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  1. I thought it was Nemesi. BTW, I love the direction this thread has taken...and also appreciate KungFuFerret's suggestion. That may work.
  2. thanks everyone, these are some great thoughts. So it sounds like I should just have faith in the system, because it works RAW with some allowance for player ingenuity.
  3. I ran an Age of Rebellion session in which the PCs snuck up to some Imperials and tried to dispatch them with their vibroknives. But they ran into a lot of difficulty since the knives barely did any damage; many hits didn't make it past the soak value. Using their blasters, with the engaged penalty, almost seemed a better bet. Do knives seem under-powered to anyone else? I understand they're much less powerful than blasters, and it would be hard to cut through heavy clothing. Even with the pierce quality there's still little effect. Is it meant to be reliant on crits? Has anyone tried a house rule letting players ignore soak if they do a "called shot" to the neck?
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