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    Countering Sense

    Which would be acceptable for me as a player, since there are some talents that gain it's possessor a conflict just for having them. And I would expect the same for a droid specialist PC that always has droids about spying on people. But then what if the subject has no expectations of privacy, be it their culture, government, or perhaps just being a Jedi? Because I doubt any Jedi at their HQ expects the normal level of privacy any others citizens of the planet enjoy (and that's not even talking about the surveillance state Coruscant seemed to be). And above-table, a single conflict or two for using Sense in such a way would be cheaper then what likely my Force-using PC would have to do to get the information otherwise. Of the half-dozen different ways I can think of to get a door code, Force-Sense is near the cleanest with leaving hardly a trace behind. The force power Influence would be the next choice, but that takes a measure of free-will away so maybe more conflict? On the skill front, Perception would be the next cleanest because that's just watching. Next maybe Computer to hack the door or get the code. Then we get into Deception, to con one's way pass the door and it's sentry. Next comes Coercion or Skullduggery, which I doubt would end well for those that have the code. Not saying you would need a murder room wrapped in plastic, but I would likely have one ready just in case. Or one could just go full Dark and force lightning the fool for denying one as great (and powerful) as you enter. The whole Sense and privacy would become a joke to amuse your fellow Dark-Siders over drinks.
  2. starpup101

    Countering Sense

    As a Jedi, yes I believe I could do so since I would be under oversight by the Jedi Council. In many ways, its no different from 'stop and frisk' New York City had in place for ten years before the courts finally found it unconstitutional (due to it's racist elements). And if just reading your thoughts is terrible, Force Influence must be instant dark side. For being able to take one's freewill away with Influence, can only be a thousand times worst then merely able to take advantage of what one learns from surface thoughts. If one want to be truthful, don't find Sense any more of a intrusion that looking through someone's diary or email. A single snap shot of my thoughts isn't going to gain one understanding of the inner workings of my mind even if it does give one my computer password. Heck, if you really want to hear what I was thinking... just use some skill to get me talking. But lets say I want to do a little crossover and make-up the Auor Alastor Moody from Harry Potter, making him a Jedi Shadow. For his "Constant vigilance!" quote, I tell the GM that often I will just Force Sense the people nearby. Paranoid maybe, but as a veteran of many battles and knowledgeable in Sith lore, and kinda understandable with his history. Would such gain the character Conflict, yes but its not like Conflict isn't manageable both as a character and by me the person playing that character. It could also lead to good side benefits when I read my next door neighbor is worried about food or rent this month (so I loan them a few credits), my co-worker having some major depression issues and I go about getting them some help. This guy walking down the street is looking to rob someone, that woman over there is lost... etc. Or it my Mad-Eye Moody used Force Sense twenty times a day and never used that information gained for anything besides personal safe... would they become dark side?
  3. starpup101

    Countering Sense

    If some street thug, security guard, or doorman was trained to counter Sense, Jedi-me would switch to using high-level Influence without a second thought. Because its odd, and its not like there were tons of Jedi about to make it worth the effort (10,000 vs 10 trillion). Besides that, there are varies alien species that use pheromones, heat vision, etc., etc. that could do the same. Besides, the greater threat would be the normal cops hooking the criminal you up to a high tech lie detector or voice stress analyzer. Then we have the normal skills any character has that could possible pick-up on what the target is thinking without using any Force Power. Then the other side of the coin, Sense is relative passive and harmless (its what you do with the knowledge or why one used the power that causes conflict) and once the GM makes that more trouble that it's worth... normal torture, force lightning, force choke, or Influence could be it's replacement.
  4. starpup101

    Hilt-masking kit ideas

    If you had the curved hilt mod for your lightsaber, I might go with a thick golden torc to wear about the neck. One where the skin side is flat enough for one to snap the both sides together to form the whole of the lightsaber curved hilt. Since the power supply would be what would show-up on most scanners, I would put it in either another piece of jewelry (like a communication ring) or a data pad.
  5. starpup101

    Comprehend Technology-Guardian Armorer

    As a person that is playing in the OP's campaign, we had the same with "Mechanics" skill in our campaign at the start. So a extra five xp is a big deal to our starting characters, and still even after we gotten up to 120 xp after last night's session. If anyone is min/max-ing, it would be me with my Elomin-Consular/Teacher/Niman Disciple with the Force Powers: Sense/Enhance that fights with two light sabers. I kinda had to go that way because we were weak in combat (our first four fights ended with us running away). Not the most disfunctional group I've played in, but we do have our moments. lol
  6. starpup101

    Genesys and Amber

    While a first time poster and new to the system (second month in a Force & Destiny campaign), I do have decades of experience in Amber Diceless both a as GM and player. Last week on another forum and on another Amber thread, I made the suggestion that Genesys could be a good fit for Amber. And since then, I've picked-up the Genesys book and see a lot of promise for such a setting. Been running how mechanically one could do a Pattern Walk with Genesys, the cost in Strain and the varies dice and reasons for them (first time walking, someone helping, injuries or exhaustion). Now it's how to do the Talent Pyramids for the Powers of Pattern, Trump, Logrus, and Shape-Shifting. In truth, I think they will make or break the setting. The magic system Genesys seems adequate enough for the Magic in Amber and Shadow. The Power Words in Amber Diceless could be dropped for Genesys, since they came from the battle between Corwin and a demon. Conjuration, or how to create magical items.. I hope could be borrowed some a another setting. Psyche assault is another thing that happens often in a ADRP campaign, but I'm unsure if that should happen in the normal conflict or have it's own Talent Pyramid to make Fiona just a little more scarier. Could someone give me info about the heroic abilities parts from Realms of Terrinoth? It certain does sound useful for a Genesys-Amber game, since the Amberite Elders are a breed apart from your standard villain. And don't forget Rebma and Tir-na Nog'th, Arden, and the whole of Shadow. But I could see the Royal Way to travel in Shadow using Pattern could be a Average roll with maybe some Boost Dices if its a well worn path between Amber and Shadow Earth. ****-Riding would be a Hard difficulty level, add some setback dice if a Shadow Storm is near. Now a ****-Ride to get away from Uncle Benedict could be a Daunting, even if you were able to throw some setback dice at dear old one-arm Ben. Then of course, the Jewel of Judgment and Grayswandir to stat out but I don't seem a problem with those two. And being a First Series Purest, I won't worry that much about the stuff in the Merlin books. As to the Courts of Chaos, I personally would just do a loose outline to keep things manageable. Amber, Rebma, Arden, Tir-na Nog'th, and the whole of Shadow is more then enough to start with. But this is my first night reading Genesys, and I need to re-read the novels for any inspiration.