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  1. lol I saw this on youtube already! love the video! reminds me of Warhammer back from years ago before AOS with the vamp lords!
  2. of course this is assumedly just one area I notice some places have larger fan basses for different games than others.... like Warhammer is big in my home state of WA but I live in Daytona beach FL and not a big seller here. My experience with FFG is they stick with their games for the sake of the fans as well sooo probably not an end and I hope im right!
  3. so I was wondering and am not sure if this was asked but I notice a lot of theme armies in other games that get bonuses like in Warhammer and Hordes/Warmachine so I was wanting to know if FFG plans on making this an option if they haven't already and if anyone thinks this is a good idea? also if you want to share an idea of a themed army and its bonuses it may have let me know!
  4. I meant gaming compared to Daytona in general all the groups near me are either in Orlando or elsewhere sorry for the confusion
  5. yes FFG doesn't give up on their games easily.. a trait in their company I admire!
  6. im not sure if this is a common thing... but I have an idea we take legion xwing and armada to make a story based game where it alternates between the games in one big narrative game! it would take a lot of work but it would be cool!
  7. except the wizards of the coast star wars game it had a good start but they gave it up
  8. im going by a different list but which one did you guys look up
  9. really!? I thought that was xwing maybe I was wrong but thanks for the info
  10. Okay I know people wonder about the success of this game and I want to say that this and even runewars seem like they will be fine to me.... I know the game isn't on the top 5 list and some say the stores they go to don't sell a lot but it is really is a matter of the game community in the area! some places have more of a game friendly base than others. I live in Daytona Beach and not much gaming here but in Orlando it is crazy big there. I personally (even though im not a true authority) think that SWL will be around for a long time it has a good fanbase and even though it is not top 5 it looks to me like that shouldn't matter in the long run FFG sticks with their licenses well and it just needs some tweaking here and there! thanks for reading!
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