broken pattern and reality itself) when traveling. On the plus side, anyone can walk a Broken Pattern. Amberites just have a way better chance of surviving the imprint, and in the Merlin Stories one can hang spells upon it like a storage device. Could do a few more things but I need to check my books to be sure. The house on Prime Earth wasn't Fiona's, it was Flora's and outside a sitting room and the front door I don't think you get much more. Florimel had taken refuge in Earth because Eric was mad at her, then Corwin shows-up out of the blue... then Random running from some shadow assassins. All she had was some trained English Wolf Hounds (or a breed close to that) for protection. If I remember correctly, she lost a couch that Corwin tossed at Random, and then they stole her car for the drive to Amber. But there is some gossip Flora could had been on Earth to keep a eye on amnesia-Corwin by order of King Eric. Something you could find useful, Fiona showed Merlin a magical hand mirror that allowed her to see past the silver mist that surrounds Corwin's Pattern. Its hinted she could observe worlds and events within Corwin's Pattern, but she was still up in the air wherever it's creation was a good thing or not. Wanted Merlin to try walking it, because Fi thought only one of Corwin's blood could do so. And at the end of Patternfall, Corwin mentioned he was going to explore his new Pattern. Shame he got captured by Chaos if you go by Merlin's Tales,
  15. Depends if you wish the players to start with Pattern, and if 'yes' then perhaps the memory lost happened during their initial walking of the Pattern to claim their birthright. Its kinda a tradition for family members after their first pattern walk to disappear for a few years exploring Shadow (much like giving a teenager the keys to the family car for the first time). There's Prime Earth (where Corwin and Flora lived) and then multiple shadow earths. If the GM goes with their "first Pattern walk" as the start, then I would say it was either a outside force that influenced the Pattern to send them there or the Pattern itself decided to send them somewhere safe. Prime Earth has the advantages of being more "real" then the rest of Reality (think the Forest of Arden near Amber as a example). There's also the Earth of the 1920's within Corwin's Pattern if one plays after Patternfall, that is linked to the other Amber by a tree (mini-Ygg) near the Realms of Chaos. Let the players choice that, or if the GM wishes to keeps thing a mystery I've seen the GM pick parents due to how the person players their characters after a few sessions. Depends when within the novels one is playing and who is alive. Normally, Amber Elders can be both your best friends and worst enemies and often at the same time. There are the Courts, and countless Chaos Lords of varies power levels (some even near Amber Elder level) who would love to take a Amberite down a peg. In my longest campaign, Fiona was different with every player, beloved by some, hated by others, neutral to most. But behind the scenes, she was a awful aunt to one of the PCs, taking a younger form and being a total "Mean Girl" to the PC in school to toughen the child to how the world actually worked. Like "PC about to see the boy she liked, and there be Aunt Fi throwing chewing gum into her hair". But if you need a bad guy, go with Brand even if he isn't the one behind it. Good chance he would claim credit anyways... Then add in missing family members, unknown family members, and a long list of dead family members that could be faking it (before Patternfall, Osric and Finndo, after we got Brand, Dee, and dear daddy Oberon). Oberon's Ghost would be a good enemy, the old puppet master can't give-up the game. To answer that, when is the game going to take place? After Patternfall, Random is king and things are a tad confused. Before Patternfall, Oberon is missing and Corwin is being a pain and etc, etc, etc. I would simple go with them learning that their Earth isn't the center of the Universe. The ability to alter reality by Pattern is both conscious and subconscious, so one could shadow walk to another earth where their favorite pizza place is open 24 hrs. after a night of drinking. Their biggest surprise would be how fluid reality really is, how they could go anywhere and be godkings if they wished. But all of that is just self-delusion, because none of it matters when you compare it to Amber. Because the City of Amber is like the best of every city that even was, then doubled. Amber is real, and you or your relatives can't chance things or erase your deeds and it's home. Its the Eternal City, where the Royal Family rules from Mt. Kolvir. Walking the Pattern and proving yourself family is one way, the Mad Priest Dworkin gifting one a set afterwards. The Private Royal Library always has a few sets in a glass display case with a easily picked lock. But in most games I've been in, one of the PCs had the ability to create trump cards and would share so one owing them a favor. Which has kept many annoying trump artist alive, in the numerous campaigns I've ran or played in. That's up to you as a GM and how they're moving in Shadow. ****-riding is more fast edits, one switch major components (stream turns into a river, river turns into a ocean). The Royal Way, is easier and slower where you only change little things that add up to major changes (road into a highway, highway turns into a super highway, ends at a port). Then what type of mounts or vehicles they're in, etc. There is the Primal Pattern hidden away (unknown to most of the family till later in the novels), there is the Pattern in the dungeon of the Royal Castle, there is the reflections of the Pattern that are within Rebma and Tir-na Nog'th. Corwin's Pattern, and then a number of Broken Patterns that are flawed reflections of the Primal Pattern of Amber in Shadow. If one walks any of the true Patterns (Primal, Castle, Rebma, or Tir-na Nog'th), one proves themselves "Family" and is gifted with the ability to walk and control Shadow. Now if you fail to walk the Pattern (you don't have the endurance or not of the blood of Oberon), unless there's someone nearby with a greater understanding of the Patten to save one from a misstep… that person will be just pretty ashes floating above the Pattern till even those are gone. In the past, the Pattern has even killed family members due to varies causes. Never walk the Pattern without good cause! Any type of Magic can existence in Shadow, but in Amber it's usually the less flashier kind since one is fighting against the Pattern to bring the magical energies into being. The Redheads of the Family (Fiona, Brand, and Bleys) are normally the ones that know and use magic in Amber (due to their mother and time spent listening to Dworkin). The rest of the royal family may know a few tricks, but Amber isn't a place for the big splashy spells like in most fantasy novels. Now in Shadow, have at it since you can find realms everyone is a magi to shadows where there is no magic of any kind.
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