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    Expansion 5 Specuation

    I think the next expansion will be announced this February and is in the shop in June. I hope to see in a "big Box" 3 Stories for Mountains of Madness (Lakes Camp (4 Stars, ~180 minutes) and the Elder City (5 Stars, 240 - 300 minutes) and to start a short Crime Mission to prevent a Sabotage of the Expedition (3 Stars, ~120 minutes, can play in Arkham= Base Game +more 2-3 new City titles) and 1 or 2 elder things as monster models..ok its Expansion 6 (Exp6) then.
  2. Grubby12345

    Which x pack to get after core set?

    If you want to paint everything and not the biggest painter you should first get the small expansions with little miniatures. The figures should already be worked on, so that they are firmly on the base and look for something. So far, I have painted Beyond the Threshold and the basic game. Shrine of Dawn also ordered, I will throw in between other goals in February. I'm waiting for the new extensions, which appear this year to me still deciding correctly..what will get me yet.
  3. Grubby12345

    New expansion wanted

    Ok, we dont need Descent 3..we make self adventures how in D&D 1st edition.
  4. Maybe a secret hint : "we are working on Descent 3 with even more beautiful characters" and "Descent 2 ist over" ?
  5. After Imperial Assault has just received another APP campaign (Yabba's Realm), I hope that Descent 2 gets another APP campaign to finish, best for the Labyrinth of Ruin a or Bilehall + Rusting Chains ..the others Great Campaigns. Also one or two more PODs would be very useful, there are still too few. When that's over, you can slowly wait for the Descent 3 as well.