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  1. They shouldn't have happened at all.These events. In my opinion. If they wanted to recreate a hype, the step should be a release, or a global event. For everyone at last to have access to the game.
  2. I don't disagree to these facts. I preordered the game. maybe I can say, I will invest in this game. With what reward? Well you see, when a small amount of people, earns the ability to see the game, play the game with physical decks, get decks before everyone etc. somehow a company must be able to satisfy others too. When for example a new videogame comes out, lets say fallout. I will not get it directly from Bethesda. But if I preorder this game, I get something as a reward. Cosmetic item, a little pin maybe a book or something. Now what going on with keyforge. 2/8/2018 Announcement happens with a number of 100+ decks to the attenders. 6/9/2018 FFG updates (At the Printer) 25/9/2018 Announcement of some events over EU (Earlier than everyone) 384 decks will appear there. Streams with deck unboxing are also on the way... And what about the customers? Are they the (general public) as I saw in an article? Are they secondary to the company? This marketing is tiring. Everyday we will get the chance to see new decks now with the streams and events. But we want to see no more. We want to play. So untill release we have to wait, while some, are opening decks. Is that cool? If you like it, its ok. Why not do a Worldwide release event? Is that bad as a suggestion? It is much better, I believe. And this would bring a lot more smiles.
  3. I believe that when you create a hype with an announcement, you must handle this fact well. So that this hype will stay the way it is.There is no need to create an additional hype. Some will get it well and some will not. So this type of marketing is a bit risky. For example. Now that we are all expecting patiently ,the game that was announced on August, we must accept a fact that some additional events are coming to create what? a Hype ver.2 ? Its a bit unfair. That is my opinion. I am not mentioning that, because of hatred or something more complex. I am really interested in this game and the whole universe etc. So I would like the same opportunities as a player and of cource as a customer too. I hope that the game goes well and stay on the top of Card Games for long. I wish the best to everyone. Just making this thread for people that also belong to the company, to see it and avoid same mistakes later on.
  4. 2 from me. Only the announcement on August 2nd saves the day.
  5. Event for the US Event for some in EU What about the people that preordered, to take their decks a week earlier? Why making events for 300 people...when out there, thousands expect the release?
  6. When the conversation is about a card game, then every card that has a Draw mechanic, is good. So Logos are good indeed
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