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  1. DarthHenryAllen

    Petition to give Vader a Talent slot

    I like the idea. Or just make Force Slot mean Force or talent? I'm a casual player updating my lists and the cost for SR on Vader is blowing my mind. Was he dominating the meta? Can SR actually pull its weight at 32 points in the hands of a skilled player? I'm asking scencerely since I make lists for me and my opponents so I like to make them fair/fun/thematic. Just trying to figure out how to build Vader now. I really like SR but man, 32?
  2. DarthHenryAllen

    Is there a miniature quality drop coming with 2.0?

    I agree with your comments regarding those specific ships. I’m also not a fan of the flappy wings, I think they tend to look sloppy most of the time. However, the Resistance A-Wings I think look really great, better than the 1st Edition Rebel ones. I also think the new Mining Guild Tie looks quite nice. So I don’t know that it’s an overall quality drop. It could be it’s just hit and miss based on the ship or maybe it’s specific to the first couple of waves of ships?
  3. DarthHenryAllen

    Best Netrunner Expansions

    I can't recall what it is called but the very first data pack released added a lot of agenda variety for the corps beyond what was in the core. I guess with all of the Deluxe expansions you'll get more agenda variety as well but, if you can find it, I think that data pack is also worth considering.
  4. DarthHenryAllen

    Scum Questions...

    It's medium
  5. DarthHenryAllen

    PSA: Cheap card storage option

    Very nice. How are you handling cross faction crew/gunners like Maul,0-0-0, and BT-1? Just putting them with their primary faction I guess? I ended up just splitting crew into unique and non-unique instead of neutral and then by faction but I'm undecided which approach I like better.
  6. DarthHenryAllen

    Do your dials say "STAR WING" or "STARWING"?

    Oh yeah, I forgot about that. My son was helping build dials and I was pretty worried for a minute when he got down to what appeared to be a single miss-matched pair left.
  7. DarthHenryAllen

    PSA: Cheap card storage option

    Opinions vary but, other than the damage deck, I don't think any X-Wing cards need sleeving because they don't get shuffled, they are rarely handled during game and it doesn't even matter for gameplay if they do become marked.
  8. DarthHenryAllen

    PSA: Cheap card storage option

    Barry, my memory isn't sufficient for remembering the points values, especially if they start changing. But, you are probably on to something with this alphabetizing thing. I'll give that a try!
  9. DarthHenryAllen

    PSA: Cheap card storage option

    I've used the box with dividers for a couple of games now and I'm liking it. Feels a bit faster to find things and put them away in general. The exception is if you have a big section, like I have all of my talents in one section. For that case it can take longer than I'd like to find a card. I probably just need to sub-divide the talents somehow (probably alphabetically, like A-E in one section and so on). Aside from that though, I'm liking it so far.
  10. DarthHenryAllen

    Do your dials say "STAR WING" or "STARWING"?

    Just an oddity I randomly noticed while inventorying my extra conversion components ... I have some Star Wing dials that say "STAR WING" on the front while others say "STARWING" (without the space). I'm guessing the former is correct since it's written this way consistently on all the pilot cards and configurations? It's odd though, I do have a mix of stuff from 2 Imperial conversion kits but both kits were bought at the same time from the same place. Anyhow, just thought I'd share, hopefully this doesn't cause too many fits for OCD types who may have the "wrong" one :).
  11. DarthHenryAllen

    The big conversion kit individual cards and parts trade thread.

    Good trade with Bullox, great communication and packaging. Thanks!
  12. DarthHenryAllen

    Looking for the different upgrade card's insignias

    X-Wing font is great. I used it to make divider cards with upgrade symbols.
  13. DarthHenryAllen

    So, how’s the app working for everyone else?

    I've found Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0 to be quite nice for list building. The official App I've found unpleasant in the hour I spent with it. Way to much loading, scrolling, and changing screens to do simple things that you can do quickly and all on one screen with other builders. I can't see using their app without a complete overhaul of this stuff, not to mention adressing bugs and a better collection system. I'm really greateful for the third party builder options keeping list building fun/practical which is key to making this game work.
  14. DarthHenryAllen

    1.0 upgrades you hope will find their way to 2.0

    I would like to see the return of various ship specific Titles, Modifications, etc (probably all altered to varying degrees and mostly implemented as Configurations now). I know a lot of these used to be fixes and I love built in ship abilities we have now but I'm actually starting to miss the variety of ways you can customize specific ships (Bomber carrying crew, the two different Tie Defender Configs, Heavy vs. Light Scyk, etc.
  15. DarthHenryAllen

    The big conversion kit individual cards and parts trade thread.

    Successful trade with Zero8855, prompt shipment and good communication. Thanks!