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  1. thanks. yeah they kinda lack luster imo. but the concept was cool i thought. so im mostly useing that tattoo monk school from the core book and only switching out the school ability
  2. oh thanks i was going to call my school ablity least the master one the wisdom from the cups. but i really like your ideas. thank you.
  3. so im making a drunken boxing school and was wondering for those more experienced with the game how would you approach making such a school? i have all the books but only really looked at core and path of waves. im also thinking this school would dragon clan based but open to other clans as well. i also have a character backstory in mind who is student of this school. Which is basically the movie crouching tiger hidden dragon. would pointers on how to build my character from you guys as well.. thanks.
  4. Hi everyone i'm a first-time gm and was wondering if anyone knew of a homebrew house rules that had all weapons and vehicles form the latest updates to Warhammer 40k? I'm running a campaign based on mini wargaming Augustine's wreckage but putting my own spin. the world is a half death world half feudal world (think the empire and dwarfs from Warhammer fantasy as far as tech wise.) but I want to include the weapons and armor that can and would be on the station esp tau ork and eldar weapons and such as well as genestealer cults any help would be great. thinking most major factions are there including sisters and the death watch I'm also wanting thoughts on my campaign. also are there any rules on how to deorkify a gun for example? just asking. I hope to hear back soon. thanks
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