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  1. Its march tomorrow, 8 months away from the last annoucement Nobody hears something from the 5. Expansion ?
  2. we lost often the APP, because we play the Monsters moves how with Overlord. The time pressure can be hard if you get stuck somewhere. And the Coop-Pods really played are very hard. No time. In last 10 days we lost two and win one Coop-Adventure. But the game with Overlord ist nice too..i love Descent very much because we have FOUR kind of gaming here: -Overlord vs Players -Auto Overlord vs Players to play the orignal Campaigns (Fan-Project)+ random Deeper Dungeons (Fan-Expansion) -Coop-PODs vs Players (+the Coop Fan-Projects ) -APP RtL vs Players with Campaigns and 2 other kind of game (Frostgate and the Delve). we need now only a offical editor for the APP (near easy to use how the Quest Vault) to make self hundreds of App-Adventures too.
  3. The 7 others (source see up) are from the german community. The english translating of the legacy was stopped, because RtL-App come out to this time : https://forum.asmodee.de/viewtopic.php?f=203&t=21336 I dont know if the others adventures was translated
  4. sorry, most is in german language and the Legacy of Ithyndrus is not complete in english. Download: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/0uu7vyh0d6kjscd/AAAB5ygf1IvXWXWHldbdcELEa/Fanerweiterungen/Koop Abenteuer?dl=0&subfolder_nav_tracking I dont know a other link for english versions
  5. if you mean the App is boring, then play they at level *hard* or with not the best heroes/classes. yes, "Frostgate" is boring, but "the Delve" is nice and campaigns are nice too. But i play Coop-Pods too.. i have 10 Coop-adventures (7 and a big campaign about Skarn) without a app, all in german language:
  6. Many people want it, because Descent is then a real Coop-game and most playergroups have only 2 players. I think that MoM2, the Descent 2 APP RtL (for free) and the IA-APP (for free too) is a test too, to see what the people want and what must have a modern game.
  7. Its the Future, i think if Descent 3 comes it is a Boardgame with only APP-Content how MoM2. For the broad Masses (the Mainstream), well for the Buisness...the Nerdgames dies ☹️
  8. I think the next expansion will be announced this February and is in the shop in June. I hope to see in a "big Box" 3 Stories for Mountains of Madness (Lakes Camp (4 Stars, ~180 minutes) and the Elder City (5 Stars, 240 - 300 minutes) and to start a short Crime Mission to prevent a Sabotage of the Expedition (3 Stars, ~120 minutes, can play in Arkham= Base Game +more 2-3 new City titles) and 1 or 2 elder things as monster models..ok its Expansion 6 (Exp6) then.
  9. If you want to paint everything and not the biggest painter you should first get the small expansions with little miniatures. The figures should already be worked on, so that they are firmly on the base and look for something. So far, I have painted Beyond the Threshold and the basic game. Shrine of Dawn also ordered, I will throw in between other goals in February. I'm waiting for the new extensions, which appear this year to me still deciding correctly..what will get me yet.
  10. Ok, we dont need Descent 3..we make self adventures how in D&D 1st edition.
  11. Maybe a secret hint : "we are working on Descent 3 with even more beautiful characters" and "Descent 2 ist over" ?
  12. After Imperial Assault has just received another APP campaign (Yabba's Realm), I hope that Descent 2 gets another APP campaign to finish, best for the Labyrinth of Ruin a or Bilehall + Rusting Chains ..the others Great Campaigns. Also one or two more PODs would be very useful, there are still too few. When that's over, you can slowly wait for the Descent 3 as well.
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