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  1. But Masamune lost his eye because of a childhood smallpox infection.
  2. Wow, I didn't realize that was a thing in Rokugani society. I thought it was like how Date Masamune felt about his missing eye: he specifically requested portraits of him be painted with him having both eyes, because your body is a gift to you from your parents, and alienating any part of it, even for reasons beyond your control, was disrespectful.
  3. I'm starting to think this guy would probably function better as an NPC than a PC. Someone for PC samurai to come across in this situation to illustrate Rokugan's caste system in action and give more justice-minded samurai something to intervene in. Thanks for all the information, everyone! 😊
  4. Toku, you're talking about Toku. I do know a little about the old setting! 😜 I hope they bring him and the Monkey Clan back in this reboot at some point, I miss them. 🙁 What would happen if the lady he rescued wasn't another heimin, but was of samurai caste herself, and she vouched for him (assuming he himself is still fully heimin rather than being the illegitimate child of a samurai)? Could her dad tell the other guy's dad, like "You will NOT execute this man for assaulting your son, for I am going to reward him by making him my daughter's yojimbo!" or something?
  5. Amazing ideas, thanks folks! Lots of stuff to think on! One question, though: from what it sounds like, ronin is a specific caste of its own, rather than "the Japanese word for mercenary." It sounds like a person can't just pick up a weapon and sell their services in an army to become ronin. Am I reading that right?
  6. I honestly figured the 20-Goblin Winter was the best way to ensure his survival. Even if he did join the Crab Clan through that method, would that protect him from retaliation from his former lord and his son? I mean, obviously the son would have a vendetta against him anyway, but would he have to pursue it on his own or could he just have his dad tell the Crab Clan "Your newly-recruited samurai assaulted my son, we demand you order him to commit seppuku immediately!"
  7. I'm coming up with another character concept, and I was wondering how best to make the story align with Rokugan's culture and laws. Here's the basics: The character was born to a family of peasants, the third of six kids, but suffering from a few severe physical handicaps: hunchbacked, one-legged, cataracts blinding one eyes, and a freakishly large left-arm that's only gotten stronger through working the farm. Despite this, his parents raised him anyway rather than leaving him exposed as a baby to die. He's managed to become an efficient and tough part of the community, despite his handicaps. One day, while out in the rice paddies, he happened upon the son of his village's lord trying to force themselves on one of his cousins. Not knowing who the man was at the time, he thrashed him senseless before his cousin revealed just who her attacker was. The basics of the original concept is that he left home with his peg leg and his family's second-best axe to become a wandering hero (in this case, he'd probably become a ronin). The problem is that I'm not sure how well this story would mesh into Rokugan's legal system. The original concept was written with more traditional European-based medieval fantasy in mind, where an individual peasant who did this would most likely just be hung for this if they didn't run off and become an outlaw, but heimin in Rokugan have a lot more to worry about in terms of collective punishment. Clearly this guy would be executed, probably painfully, for assaulting the son of his lord, if only on principle alone, but running away doesn't solve the problem for his family, as they would probably be executed as well, whether or not he was found among them, with even the entire village potentially suffering if the local lord was feeling mean (especially considering the guy turns a blind eye to his son sexually assaulting the village women). So would this misshapen but noble-hearted ronin even be a viable concept in Rokugan, or would this story only end in tears with him, and possibly his entire family, being brutally killed for his act of heroism?
  8. Thanks again for all your suggestions! I had another question, this time regarding yari: There are multiple types of yari in history, and I'm wondering if they can all be represented by the basic yari in the Corebook, especially since there are a number of polearms from other places besides Japan, such as the Chinese ji and bisento (which I assume is a guan dao). Would the jumonji and chidori-jumonji yari be better represented by the trident, for example? Would the kama yari be better represented by the ji? And how would you represent the long-bladed omi yari, which looks like it could be used to cut as well as thrust? Thanks again, this time in advance, for your YARI-MAZING advice!
  9. After getting confirmation that the weapon I asked about in this thread I made, I'm wondering what the stats of a nagamaki would look like, since they're not in the Corebook and don't appear to be in other supplimentary materials. Should I just reflavor a no-dachi or naginata? Or should I attempt to homebrew it, and if so, how would I best balance it?
  10. Thank you, both of you! I wonder if they'll include the nagamaki in a future book? I mean, the Mantis supplement had some new weapons favored by them besides the kama...
  11. With having L5R on the brain, I've been deep-diving into Japanese-inspired media and was curious about this weapon, used by the Corrupted Monk in the recent game Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. https://attackofthefanboy.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/corrupted-monk-sekiro.jpg Is this a naginata? A bisento? A zanbato? My first instinct is a nagamaki, but I'm not sure if there's no rules for those. I only have the Corebook, though, so if it was introduced in one of the subsequent books, please let me know!
  12. Do the game rules let you do that?
  13. Thank you for the info! That basically ties into some ideas I had for her (yes, her! If Rokugan allows women samurai, it stands to reason they don't have the same rigid restrictions real-world sumo does!), like having one of her parents be a Hida who married into the Kuni. And the standoffish bit works really well with my plan to intimidate opponents by looming over them and glaring (thanks to the Large Stature advantage). It's a bit of a relief that I don't necessarily need to be an ascetic to be a Kuni. Sumo wrestlers need a lot of food, and a vow of poverty would complicate that...
  14. Hello folks! I'm just getting involved with L5R as a separate game, though I'm already familiar with the basics of Rokugan from 3rd Edition D&D's Oriental Adventures book from years ago. I've been reading the setting wiki, but I'm a little confused as to what is and isn't outdated as this latest edition of the RPG is a reboot of the setting. I had some questions about the Kuni family so I can better roleplay the character I've built for a game my friends have invited me to. I know the Kuni aesthetic, with the makeup and being experts on Shadowlands monsters and tainted stuff. But is the Kuni Purifier school of this edition the same thing as a Kuni Witch Hunter from previous editions? Does this require my character to be celibate, like the article here suggests? If so, how do the Kuni get "new blood" so to speak? Do any Crab who show potential to be a shugenja just change their name to Kuni and become part of the "family," similar to how the Togashi work? How strict do I have to behave? And, possibly most importantly, can I balance the duties of a Kuni with pursuing glory as a sumo wrestler when I'm not hunting Bloodspeakers or tainted infiltrators?
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