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  1. Scenario: Cycle of Eternity, Horrific Journeys variant Language: Italian Platform: Android Version: 1.7.1(826) Tileset: Tentacle+Train During the "Cycle of Eternity" scenario, we got the new map variants (Vanderbilt yatch and new house). Sadly the app keep mixing the languages into the dialogue box All the descriptions alternate between English/Italian, and makes the narrative and set up confusing Language option is in Italian
  2. Small update: We had some game sessions with Altered Fate DLC and recived a new map configuation. Tiles were drawn from Sanctum of Twilight If you play old scenarios, and recive Sanctum of Twilight tiles, please report it there
  3. Hey there! I'm having hard time to find this kind of information. Maybe someone around here could help me out ? Does anyone know how many variables the scenarios from Sanctum of Twilight can offer? If i reckon, last small expansion Beyond the Threshold has 2 scenarios and each one of them has 2 map variant. Also, it unlock a new map for the DLC Dark Reflection What about Sanctum of Twilight? Any clue?
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