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  1. For me, I love: - conversion kits letting me keep playing all my OT ships (old news but appreciation increasing as we see how long it’s taking to get through re-releases) - Hotshots and Aces: card packs expanding these already fleshed out factions without forcing in new ships? more please Disappointment: - I wish Rebel A-Wing and Tie Interceptor were more fleshed out with more pilots, configs, and/or mods.
  2. I can’t login on iPad anymore, as of sometime a couple months ago
  3. Oh, just tried to plug it into YASB and was reminded Bomblet would consume bother device slots 😞
  4. Does the shield spending/recovering synergy make Bomblet Generator on Miranda a good choice in place of Proton Bombs?
  5. That is pretty convincing that draws are bad! The suggestion in the comments of awarding draws 0 points, losses 1 and wins 3 was interesting though unintuitive. I wonder if it would work to just keep Final Salvo, but you only get to use it if you've crossed some point threshold (33? 50?). Otherwise both players just lose. So no draws on tie scores, you either get a loss or a Final Salvo if you actually did enough damage to each other in game. Good read, thanks!
  6. I'm not in the competitive scene but really like this game and find the conversation interesting, so apologies if this has already been covered. If Final Salvo was introduced to take away the option to intentionally draw, I'm curious if playing for a draw was a big problem before? I'd think if a win was worth sufficiently more tournament points than a draw, then it would only come up infrequently for paired players who've performed extremely well in previous rounds. Assuming "no draws" is preferred, I've also heard mention of objective play as a solution but no specific objectives described, is there a thread discussing that and/or additional tie breaker options? I could see having standard "objectives" that either earn points for the player or maybe just "tie breaker points" which only matter if they to resolve a draw. That sounds like a bunch of overhead just to track tie breakers but if you keep the "objectives" clean/intuitive the "tie breaker points" can just be tracked using a pile of shield or damage tokens or whatever. Ideas for things to earn tiebreaker points that I think would encourage engaging: - smaller bid? Seems likely to give an edge to the less elite squad or the loser of a bid war which I think is good? - engaging with at least one ship (earned up to once per round per player) - crossing the middle of the board with a ship (earned up to once per game)
  7. Sticking with one faction to save money while wishing there was more stuff being released for that faction on which you could spend your money? Interesting conoundrum
  8. FWIW, I'm one of those who used red sharpie to color a side on my 1.0 shields and I've been quite happy with them. The new tokens actually seem more petite and I find the chunkyness of the old ones more pleasant to handle. I've also drifted back to using the old ion, stress, cloak, and critical hit tokens. The rule where circle tokens go away at the end of the round and square ones stay system is really nice but seems to work just as well as "circles go, non-circles stay :)"
  9. I think it would be nice to have a drift mechanic where, rather than always aligning the template between your rear guides after basic maneuvers, you could align it to the outside of either guide to let your ship "drift" left or right. This could be applied in any number of ways including being and action or just available to specific ships but most appealing to me would be an option that all ships have after basic maneuvers before their action, probably only on non-red maneuvers and while non-stressed. It could be limited to certain bearings or maybe scaled based on base size. For example, only on straight maneuvers for large bases, straight and bank maneuvers for medium ships, and straight bank and turn maneuvers for small ships. Or maybe not at all for large, straights for medium and straights and banks for small ships. I could see an argument that this reduces the value of barrel roll but I don't think so. Barrel roll is a much more extreme positional change so it still has its own applications. Plus, if you allow drift plus barrel roll you also increase the range/value of barrel roll too (it could be longer OR shorter if you drift thr opposite direction you are going to roll). I think there is some concern drifting could help high Initiaive pilots have even more advantage over low which is probably valid but maybe offset some by lower unit having that much more control where they setup blocks and the joy of having more control of all of your ships. I love the X-Wing movement system but the extremely limited discrete set of moves on each dial is not something I see as a feature but a practical limitation because of dial space and how unwieldy MORE maneuver template would be. Something like this avoids those two issues while giving you much more control of your ships. If it scaled based on base size, it also serves to further differentiate the maneuverability of small, medium and large ships.
  10. I like the idea. Or just make Force Slot mean Force or talent? I'm a casual player updating my lists and the cost for SR on Vader is blowing my mind. Was he dominating the meta? Can SR actually pull its weight at 32 points in the hands of a skilled player? I'm asking scencerely since I make lists for me and my opponents so I like to make them fair/fun/thematic. Just trying to figure out how to build Vader now. I really like SR but man, 32?
  11. I agree with your comments regarding those specific ships. I’m also not a fan of the flappy wings, I think they tend to look sloppy most of the time. However, the Resistance A-Wings I think look really great, better than the 1st Edition Rebel ones. I also think the new Mining Guild Tie looks quite nice. So I don’t know that it’s an overall quality drop. It could be it’s just hit and miss based on the ship or maybe it’s specific to the first couple of waves of ships?
  12. I can't recall what it is called but the very first data pack released added a lot of agenda variety for the corps beyond what was in the core. I guess with all of the Deluxe expansions you'll get more agenda variety as well but, if you can find it, I think that data pack is also worth considering.
  13. Very nice. How are you handling cross faction crew/gunners like Maul,0-0-0, and BT-1? Just putting them with their primary faction I guess? I ended up just splitting crew into unique and non-unique instead of neutral and then by faction but I'm undecided which approach I like better.
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