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  1. re: - Why am I getting a warning from Bitly not to use the file on the 'web install' link? Any ideas? I've never heard of Bitly
  2. This, I believe, could be done at the "GM" level, rather than in the character generator. GM, after all, has final say as to what characters can be allowed/played.
  3. I just installed using Firefox, this evening, with no error messages, and program seems to run fine (except for the data install problem).
  4. I downloaded the data at GitLab as a zip file but when I try to use the Data Editor I get the error message "the zip file does not contain a valid data set"
  5. Did this... it unselected everything except core books, then reselected everything, but still most of the Career Specializations came up with the referral to book and page. it's funny as ONLY the career specializations seem affected, everything else seems to be there.
  6. I'm not sure where the 'standard' custom data folder you are talking about could be. I only know of the 'default' or Full DataSet settings... have not found any other locations, except in the install directory, and I've copied the information into that directory, just in case, with negative results. I did what you suggested, and nothing changed. I specifically checked specializations that I had input, verified that the data was in the xml file, but nothing showed up in the program when I tried to bring up that specialization except the program standard point to the book. The Talent Trees I input seem to all have taken the information just fine, but not specialization files.
  7. I'm using, I've copied most of the "Specialization" information over, and when I check the .xml files in "C:\Users\name\AppData\Roaming\SWCharGen\DataCustom\DataSet_Full DataSet\Specializations" the information is there, but when I go into the program and try to create a character, all I get is the message like :"Please see page 32 of the Special Modifications Sourcebook for details." Is there someplace I can tell the program where to go to get the data? I can not seem to find any sort of settings to do this. I've already used 'select all' in the option box to select all sources. I've input the data under the "Full Data Set" heading.
  8. I'm not having problems with the 2.3.0 program version, just with the data downloads... when I did a complete download I ended up with a loss of much data... The previous download (shortly after the new file site opened) was much more complete, though missing some of the later data.
  9. But the final decision sits with Oggdude, regardless of how much we may wish otherwise.
  10. One thing I would find useful would be if between Character Name and Campaign either Species or Career (or both) was shown. I tend to make up quite a few characters and print out when needed. Either of those pieces of data would make things a bit quicker, though I'd prefer Career if only 1 could be added.
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